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Sosbrand.On – Slide: Ingeniously Audacious Hip Hop

Atlanta, Georgia-based Rap artist Sosbrand.On left us hooked on their humility-soaked raw and honest sound with their 2020 album “21”. While each track stands a testament to the artist’s lyrical ingenuity, Slide is the best introduction to their audaciously brazen approach to Hip Hop.

It’s not every day that you’ll get to hear such wit and sniping execution in Rap bars. Sosbrand.On may have a playful approach to his tracks, but that definitely doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have plenty to say. His clear cut introspection tears through contemporary culture with razor-sharp precision.

The beats and production match the playful tone of the track. The solid instrumentals have been left frill-free yet infectiously melodic which amplifies the earworm potential of the track which you’ll want to give repeat attention to every time you need an urban aural pick me up.

You can check out Slide for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Yung Rax is riding the new wave of Trap with their latest release “Quarantine Dreams”

US up and coming artist Yung Rax’s latest release “Quarantine Dreams” rides on the new wave of Trap while keeping way ahead of curve in the evolution of the genre. The angst in the lyricism hits hard, mainly due to the amount of resonance which you’ll find in the witty bars.

If you’ve been feeling disillusioned during quarantine, strap yourselves in for a deeply connectable ride.

The intricate wavy instrumentals create a mesmeric dreamy platform for Yung Rax’s contrasting candid, raw and honest Rap bars. He found the perfect balance with the vocal effects, there’s enough to allow their bars to fluidly melt into the infectious melodies, but not so much any of the conviction or emotion in their delivery has been lost. The mix may constantly evolve to keep the beats fresh, but from start to finish it delivers a consciousness-consuming grind. Yung Rax is definitely one to watch.

You can check out Yung Rax’s single on all streaming platforms including SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Russian Rap artist Josie Valrhona has dropped her infectiously high-vibe empowering feat of Hip Hop “Josie”

Josie Valrhona is a rare kind of artist, she puts inspiring lyricism and infectious positive energy the essence of her tracks. She doesn’t invite her listeners to what she has to say, instead, she invites you to find herself in her music.

The Russian-born, US-based artist’s latest single “Josie” is the best introduction to her style. She lets you know just who is behind the high vibe soundscape you’re listening to.

When listening to her Rap bars you feel the fire, you can feel the empowerment which spills from her unapologetically sex-positive verses. Yet, despite the level of attitude, you can’t help but warm to the artist. That may have a lot to do with the warm exotic beats.

You can check out Josie Valrhona’s latest single Josie for yourselves by heading over to Spotify or SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


TreWay and The Now Generation has made their sultrily playful Alt Jazz Funk debut with “Roll Play”

TreWay and The Now Generation have made their debut with the eccentric soul-southing single “Roll Play”. Good vibes don’t come much more infectious than the ones than you’ll find in this insanely progressive soundscape.

Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop and Funk all converge in the instantly enamouring track which definitely wasn’t orchestrated to beg for mainstream appeal. Instead, you’ll get to ingest the high-energy creativity of TreWay and The Now Generation.

Roll Play may be like nothing you’ve ever heard before and time signatures may have been thrown out of the window, but thanks to the soul which was thrown into the sultry playful mix, it’s all too easy to ease into the grooves.

With vocal reminiscences with everyone from Saul Williams to Pharrell to Kanye, it’s safe to say that TreWay has one of the most versatile vocal dynamics we’ve heard in a while. We can’t wait to hear what comes next.

You can check out Roll Play for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Nature – Correction: Lyrically Charged Progressive Hip Hop


Orlando-based Hip Hop artist Nature has recently dropped their lyrically-charged experimentally fresh standout single “Correction”.

If you didn’t feel passionate about the BLM movement before hitting play on Correction, you will after the progressive track has faded to a close. Correction kicks off with archaic hazy tones before the rattle of the Trap beats dominate the mix and creates a solid platform for Nature’s bars.

Expect clean and crisp beats with rapid-fire Rap delivery which leaves you hooked on every syllable in Nature’s verses as the track starts. But as Correction progresses, the soundscape drops in tempo making Nature’s lyrics even more resonating.

With lines like “I’m terrified someone wants to end me” after a lyrical attack on the vicious pious prejudiced minds who reinforce systematic racial oppression, Correction hits insanely hard.

You can check out Nature’s single Correction for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


JoeTheRapper flexes their grounding lyrical ingenuity and experimental Hip Hop style in their 2020 EP “NOVAD II”

If you love discovering authentic breaking Hip Hop artists as much as we do, prepare to be awe-struck by JoeTheRapper’s 2020 EP “NOVAD II”.

The 5 tracks may differ in tempo and tone, but they all offer striking emotion which spills from JoeTheRapper’s connectable soulful Bars which consistently lay down witty relatable introspection over the jazzy warm beats.

