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It’s all about the vibe in Ri’s standout Southern trap track, ‘Keep Up’, featuring TeeHxncho.

If there’s nothing more important than the vibe when you hit play on a track from a new artist, your first time listening to Ri definitely won’t be last.

The Tennessee-born 22-year-old producer’s unique sound comes with strong ties to Southern trap and pulls in influence from the likes of Scrim, Three 6 Mafia and Take a Daytrip. But in the lead track ‘Keep Up’ from his latest album created in collaboration with TeeHxncho, he kept the expression authentic; it’s practically an explosion of creative energy and fiery wordplay.

Keep Up is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Hip hop Music

Nicky L merges old school with new wave in his sophomore single ‘Curtains Closed’

New York-born hip hop artist Nicky L’s music journey may have started with the influence of Eminem, The Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac and Nas, but for their latest release, Curtains Closed, they drew in the stylings of XXXTENTACION and Juice WRLD to offer a unique combination of old school and new wave.

The track perfectly captures the bitterness of those young love catastrophes where you can tell that it will be a disaster from the start, but something forces you down that path all the same. It follows on from their debut release, ‘Little City Freestyle’, which served as the perfect introduction to Nicky L’s style where lyrically, he lays it all down on the line and through his delivery, you can hear their determination to join the ranks of NYC hip hop greats. Based on Curtains Closed, it seems likely.

Curtains Closed is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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Take It Slow: Toronto producer Lostboyjay asks her to listen closely to the real story on ‘Ego Trips’

With that tree blaze always real close by to consume brightly, Lostboyjay wonders why she has so many stamps on her ‘Ego Trips‘, that is currently ruining the mellow vibe he wants to create.

Lostboyjay is an exciting Toronto, Canada-based RnB/trap-fueled artist/producer, with a creative knack of making snack-filled beats that satisfies your stomach and your hungry soul.

He likes to fuse a soundscape that is influenced by Bryson Tiller, Kanye West and Travis Scott, however you feel that he likes to do things his own way and his original style flows in smoothly with the lighter on hand, as the lights dim real low.

With his sensually appealing voice that is tracked on an attractive beat so alluring you might need to light another candle, we are whisked into a busy world where things can get twisted really quickly sometimes. The story of wanting her to listen closer is shown vividly through the speakers smokey exterior, as the selfie world can change a persons perspective about themselves way too quickly.

Ego Trips‘ from the promising Canadian producer/trap artist Lostboyjay, finds him sending us on a journey to find what he is truly looking for, only wishing that she would come down from her high horse so he could explain what he really meant in the first place.

Stream this fresh track on Spotify and see his IG for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Sionis wants to take us ‘Swimming’

Sionis is a 21-year-old musician from Charlotte, North Carolina, with a back history of pop-punk mixed with hip hop and rap. ‘Swimming’ comes by way of artists like Mobb Deep, Havoc, Screwball, or Tyler The Creator. Lyrically, it’s all about a previous girlfriend, and it’s clear that that relationship didn’t always go as well as it might have, with lines like ‘if we fuck then you can scratch me ‘til I bleed/ then I’ll choke you out to gain more energy’ and ‘back and forth, back and forth/ the passive-aggressiveness, I’m sick of it’, but Sionis has some pretty smooth flow mixed with the classic T-Pain autotune vocal production. There’s a solid backing of beats, bass, and piano that bounces the track along in a chilled way, but there’s an underlying anger and aggression here too that fits the vocal message.

You can hear ‘Swimming’ on Soundcloud, and check out Sionis on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

Hip hop Music

Sharpshooter (S.S) proves to be a lyrical force to be reckoned with in their single, ‘Legendary’

Pennsylvania hip hop artist Sharpshooter (S.S) has been creating hip hop for 15 years, always staying on-trend and in tune with current issues around injustice, as his 2020 album, ‘This Ain’t Nothin’ 4’ proves.

The standout single, ‘Legendary’, allows Sharpshooter (S.S) to exercise their lyrical wit and shine an all-baring light on the conflicting duality in our lived experiences.

With a nod to the struggles of introverts who want to succeed, the increasing toxicity of our digital world and music fans tendencies to not heed the wisdom in lyricism, Sharpshooter (S.S) has plenty to say and all of the talent and precision to ensure that his lyricism hits hard. With his convictive poetic precision, he is definitely worthy of his moniker. But under all that talent, there’s a magnetic charisma and soul which makes it all too easy for their razor-sharp analogies to blow your mind.

