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Isabelle Mettle charted new constellations of soul with her interstellar track, Jupiter and Mars

Isabelle Mettle

In the cosmos of contemporary RnB, Isabelle Mettle’s latest single, ‘Jupiter and Mars’, is a celestial defiance of the ordinary. From the outset, the track asserts its uniqueness with stabbing synths and spacey euphonic iconography. The influence of Erykah Badu, Prince, Jill Scott, and Blood Orange is palpable in Mettle’s work, yet she transcends these inspirations to assert herself as a firebrand of a visionary.

Mettle, a London native, brings the city’s rich musical heritage into play in her latest release by weaving the rhythmic beats of RnB with the smooth sophistication of jazz. Her soulful sound is a reflection of an artist who has not only mastered her craft but also knows how to push boundaries. The track’s transition from a strikingly future-embracing intro into a melodious groove is seamless, with Mettle’s divine vocal lines adding a touch of classic soul to the stylistically rich composition.

What sets ‘Jupiter and Mars’ apart is its ability to straddle genres effortlessly. The track sits comfortably between the raw, unfiltered energy of Brooke Combe and the ethereal, dream-like quality of Warpaint. Mettle is not just following trends; she is setting them in constellations of her own making.

Jupiter and Mars will come into Earth’s orbit and hit the airwaves on February 23rd.

Stream the single on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ride the ‘Waves’ in Stephanie Michelle’s Latest Spiritually Scintillating Synth Pop-Meets-Soul Release

With all the style of Portishead, the soul of Seal, and the sonic beguile of Erykah Badu, the latest single, Waves, by the RnB visionary Stephanie Michelle draws you into a transcendent connection with something far beyond the self.

The intimate approach to the production created an aural phenomenon that will leave you sinking deeper into the tranquilly euphonic experience as it explores epiphanies that lead you to overcome what no longer serves you. Despite the lyrics leaning into aching emotions, the Detroit-born singer, songwriter, and producer ensured that Waves is as cathartic as watching water rhythmically lap against the shore.

With her influences ranging from Tori Amos to Depeche Mode, and her time spent in a synth-pop band, Stephanie Michelle’s sonic signature is rendered in deeply distinctive calligraphy. If you always want to tune into artists who charter unique paths with their sound, get on board with this phenomenal artist.

Waves is now available to stream on here

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ethan Martin created an open line of communication with passion in his latest dreamy RnB single, Okay, Love

Ethan Martin’s latest single, ‘Okay, Love’, is a soulfully realistic exploration of love’s complexities. This Las Vegas-based R&B artist, reminiscent of Daniel Caesar and Frank Ocean, delved into the intricate emotions of love, fear, and vulnerability in a way that deeply resonates.

The track is a masterful blend of soothing vocals and stirringly ethereal instrumentals, showcasing Martin’s skill in self-producing, mixing, and mastering his work. His unique style draws you into a world where love’s idyllic image is gently unravelled to reveal its more profound, often challenging reality.

‘Okay, Love’ navigates the nuanced terrains of the heart with a rare authenticity. The bassline pulsates through the song, setting a rhythm that complements the dual vocals. These elements together create a dynamic soundscape that reflects the song’s thematic exploration of love’s dual nature – its joys and fears, its light and shadows.

Martin’s lyrical ability is a highlight of the track as he speaks to those who feel the scars of previous relationships, are haunted by their anxious attachments, or simply feel the dread of loss when falling into the arms of another.

As Ethan Martin continues to attract a dedicated fanbase, ‘Okay, Love’ stands as a powerful example of his artistry. For those yet to discover his music, ‘Okay, Love’ is the perfect introduction to Ethan Martin’s world – a world where the soul’s deepest echoes are beautifully brought to life.

Okay, Love will drop on January 26. Stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jones pushed the boundaries of RnB with his latest serenade, Rush


Jones, an artist who needs only one name to make an impact, went where no RnB artist had ventured before with his latest bold declaration of individuality, ‘Rush’. From the deep south’s heartlands to the pinnacle of musical innovation, Jones has come a long way from the early days of sparking his passion for soulful sonics.

