Ride the waves in Caleb X’s latest flood of experimentalism, Kick Start ft Zay-OH

Since blasting off his career with his 2019 debut single, Space, the Atlanta-born, Virginia-based rapper Caleb X has honed his sonic signature to become one of the most authentic names in the hip-hop domain. His latest single, Kick Start, featuring Zay-OH takes motivational hip-hop to the next inspirational level while epitomising his ethos to ensure his music is as versatile as his own identity. Sonically spitting in the face of conventional constraints, Kick Start is a declaration of his ability to transplant humanism within catchy distinction.

By grounding the lyrics and bars in realism and the relatability of ennui with the era we’re all enduring and allowing the kaleidoscopically spacy instrumentals to ebb and flow in trippy trap-esque waves, Kick Start is a cohesively convictive juxtaposition that exhibits Caleb X as a promising luminary who has exactly what it takes to become one of the biggest new urban experimentalists.

Kick Start was officially released on January 26th; stream the single on Spotify and follow Caleb X on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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