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Smoove Lyrics – Taste U: Salaciously Ingenious RnB Hip Hop

The prelude to Smoove Lyrics’ latest single “Taste U” may fool you into believing that you’re about to listen to an archetypal RnB hit unfold, but the progressive genre-mashing urban hit is host to plenty of seamless unexpected evolutions.

From soft and magnetic RnB crooning to rapid-fire rap verses, Smoove Lyrics’ vocal style is boundless. While most of the lyrics will make it easy to see how Smoove Lyrics came about their artist title, the Rap verses throw in salaciously shocking lines making a sharp shift away from the romanticism which the RnB vocals have sultrily subdued you with. Yet, that’s not the most shocking part of Taste U, that lies in the fact the orchestration of the track was executed with such deft, inventive perfection.

Perceptibly, Smoove Lyrics is an up and coming RnB virtuoso worth watching.

You can check out Taste U for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


B.U.D. Brought Up Different – Super Freak: High Octane Urban Pop

B.U.D. Brought Up Different

If you’re looking for anthemically high-octane Urban Pop, look no further than the latest single to be released from up and coming Atlanta-based R&B Pop artist B.U.D. Brought Up Different.

“Super Freak” is a unique floor-filler dance hit which made no compromises with the depth-full, slightly sultry euphoric lyrics or to the amount of high vibe energy which has been thrown into the radio-ready Pop earworm. If you could imagine what Maroon 5 would sound like if they incorporated R&B rhythms into their tracks, you’d get a good idea of the polished danceable aural treat which is Super Freak.

You can check out B.U.D.’s latest single Super Freak which was released on September 24th for yourselves by heading over to Apple Music now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Sulu and Excelsior has poured euphoric soul into the airwaves with their infectiously funk-driven single “AntiMatter”

If you’re looking for archaically punchy mixes of Soul, Blues, Funk, Surf Rock and Jazz look no further than the latest single “AntiMatter” from Sulu and Excelsior. I can’t imagine there are all too many other purveyors of music offering the same soulfully rich genre-deconstructing soundscapes. So, you might as well.

In a bold feat of experimentalism, the Alt RnB artist weaved together the most euphoric elements from decades past to serve up a potently high energy track. There’s a unique rapturous air to their sound which you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. If Sulu and Excelsior started a cult, I’d probably be inclined to join it.

Within AntiMatter you’ll find reminiscences to a myriad of artists. From the B52s to James Brown, it’s all infused in this feat of infectiously indulgent, dopamine teasing Alt RnB.

You can check out AntiMatter for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


YayRaven feat ELjay – DON’T WORRY: Euphorically Fresh R&B EDM Pop

“DON’T WORRY” is just one of the standout singles recently released by London-based up and coming artist YayRaven. For this sublime genre-mash of EDM, Pop, Reggae, and R&B, they teamed up with ELjay to create a dynamic fiery radio-ready hit.

The single aptly alludes to the fact that we’re all being slowly crushed by the capitalistic rat race, a result, our mental health is being crushed – but needlessly so. DON’T WORRY is a poignant reminder that we should all be spending our energy on what really matters.

‘Feel-good’ tracks can often fall flat, but there was very little chance of that happening in DON’T WORRY. The soundscape keeps you constantly captivated through the subtle evolutions of sound while YayRaven’s vocals officiously feed you positive vibes.

You can check out YayRaven’s single DON’T WORRY for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Courtney Moore Releases Her Latest R&B Pop Single “Spitefool”

“Spitefool” is the recently released genre-mashing single from up and coming Indie R&B Pop artist Courtney Moore. The uniquely soulful single has found the perfect balance of EDM, Trap, Soul, Pop, and Jazz which allows Courtney Moore’s sound to boast a distinctive feel.

There’s a powerfully confrontational vibe behind Spitefool which is going to provide plenty of catharsis to anyone experiencing the frustrative feeling of being taken for a fool. As much as we appreciated the empowering hit, the rough production on Spitefool slightly hindered the resonance. But it’s safe to say that Courtney Moore has the lyrical flair, vocal talent, and pioneering experimentalism which will see her go far in her career.