Check out Sharpshooter (S.S)’s album This Ain’t Nothin’ 4 via Spotify. Ironically, it is everything a die-hard hip hop fan could ask for.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Hip hop Music

MOW AWOL has dropped his grinding trap track, ‘No Question’.

Breaking US Trap artist MOW AWOL extended his legacy with his latest track, ‘No Question’, which asserts his domineering presence in 21st-century hip hop.

Playful, almost neo-classic notes weave around the solid 808s, creating an absorbing platform for MOW AWOL’s bars that seamlessly switch from deadpan versing to high vibe bars to create a multifaceted track that won’t fail to pull you in. He may be relatively fresh from his debut, but with his magnetic charisma, witty dominant lyrics and beats that compel you to look from the intricacies in the hook-filled multi-layered mix, he’s worth room on any Trap fans radar.

You can check out No Question for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Hip hop Music

Catch ¥oung Theory’s infectious high vibes in their latest trap single ‘Up Now’

Up and coming Dallas-hailing hip hop artist ¥oung Theory has dropped their latest single ‘Up Now’, with their tendency to start with a vibe and chase it with beats and lyrical flex, there’s no telling where ¥oung Theory will take their sound next, but we definitely appreciate the high vibe trappy direction of Up Now.

In a time when optimism is hard to find, you’ll find a delectable smorgasbord of it in Up Now which unravels as a series of mantras complemented by snapshots into ¥oung Theory’s life to make it a more intimate release.

He’s on a mission to change lives, one step at a time; based on Up Now, it’s easy to see how he’ll allow his listeners to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Sometimes, all it takes is to catch someone’s infectious vibe to shake you out of depressed stagnation.

Up Now is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Hip hop Music Pop

MARCOUX takes a look behind branded facades with their latest single, ‘PRADA’

Up and coming Canadian artist MARCOUX started their musical experimentation by learning violin at the age of 3; in 2021, he’s racking up tens of thousands of streams with their contemporary trappy hits such as PRADA.

No, PRADA isn’t just another label and lifestyle brag; it’s a series of clever observations on the designer facades we hide behind combined with a constraint-less sound. It seems that there’s no genre MARCOUX is afraid to pull into his evocative work. From trap to pop to indie to alt-rock, this contemporary smorgasbord of deftly blended sound carries a colossal amount of commercial appeal.

PRADA is one of those rare tracks that indie fans, trap kids and pop lovers could all see eye to eye over. He may carry all of the swag of any hip hop artist unafraid to say it exactly it is through witty bars, but you’ll also find the mark of a true artist through the smooth textures in the melodic RnB pop layers.

PRADA is now available to stream via Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Hip hop Music

Doe Dillinger offers resilience in their adrenalizing indie trap track ‘Falling Down’

Breaking hip hop artist, Doe Dillinger, is riding their own wave in their trappy indie rap track ‘Falling Down’. If it’s been a while since you’ve been blown away by a phenomenal up and coming artist, hit play.

Their sound carries plenty of appeal for fans of Post Malone and Yelawolf yet, Dillinger was even more experimental with their instrumentals by allowing them to carry the same cutting air as the guitars in Interpol’s Turn on the Bright Lights album along with other post-rock nuances.

It’s tracks like Falling Down that make genres seem utterly irrelevant in 2021. With Dillinger’s tendency to create without constraint, there’s no telling what kind of adrenalizing alchemy you’ll be falling into with their tracks. Falling Down is the perfect ‘high-vibe’ hit for anyone who knows how hard it can be to pick themselves up and find the faith and resilience to carry on, all while unfolding as a dominantly electric hit.

Check out the official music video that launched on March 6th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Hip hop Music

OvaDos proves that it is all in the mindset with her humbled RnB trap track, ‘No Regrets’

While the mainstream media is determined to depict this generation as a lost one, breaking hip hop artist and producer, OvaDos is on a mission to uplift with her soulfully convictive RnB hip hop tracks such as ‘No Regrets’.

No Regret serves as a poignant reminder that success depends on your mindset just as much as your circumstances. It may be a short and sweet track, but 1:42 minutes is all the time the Californian artist needed to impart grounded and humbled wisdom over her modern trippy beats.

No Regrets is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast