Finding your best friend: MIMAH unleashes her amazing electro-hip-hop ‘Love Tears’

Taken off her recent five-track EP called ‘Panacea‘, the enthralling MIMAH sends us her ‘Love Tears‘ to make you dance, be happy and feel inspired all at the same time.

MIMAH is a UK based rapper/singer-songwriter, who brings that unique sass that fills your lungs with air and brain full of ideas. She has a exuberant style that shows off her multi-layered soul, who you just love to sing with. This is a the kind of artist that is so rare in these days of copycat sheep and watered down bubblegum music, that has no flavor. Proper soundscapes with authentic soul is back.

With a soothing lo-fi start that calms your mind and gets you in the mood, we are soon introduced to a singer with a crisply beautiful voice, who is talking about noises from her mind. She soon unleashes her vibrant vocals and sings about meeting her best friend at the party, as she launches the power surge of electro up a few notches to spark your heart into action. With the full-paced track into full swing, you throw off your slippers and get that stomp on with this tremendous beat drop, that has your unimpressed cat looking at you rather weirdly.

Love Tears‘ from the lovable sweet cheeky rebel MIMAH, is a box full of tasty candy that will keep you company on those cold lonely nights and give you that sugar high, when you really need a natural boost.

With her dynamic lyricism and funky hip-hop packed electro-pop beats that covers you in all that desired goodness, you can’t help but appreciate this fine artist who charms you, makes you emotional and hugs you too. A true entertainer is here to wash our worries away with tasty honey vocals, to make it all okay again.

Stream this electrical-charge of an artist here on Spotify and see her wild adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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