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FredsFamous – Mixed Signals: Acoustically-Driven High-Fire Rap

Whilst the prelude to FredsFamous’ latest single “Mixed Signals” may run for a little too long before kicking into verse, whilst you’re in the midst of the acoustically-driven Hip Hop track, it will become apparent that it was more than worth the wait.

The snaking rhythm of the Blues guitar provides the melody whilst the harsh snares of the 808 beats crank up the anthemics to Mixed Signals to provide the perfect platform for FredsFamous to lay down his rap bars. With the jazzy undertones to the authoritatively fresh Hip Hop track, Mixed Signals has an instantly accessible vibe which has infinite commercial appeal behind it. The only thing which didn’t sit right tangible amount of angst written into the lyrics which verge on misogynistic, for future releases I’d recommend not isolating the female population.

You can check out FredsFamous’ single Mixed Signals via Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Greazy Jenkins – _PAYHOMG_ : Boom Rap Just Got Soulful

What do you get when you mix contemporary Hip Hop with the haunting effects of archaic Soulful Blues? Judging by Greazy Jenkins’ latest single it’s pure groove, slick sultry rhythm and waves of emotion.

There aren’t many Hip Hop Rap artists who will put the same amount of ingenuity into their mix, but Greazy Jenkins is anything but your average Urban artist. His Rap bars carry a charismatic amount of weight that won’t fail to leave you hooked by his bars. The mix of digital and acoustic instruments are just enough to pull you under in the multi-layer beat. The nostalgia mixed with the emotion in the Denver, US up and coming artist’s latest track _PAYHOMG_ creates a soundscape that I can guarantee you won’t have heard from an emerging artist this year. Whilst the radio waves are swamped by the same old Trap beats Greazy Jenkins has created a track which is so cathartic it’s almost dizzying.

You can check out Greazy Jenkins’ latest Hip Hop masterpiece _PAYHOMG_ for yourself by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Music by Calm – Artist Illusions: Tired of Superficial Beats? Meet the Rapper who Shares that Sentiment

FINALLY. A Rap artist has come out and said everything I have been thinking for the last few years! There is definitely no shortage of rappers producing weak bars in the hope of gaining notoriety. Yet, what they fail to actually get around to doing is actually saying something in their bars. Music by Calm addresses the long-standing issue in a more hard-hitting way than I ever could.

So, I’ll just focus on the raw power of his beats instead.

Artists Illusions is a short, not so sweet track which is fuelled by the Hip Hop Rap Artist’s angst. You can feel the lyrical aggression bleeding through the mix which was produced to perfection. Instead of having a straight, predictable run through Artist Illusions comes alive under a diverse arrangement which adds to the cataclysmic momentum to the track. You can expect everything from Neo-Classical arrangements to an iridescently uplifting Trap ensembles around a heavy bassline.

If heavy Hip Hop with a twist of R&B is your bag you can check out Artist Illusions for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Dinny Skip – The Stabber Pad: An EP of Chaotic Catharsis

In January 2018 Dinny Skip dropped the first half of his two-part EP ‘The Stabber Pad’ and the wait is almost over for the second half. Whilst I was bowled away by his earlier release, nothing could prepare me for EP part two and the chaotic catharsis which was on offer.

Being a massive Mike Patton fan, it was hard not to appreciate the experimental style of the New Orleans, US based artist as he created  Soundscapes which could almost be described as Lynchian. Whilst the tracks on the EP may be concordantly uplifting in parts, it’s not long before Dinny Skip surprises you and almost terrifies you with his macabre aural alchemy which wouldn’t be out of place in a Horror soundtrack. The progression which fluidly creeps through each of Dinny Skip’s extended tracks is seamless, and what more, it’s polished to perfection.

No two tracks on the second half of the EP are the same or can even be defined by the same genre. Whilst the 10 minute Dreamscape track sold Dinny Skip’s sound for me, My Religion will make me a repeat customer thanks to the level of genius riddled into the mix.

The second part of the EP will be available on BandCamp from July 6th, but you can check out the first part of the Stabber Pad now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.


JimXWilliam – I’m Trying: Rhythmically Raw Rap

In my not so humble opinion, there will never be too much Emo Rap on the soundwaves, frankly it’s refreshing to hear a Rap artist laying down bars about anything other than getting wasted and sharing their misogynistic views on women. Emerging artist JimXWilliam’s latest single ‘I’m Trying’ was released June 2018 doesn’t have the archetypal grandiosity of a usual Rap track. Instead, thanks to the poignant lyricism and angsty delivery you are treated to some real life human emotions. How about that?

A lot of artists have forgotten that a key part of successfully creating a track is actually creating music which people can resonate with; which is exactly what JimXWilliam achieved.

Alongside the melancholic agony of the vocals, the beat added insult to injury with the synthy mix which used both digital and acoustic instruments to seamlessly merge the two genres. Any fans of Linkin Park would be in heaven with JimXWilliam’s ambient Trip Hop beats, which seem to hammer at the heart strings as much as the lyrics. Damn.

You can check out JimXWilliam’s latest single I’m Trying which was produced by Jay Vee on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


MajikTouch – Came Out Cleaner: Rap Flows Really Don’t Come More Relentless Than This

When you check out a Hip Hop Rap artist you’ll usually find that the beat is hotter than the vocals, or vice versa. Yet with MajikTouch’s latest single Came Out Cleaner every single element is as hot as it comes. The momentous high vibe beat provides the perfect platform for MajikTouch to lay down his relentless rap bars. Although, what sold Came Out Cleaner the most to me was the lyrics. The playful ingenuity that went into the lyrics to MajikTouch’s latest single really brings the track to life in an almost aggressive poetic style.

To make sure that Came Out Cleaner was a truly unforgettable drop MajikTouch teamed up with fellow Rap sensation Vicious who brought his own brand of Hip Hop hype.

If you’re fond of feverish versing you can check out Came Out Cleaner for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.  If you’re a fan of Rap artists such as Eminem, Dave East, Lil Wayne, Meek Mill & Rick Ross you will absolutely adore Majiktouch’s 2018 single.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Insp!te – We’re Fuckin’ Sick: The Most Alchemic Rap-Metal Crossover Yet?

Well, Insp!te has already said it himself hasn’t he? What more could I possibly add? Because God damn; nothing, I mean nothing I could tell you could prepare you for how insanely on fire this track is. To create his mixes such as We’re Fuckin’ Sick Insp!te mixes together a bitter-sweet cocktail of Rap, Metal and Grunge. If you could imagine Marilyn Manson laying down vocals in a Rap Metal mix, you’d probably get close to having an idea how aggressively sensational We’re Fuckin’ Sick is. The Screamo vocals are harsh enough to leave acts such as Enter Shikari & Bring Me the Horizon audibly quaking.

Alchemic distortion pours over the Industrially inclined electronica mix in a way that is almost comparable to the beats lay down by the Prodigy. Yet, it’s with his latest track Insp!te proves that he may be one of the most prodigal artists to dabble in Rap Metal yet.

You can check out Insp!te’s latest track We’re Fuckin’ Sick and get blown away yourself by heading over to SoundCloud.

We’re Fuckin’ Sick is just one of the macabrely magnificent tracks from Insp!te’s latest 2018 album Bad Human. If you’re anything like me, you won’t be able to stop at listening to one of his antagonistically beautiful tracks.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jeff Woods – Distant Lovers: Sensually Fresh R&B Rap

Indie R&B Rap artist Jeff Woods has just dropped his latest sublimely resonant latest single Distant Lovers. It even made someone as cold and nihilistic as me feel things. Which in itself is an achievement, with Wood’s sensual vocal offerings and contemporarily fresh Trap beats I wouldn’t be surprised if he saw a short ascension to the top of his game. Shining iridescently brighter than the rest of the up & coming artists in his local scene it’s no wonder that Jeff Woods is stealing the limelight with his stunning, soulful approach to the genre which infuses elements of the roots of the genre with experimentally fresh concepts. It’s safe to say the teasingly sultry vocals which were romantically penned by the Harlem, US based artist Jeff Woods had the desired effect.

You can check out Jeff Woods latest single Distant Lovers which was released May 2018 on SoundCloud now. Any fans of 90’s R&B will be in absolute heaven with this track which would be the perfect addition to your summertime playlists!

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Evolution Rather Than Revolution

Revolutions are usually too jarring to be of any real use and evolution is often too slow a process, but what Showers represents is a gentle and purposeful nudging forward of the pop package, an unhurried but deliberate direction of travel. It also represents a point where pop brushes up against and intertwines with a number of other genres, hip-hop in particular, absorbing some of their features more by osmosis than hard design.

It’s a deft blend of alt-pop, meandering urban sounds and spacious soulfulness,  it has the touch of modern commerciality, though shying away form cheap gimmicks and the fickle finger of fashion and instead weaving restraint and understatement through the more vibrant musical colours. It contains more than a dash of a minimalist neo-folk vibe, in a weird, urban not at all folk music sort of way and revels in space and atmosphere. Its as strange as it is eloquent, always a good sign.


Chromatic – Daybreak: Relentless Rap Flows in Synergy with Melodic Trap

I’ve listened to enough emerging Rap artists to know that you’ve either got it, or you haven’t and Chromatic is an artist who truly has it all. It’s not often a Rap flow will make my jaw drop but listening to Chromatics relentless flows left me in absolute awe. The gritty realism contained in his lyrics came to life through the rhythmic progression of his bars. The momentum is constantly switched up to make every second of the 3 minute track as compelling as the last in his lyrically driven track Daybreak. Beat wise, Trap doesn’t come much better than the progressive beat which Chromatic lay down in his latest single. The trickle of the melodic beats lay down the perfect platform for Chromatic to dominate with his charisma fuelled Rap approach. 420 fans; you’re going to be in heaven with this track. You can check out Chromatic’s latest single Daybreak along with his earlier releases on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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