You can check out Courtney Moore’s single Spitefool for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Pop Meets R&B in Debrah Jade’s Latest Sensually Progressive Single “Voodoo”

Up and coming R&B Pop artist Debrah Jade dropped her debut single in 2018. Since then, she’s been working with award-winning producers to develop her slick and modern sound which she’s quickly becoming renowned for. Such as you will find in their latest single “Voodoo” which was released on October 25th.

The alchemy runs right through the delicate and intricate soundscape which deftly utilises spatial effects to put plenty of suspense behind the single.

Progressive tracks and R&B don’t often go hand in hand, but Debrah Jade has proved that when they do, R&B becomes more arrestive than ever. There was no way of anticipating a soulfully bluesy electric guitar riff to be thrown into the mix (I’ve kind of ruined the surprise there). But when the guitar solo hits, you’ll get a taste of Debrah Jade’s commitment to creating unpredictably immersive contemporary R&B Pop.

You can check out Debrah Jade’s latest single Voodoo for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


R&B Soul Artist Fizzle Makes Their Debut with the Fresh New Sultry Hit “Runaway”

The first thing which will hit you about up and coming R&B Soul artist Fizzle’s debut single “Runaway” is the energy which has been thrown into the polished and hyped single.

Runaway gives you absolutely no indication that Fizzle is fresh from their inception. Right from the prelude, you’re hooked into the smooth and vibrant acoustic melody before the Trap beats kick in to give the single plenty of structure. Yet, when Fizzle’s vocals kick in, it’s hard to draw your attention from their flawless R&B harmonic verses.

Fizzle has successfully created an amiable earworm with their debut and proved that their sound is one that deserves a place on the airwaves, there’s no telling what they’ll do with their second release.

You can check out the official music video to Fizzle’s debut single Runaway which was released on October 18th by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


1323 Releases Their Latest R&B Pop Hit “Heaven”

“Heaven” is the seventh single to be released by breaking R&B Pop artist 1323. Their refreshingly modern approach to R&B incorporates the bang on trend moody tonality in the verses. But when the choruses hit, you’ll be in the midst of a melodiously polished production which has the potential to become your next earworm.

The polyphonic synths added a distinctive Indie element to Heaven which allowed the sticky-sweet vocals and lyrics to offer plenty of resonance. It is only a matter of time before 1323’s radio-ready sound makes them a household name. If you’re looking for tracks for your downtempo vibe-out playlists, look no further.

You can check out 1323’s track Heaven for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Mannish Mania – Alive: Soul-Soaked Trap

“Alive” is just one of the singles found on up and coming R&B artist Mannish Mania’s latest album “Intent and Heartbreak” Within the album, you’ll hear the use of authenticity instead of assimilation which allows Mannish Mania to offer vibrantly high-octane urban anthemic hits.

Each of the 13 tracks stands as a testament to the versatility of Mannish Mania’s talent, but Alive runs through with an especially potent serving of infectious appeal.

After hearing strings of R&B artists who still think that they need to sound like R Kelly, Alive is as refreshing and modern as R&B gets. The energetic mix uses fiery, deftly produced trap beats to serve as the perfect platform for Mannish Mania’s lyrical waxing. It’s not every day we get to hear soulfully commanding Rap bars, but we’re definitely here for it.

You can check out Alive, along with the rest of the album for yourselves by heading over to Apple Music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Pim – Forgive Me: Aurally Alchemic Moody R&B Soul

Of all of the R&B & Soul tracks I’ve checked out this year, up and coming artist Pim’s latest single “Forgive Me” is by far the most resounding.

The dark, moody bass-driven Trap beats make Forgive Me a strikingly atmospheric track through layering the notes with lush amounts of reverb while allowing the smacks of the 808s to hit with plenty of harsh and unforgiving snare. Accessibility can be found through Pim’s vocals will give you all of the soul which more archetypal R&B tracks offer in an unforgettably arrestive aural contrast.

The melancholy perceptibly went undiluted when the poised lyrics for Forgive Me were penned. Combine them with Pim’s emotive vocal performance and you can pinpoint the reason why the artist’s sound is so refreshingly compelling.

You can check out Pim’s latest single Forgive Me for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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