All of the tracks instilled visceral emotion. But no track hit harder than TOXIC. We all know toxic and abusive relationships exist, but so infrequently do they become the subject of tracks – of any genre.

I’ll never forget the resounding impact of TOXIC and JoeTheRapper’s attack on Toxic behaviour which gets to the heart of the issue without losing empathy. It left me the affirmation that if JoeTheRapper steps to the mic, he’ll always have something to say that’s worth hearing.

You can check out JoeTheRapper’s latest release NOVAD II via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


LegitWord wonders in with back tingling masterpiece ”Black Ink”

Producer and musician LegitWord has just given us a masterpiece. The beat is so intricate during the track and sneaks up to you. The build is so impressive and the bass settles in to your mind perfectly. I love the soothing vocals and they compliment the message expertly. This has to be a theme track to a series soon, this is clearly cinematic.

Black Ink” is a mystical marvel that has raised the level here in 2020. This is genre defying and can’t be placed into any box. There is Lo-Fi Hip Hop here with a sprinkling of soul that is quite incredible. One of the best songs of the year without doubt.

You feel like you are perhaps wasting time and you can brush it off from your mind. The smoke blows through your soul and inside you start to open up after the carnage is complete. You start to think clearer and realize that you need to move forth. The time is now.

My goodness. That feeling when you hear a song that grabs at your senses and forces you to lock tightly in? Quite lovely to say the least.

We await the EP that LegitWord has cooked up and ”Perspective” drops on 28th July. Add it to your calendar now.

To find out more about this artist I’d recommend you slide through to Facebook.

Stream this soulful stunner here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Jay London silences the critics with music video for ”Back to the Bars” Ft. Criss Jrumz

The Official Music Video of “Back to the Bars” by Jay London featuring Criss Jrumz and guest starring Save Mars and Richie Black hits his critics in the mouth. Criticized recently for singing a lot, this is a big middle finger to all the haters. Jay is in a mood to let people know what he thinks and goes full tilt here.

Back to the Bars” Ft. Criss Jrumz is a really good song and video due to the skillful bars and the meaning behind the track. Jay was also in two minds as to whether or not to bring out new music to the Black Lives Movement which has been critical in educating the world. He decided to release new music anyway and I feel like that was the right move. New music is always welcome as to keep us happy during this wild time of pandemic and hate around.

Jay London is in inspired form for his new single “Back to the Bars” and this should turn down the volume of some of the negative voices. He has gone back to his roots and has made it clear that he will sing or rap. This is his life and will do whatever he feels is right.

Stream the video now on YouTube for your view of Jay as he does what he wants and let’s everyone know about it.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Sink into the dreamy layers in Sino Ako’s ambiently trippy Alt Hip Hop single “DopeBoy”

It’s not every day we stumble across convictive Hip Hop which is simultaneously warm, inviting and ambiently vibing as Sino Ako’s latest release “DopeBoy”. You won’t be quick to forget the accordant attack on romantic wasters.  If TLC’s iconic track Scrubs had a 2020 equivalent, it would be DopeBoy.

With Rap bars which will leave you transfixed with their soulful yet undeniable command resting on the lush dreamy beats, you can consider the East London-based artist’s sophomore release a vibe-out Hip Hop playlist essential.

But you’ll want to pay close attention to the lyrics which are versed through Sino Ako’s catchy and magnetic vocals. Within each of her releases, Sino Ako pours in unfiltered candid expression which opens up conversations over mental health and other prevalent issues.

It should go without saying that artists like Sino Ako are worth their weight in aural gold right now.

You can check out DopeBoy for yourselves by heading over to Spotify where you’ll also catch her debut single Slow It Down.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Chris Buxton has dropped their Sun-Kissed Indie Trap Pop Hit “Caught Up”.

Chris Buxton’s latest single “Caught Up” is a sun-kissed Indie Trap Pop hit which serves up a serious amount of sticky-sweet soul.

You’d be hard-pressed to find another Summer Pop hit with vibes which can take you higher than the ones which you’ll soak up in Caught Up. The infusion of Indie nuances allows Caught Up to be connectable and sincere, while the elements of Hip Hop add fire to the Pop-style production.

The short and sweet hit which Chris Buxton created in collaboration with Rap artist Trev is beyond radio-ready. It’s perennial Pop earworm material. Much like the South Carolina-based Alternative artist’s former releases.

It comes as no surprise that Chris Buxton has been able to amass over 3 million streams since making their debut in 2016 with the single “Remember”. His ability to craft rhythmically and emotionally arrestive tracks is unparalleled. Get him on your radar.

You can check out Chris Buxton’s single Caught Up for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast