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Mesa Verde – Unveilien: Rap Riddled Art Rock

Mesa Verde’s 2006 tack Unveilien from their album is by far the best sound I’ve heard this year. I’m only 12 years too late on the uptake of the bands’ poignantly Lo Fi Art Rock sound mixed with urban vocals. You really do get the best of both worlds; the genres seamlessly intertwine for a pioneeringly blissful experience in sound.

As the vocals blow your mind, the track floats upon the upbeat vibes through the verse, when it hits the bridge, it’s hard to believe you’re listening to the same track as the melody transcends into grungy, reverberated riffs. The unrelenting fever that exudes from the instrumental sections is electric, you get caught up in the cacophony and as the track starts to beat down you can finally catch a breath. The progression is absolutely flawless, how they even managed to throw in some Screamo vocals is beyond me. If you’re a fan of Nada Surf, Super Furry Animals and Pavement you will fall as hard for Mesa Verde’s sound as I did. I

It’s pretty safe to say Mesa Verde have got a new number one fan. If you fancy fighting me for the title check out Mesa Verde’s track Unveilien on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Micky Mouth – Another Level: Meet the King of Authentically Gritty Rap

Walton Beach Florida based artist Micky Mouth has already said it, he’s on another level. His debut single ‘Another Level’ is testament to his furiously eclectic style which incorporates his eclectic music taste which includes Rock, RnB & Hip Hop. His taking no prisoners demeanour is authentically gritty and real, it’s clear that he’s not just another wannabe player that’s slapped on a façade to win over his fans. Micky Mouth is the real deal, the epitome of raw originality with the ability to create hard tempo beats that don’t fail to grab your attention before having you revel in his lyrical fury.

Micky Mouth started freestyling at the age of 17, it wasn’t long until he bowled his audience over with his witty prose and verbose lyrical style, but it wasn’t until 2010 that the insanely talented artist began making a career from his charisma. After releasing a few albums back in 2011, and 2012 he bided his time to polish his skills before dropping the sensational debut hit ‘Another Level’ which you can now check out on Spotify:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Young R-rah – Flex: Not Your Average Ringtone Rapper

As Scroobius Pip once said, ‘Thou shall not make repetitive music’, that’s an ethos that has stuck with me, so whenever I hear a track that flows with repetitive lyrics, my first instinct is to detest it. Yet Young R-rah’s debut mix Flex is a Rap Hip Hop track that translates into a stampede of sound that fans of harsh tempo Hip Hop will definitely be able to get behind. Young R-rah has an irresistible hype that you can’t help being moved by, he makes his lyrical flow seem so effortless around his savage beats.

The Tallahassee based artist dropped his debut track Flex in January 2018, and fans are already insatiable for the resounding sound and monstrous lyrical layering that he is able to treat fans to after 13 years perfecting his sound. Along the way Young R-rah has had plenty of successful endeavours including being placed within the top 200 artists on Reverbnation. With tracks like Flex, it’s no wonder. You can check out Young R-rah’s track Flex on Soundcloud using the link below:

If you like Young R-rah’s sound, link up with Young R-rah via Facebook:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


AB Sku – Scheme & Plot: Dope Down-Tempo Rap

Scheme & Plot is just one of the standout tracks on AB Sku’s (Alan Barnwell) first album Friday the 13th which was dropped in January 2018. If you like your Hip Hop Rap experimental with a palpable pace, and a fathomable flow, you’re going to be in heaven with this track. The minimalist Trap beat rings in the background making Scheme & Plot the ultimate chilled out vibe to kick back to. It’s clear that AB Sku really doesn’t take himself too seriously with his tongue in cheek lyrics which follow a steady flow, allowing you to lap up the comedy vibe that the Kingsport, Tennessee artist has created.  The album is comprised of an eclectic mix of sounds, making it a pleasure to listen to from start to finish.

AB Sku takes pride in creating original sounds and vibes, allowing his music to follow his own uniquely styled path, so if you’re looking for a fresh, contemporary mix, what are you waiting for?

You can listen to AB Sku’s full album Friday the 13th on Spotify using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


AYE FIB – “My LIFESTYLE” MVMIX Finally Found Its Groove

AYE FIB’s new album is all shades of awesomeness. The songs in the album are perfectly placed in the archive of Hip-hop and Rnb genre. The album, however, just like most other hip-hop songs have many explicit languages that are used in it but it’s got quite a lot of nice songs in it. I personally love “Vroom” and “Issa Wrap” tracks.

It a rare thing to see hip-hop artist switch to a different style of rapping in their album and AYE LIB nice demonstration made it look like it’s not really a nut that’s so hard to crack.

From its Inception, the first song on the album “Laz Gang” was mired in dissonance, it started off sparingly, and the sound was meagerly pitched and represented. Although after some few minutes, the song got back to its fine tune. The subsequent songs are well laced if you somewhat was able to love the first song then you’ll surely fall in love with rest of the songs.

There’s a sense of purposefulness in this album, it’s got a ferocious and uptight lead off song although there are some minutes of poor sound issues and vocal clarity experienced.

“Animal” on its own is a gripping, enthralling and a beautifully laid song which has a consistent sound behind its plethora of high-pitch cameos. There’s a stylistic ink that binds everything together in the song “Vroom”.

Most of the songs in this album are ostensibly well pitched; the beats are like the normal rap hip hop beats that’s well mastered and smooth. Virtually everything comes with an array of super high vocal that can coherently cause a ripple effect in the mind of its listeners.

The album track list includes: Laz Gang, Issa Wrap, I told em, I’m back, Vroom, Hittin my line, Animal, Either way, Make it rain, and the last but not the least; Rollin.

This album has in stock a good collection of nice and frenzy hip hop/rap songs that will interest you. Be sure to check them out here



Sammy Smash – Shake Wit Smash: Greet Your New Guilty Pleasure

Since the track’s release in November 2017, the official music video to Shake Wit Smash has gone viral, and for once, there’s raw talent beneath the sensationalism of the debut track by Sammy Smash.

Hip Hop Dance fans can’t get enough of the pounding basslines, lyrical flow, and dirty synth styling. The underground Rap artist clearly doesn’t adopt limits when it comes to his lyrical flow, you can hear the enigmatic ring in his upbeat delivery in this furiously paced track. Even if the cross over genre of Hip Hop Dance isn’t your bag, you’re going to love the brand-new track which is tantalised with testosterone to create an infectious new club hit. Rather than assimilate other Rappers with obsolete styling, Sammy Smash has transcended the tired old scene with his playful take on misogyny in music.

I’m pretty excited to see where Sammy takes his music next, because with such a veracious, enigmatic personality, it wouldn’t be a surprise seeing him stood next to Pharrell in his next music video.

Check out the sensational Official Music video to Shake Wit Smash on YouTube now:

-Amelia Vandergast


Criss Jrumz – “Reign” the best you’ve ever heard in a long while

Coming through with a velocity that’s hard enough to wrench cacophony into oblivion, Ladies and gentlemen I present to you a lyrical prodigy with a great potential to break and set new smashing records in the game; Criss Jrumz.

Are y’all ready for this one? Brace up and keep your mind on the verge of unravelling a jukebox that’s refreshingly super-trooper cool here. There ain’t nobody who’s gonna be brave enough to argue about the authenticity of this track. This is a slick song for real.

Emerging through like the real OG on this track as a realist that spits nothing but real truism is nobody else but Criss, a young talented rapper who just redefined the act of good rap music with every bit of professionalism.

The flow of this song and the way the rapper switches up things real fast- dropping those punch lines like it’s hot is so damn overwhelmingly amazing.

You’ll gladly affirm that “Reign” is a beautiful song that was Slam-Dunked by Criss. The song gets you all turned on and on your toes from the very first seconds all the way through to the end.

Overall, I’ll rate this song 9.5/10. The melody, the flow, and punch lines on this song are game and still fresh like a fine wine. I’ll definitely like to see more work from this artist some more.



Sons Of Babylon – Shadows; The Perfect Poetic Vibe.

Starting off with a rather mid-tempo beat and a well-orchestrated intro like that of a cinematic prologue in a blissful serene space that’s invaded with the wind of a happy chime.

This song proves that there’s always something new to learn each day from a good music, all thanks to the artist for giving us this masterpiece.

I’m not gonna forget to mention the glorious nice beat that was flawlessly rendered to pave way for the emergence of the awesomeness of the whole song to be felt in its full glory.

This song is definitely poetry. The artist must have been a renowned poet or a writer because obviously, it’s just a few musicians that can deliver and offer it exactly the way he did.

It’s glaring to behold a view that is so clear and amazing – just like what you’re still yet to experience when you fall back to gently listen with apt attention to understand the message the rapper was trying to point at in the song. All thanks to the artiste for breaking the 1st rule of numb in music with his eccentric style of writing.

Sons of Babylon can be placed among the likes of K-dot Lamar and J.Cole because his creative style of storytelling and rapping is enchanting and invigorating.



Illuminati Duece – Oceans: With Love from Germany

Illuminati Duece is a German Rap RNB Hip Hop artist that has a unique approach to creating a Rap ensemble, he uses harsh, blazing sounds to back his lit vocals. The intro to this track didn’t hold much promise, yet when the rap verse really kicked in, it proved to be sensual, a track which flowed with limitless momentum in which you can truly taste the passion and desire that was put behind the lyrics. It’s a rare feat for a Rap act to so effectively convey his more animalistic passions without it becoming crass or at the very least slightly misogynistic. To put it simply, listening to Illuminati Duece’s latest track is one way to get in the mood.

If you’re a fan of tracks such as Splash Waterfalls by Ludacris, Adults Only by Slick Rick, or Whisper by Ying Yang Twins, you’re in for a treat, with it’s catchy chorus, it’s definitely a track that will stick with you long after it’s faded out.

Check out Oceans by Illuminati Duece on YouTube

Amelia Vandergast


KnowAhMann – When She Bad: A Contemporary Anti Love Story.

William Shakespeare would probably be turning in his grave if he found out that this is how romanticism goes down in the 21st century. Yet, North Carolina rapper KnowAhMann aka Noah Mann has captured the disdain of 21st century dating in his latest track When She Bad. Fans can’t soak up the chilled vibe fast enough. It flows with a spoken word backed melody, no grandiosity, no contempt, just a plaintive reading of the facts accompanied by a downtempo beat.

If you’re a fan of Drake’s music, you’re going to love this Hip Hop Rap track that has been produced by the prolific Solow Beats. It’s contemporary, resonant, and dedicated to everyone that’s ever been spurned by the 21st century reality of dating.

With When She Bad, the lyrical flow didn’t gain the same momentum as it did with other tracks by the artist such as Work & Before I Got Serious, yet it proves just how versatile this young artist is.

You can check out the brand new track When She Bad on SoundCloud using the link below:

-Amelia Vandergast

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