Rush is a masterclass in balancing the old and the new. The track is imbued with echoes of 90s RnB, a nod to the classics that shaped Jones’ early love for music. Yet, the way he weaves these influences into his experimental, pulsating melodies to create an almost discordant backdrop which harmonises perfectly with the smooth, flowing cadence of his vocals is visionary. It’s this juxtaposition that makes Rush a standout track that will capture your consciousness for long after the final note has faded.

Jones’ voice is a revelation as it soulfully pays homage to his church choir days while inscribing sensuously soulful poetry that nods to his determination and passion. His ability to stay true to his roots while pushing the boundaries of RnB will see him go far in 2024 and beyond.

Rush will hit the airwaves on January 26; stream it on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Get lost in the twilight reverberations of TayFiinesse’s RnB-trap heartbreak anthem, The Party’s Over


The sun set on the conventional boundaries of RnB, pop, and trap as TayFiinesse emerged with ‘The Party’s Over’, a track that doesn’t just ride the wave of genre fusion but creates its own tsunami. This 18-year-old prodigy from Memphis, Tennessee, who grew up absorbing the rhythms of Soul Train and the genius of Michael Jackson, now channels his eclectic influences into a sound that’s uniquely his own.

‘The Party’s Over’ is a journey through the labyrinth of heartbreak, where each turn is a new shade of emotional depth. TayFiinesse doesn’t just sing about heartache; he makes you feel the shards of a shattered heart with every beat. The track is a bold foray into the realm of experimental sound, where the artist’s raw, unfiltered emotions are laid bare against a backdrop of innovative beats and rhythms.

The genius of TayFiinesse lies in his ability to blend the familiar with the unexpected. His influences, ranging from The Weeknd to Andre 3000, Dua Lipa to Prince, are woven seamlessly into his music. ‘The Party’s Over’ is a testament to this, with its smooth grooves and sudden, jarring transitions that mimic the unpredictable nature of love and loss.

Perhaps the most striking element of the track is its closing, where TayFiinesse daringly samples a monologue from ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’. This unexpected twist adds layers of complexity to the song, turning it into a crafty, multifaceted soundscape that lingers in the mind.

As TayFiinesse prepares to take on New York and beyond, one thing is clear: the party may be over, but for this trailblazing artist, the celebration of music has only just begun.

The Party’s Over will call time on serotonin on January 15. stream the single on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ilustrado painted in love’s luminous tones in his latest soul single, Incognito

Illustrado became a conduit of soul as he tapped into the tendency of cupid’s arrows to bathe your world in luminous colour in his latest release, Incognito; every note resonates with the genre’s rich heritage. Slip into the single and find yourself in a world where gratitude is as tangible as the air you breathe and the coffee which slips past your lips.

Incognito is a masterful blend of classic soul and contemporary flair; Illustrado’s roots in opera and musical theatre shine through, lending a unique depth and sophistication to the track which subtly evolves by bringing in staccato guitar chords, reminiscent of Nile Rodgers’ iconic funk, to create a rhythm that pulsates with life. By the time the outro rolls around, the vocal harmonies reach skyward to touch the sweet spot and lift the listener to new emotional heights.

Even though the world may be more divided than ever, this personal narrative speaks to the universally transformative power of love and inspiration, resonating across borders and cultures. As Illustrado continues to chart his course in the realms of rock, soul, and dance, one thing is certain: his future is as bright as the melodies he crafts.

Stream Incognito on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lust oscillates through Peter Stone’s alt-RnB earworm, Living Room Flows

Peter Stone’s latest single, Living Room Flows, is a strikingly soulful synthesis of contemporary RnB and classic pop nostalgia. Stone, a deft songwriter and producer, crafted a soundscape that resonates with echoes of The Weeknd’s instrumental genius and asserts his authenticity via the vocal lines, which act as a time portal to the classic 90s pop timbre.

The track is an intricate dance of melody and emotion, where desire’s tumultuous waves are captured in lyrical resonance. Stone’s words, a fervid stream of poetic consciousness, explore the theme of desire leading to a loss of control. This narrative of seduction and surrender is skilfully interwoven with melodies that pulse with an irresistible magnetism. The result is an earworm that is both hot and heavy, yet undeniably elegant in its execution.

The instrumentation is a lush, multi-layered affair that supports Stone’s vocal prowess without overshadowing it. Each note, each beat, is placed with precision, creating an auditory journey that is as thrilling as it is emotive. The track’s production quality shines, showcasing Stone’s meticulous attention to detail and his understanding of what makes a song linger with you after every listen.

Living Room Flows will officially release on January 13; stream the single on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jaonere – See Me: A Soulfully Disquet Journey Through the Labyrinth of Love

Imagine a horror score meeting a serene naturescape; this is the backdrop Jaonere uses to invite his listeners into his latest experimentally elevated and candour-driven release, See Me. The track walks you through the corridors of a relationship that has morphed from harmonious to discordant, echoing the unpredictable nature of love after opening with a fusion of elements that may seem at odds, but euphonically coalesce to create a unique auditory experience.

While blending soulful melodiousness with haunting effects, the London-based alt-RnB sensation boldly explored the complex dynamics of love via his rich and emotive vocals which lay bare the soul of the song. The lyrics are a candid reflection of a love turned sour, a scathing yet honest portrayal of the pain and scars left behind.

The track is underpinned by a rhythm that brings in just enough funk and groove to set a sultry mood. It’s this blend of smooth grooves and poignant lyrics that makes See Me a standout track. Jaonere’s ability to infuse his music with a devil-may-care honesty while keeping it melodically appealing is a testament to his artistry.

From his early days performing covers in Central London to his introspective and soulful releases like Dotted Line and Pray, Jaonere has consistently evolved as an artist. See Me is a continuation of this journey, showcasing his growth and depth as a songwriter and performer.

Stream See Me on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

J. Jeaux wore his heart on his polyphonic sleeve in his alt-RnB single, Overflow

J. Jeaux’s sophomore single Overflow exhibits his unique approach to music, combining lo-fi RnB elements with touches of pop, blues, and funk, creating a sound that is both innovative and nostalgically resonant.

The track’s gravitational pull is undeniable, drawing listeners into a world of eclecticism. The polyphonic synth lines are a highlight, weaving a complex yet harmonious tapestry of sound that feels timelessly modern. This, coupled with minimalist percussion, sets a backdrop that allows J. Jeaux’s vocal talents to shine. The vocal effects are far from typical, adding an intriguing layer to the track and solidifying his distinct style.

J. Jeaux’s ability to channel his emotions into his music is evident. The song discusses the turmoil of overthinking during heartbreak against an energetic backdrop. This juxtaposition is not just a creative choice; it’s a representation of healing, layering sadness with boogie vibes to create a therapeutic musical experience.

As a multi-instrumentalist and composer, J. Jeaux’s expertise extends beyond traditional singer-songwriter boundaries. His experience in composing for video games and media adds a unique dimension to his music that you will want to get lost in time after time.

This track is a clear indication of his potential to leave a lasting impact on the music industry, especially for those who appreciate the blending of traditional soulful rhythms with innovative experimental sounds.

Overflow poured onto the airwaves on November 24. Stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

SAIDOU psyched out RnB with his latest exploration of the 5th dimension, INTERDIMENSIONAL LADY

After the success of his 2023 LP, 00ET, RnB’s most experimental entity, SAIDOU, merged wavy elements of RnB with lashings of cosmic psych and funk, drippings of 50s pop, and expressive jazz grooves to alchemise the ultimate aural trip, you might want to strap yourselves in before you experience INTERDIMENSIONAL LADY.

With a love so strong it breathes into the 5th dimension; the amorous track looks far beyond the material dimension to pay an Odyssey-esque ode to the affectionate feelings manifested by a femme fatale with an allure so powerful it makes the soul levitate.

Before crafting his own interstellar soundscapes, the 22-year-old MD-hailing artist Saidou Sosseh absorbed the influence of Al Green, Kanye & Youssou N’Dour and studied music at NYU. During this time, he recorded a handful of songs with the Grammy-winning songwriter Jesse Fink, INTERNATIONAL LADY being one of them.

INTERDIMENSIONAL LADY was officially released on October 6th; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast