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Jay Maloy – Brooke George: Timelessly Tight Trap

Jay Maloy has been holding up the Pittsburgh underground Hip Hop scene for the past four years with his blinding tracks such as Brooke George which was released three years ago but is still one of the freshest contemporary mixes that you will hear this year. His lively reproach to sound creates an infectious anthemic aura around his Trap style beats. Jay Maloy’s mellow vocals make Brooke George an ambiently easy track to chill to. Finding a Rap artist whose beats aren’t half-cooked is like finding a needle in a haystack, so, I’m pretty stoked that I happened across Jay Maloy who has recently brought some fresh new tracks for his loyal US fanbase. His most recent release was ‘Instrumental’, which (you guessed it) it’s an instrumental track in which Jay Maloy paid tribute to the roots of Dancehall’s sound. It’s pure rhythmic ecstasy that you could quite happily get lost in. Even if the track did make me want to play Crash Bandicoot.

Check out Jay Maloy’s timeless track Brooke George along with his other array of urban mixes on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Lissa K – Azimuth: A Phantasm of Grunge, Dark Trap at It’s Finest

As a life-long Grunge fan and a keen aficionado of Trap music, can you imagine by delight from stumbling across Lissa K’s debut drop of Grunge Trap? (Probably not, I get a bit excitable).  Anyway, Lissa K’s latest single Azimuth was first released on January 23rd, 2018, the up and coming Ambient Chill artist cooked up some truly haunting sounds that had all of the magnetism of a crystal clear Ambient beat, with the grimy reverb that’s iconic to the grunge era. The spaces around the sound are just as tangible as the beats themselves. The abstractly distributed vocals had an almost Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) vibe to them, with the understanding that if the instrumentals are that sweet, the vocals are pretty unnecessary. The multi-layered beat has a way of allowing you to sink in between the riddles of the sound to reach an altered state of pure blissful appreciation of the aural alchemy which Lissa K has cooked up with Azimuth.

You can check out the chilled-out vibes from Azimuth from her debut EP A.I.R. for yourselves over on SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast


HeatCheck’s Scorching Pull Up N Wreck Remix: A Dousing of Electrically Balanced Dubbed Trap

I’m a little ashamed I’d never stumbled across HeatCheck’s furiously euphoric sound before I stumbled across their remix of Big Sean’s track Pull Up N Wreck.

As first remixes go, this one’s pretty savage, not that HeatCheck’s humble attitudes to their sound would let you know that. But that’s probably what I love about the track. There’s no pretension, just pure experimental ingenuity which results in a sporadically mixed, chaotically composed masterpiece with more drops than your mind is able to process.

The Boston, US based artists have broken onto the EDM Trap scene with the blinding veracity of a Rap project decades into its inception. Their remix which was dropped on March 2nd, 2018 flows with pure synergy. I can’t wait to hear HeatCheck’s original sounds, because if a remix can be this sweet, what other tricks are they holding up their enviably youthful sleeves?

Check out the pounding remix on SoundCloud using the link below:

Follow HeatCheck and stay up to date with all their latest drops on Facebook:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


PunisherSOUND – It’s A Trap! But A Good One.

Revelling in the past is all very well and good but the best music, or at least the most original,  seems to be made as people move things forward. It’s evolution, it’s forward-thinking, it is the way the world turns. Far Away is the sound of the world turning and music moving into pastures new. PunisherSOUND pull together various urban strands, skittering trap beats, slow trip-hop groove, sultry R&B tones and smooth, late night smokey vibes.

Far Away tips its hat to the past whilst shaping the future and it does really feel like a first, a bold step forward, a post-urban style that pushes beyond the rules and regulations, ignores the fickle finger of fashion and has no time for musical guardians and narrow-minded pedants telling it what hip-hop, pop, rap, trap, electronic music or any other genre should be about.  Actually, maybe we should stop using genres, labels, pigeon-holes altogether, who needs directions when it is easier to let the music speak for itself. After all PunisherSOUND clearly isn’t worried about genres and their narrow demarcations and maybe that is a lesson to all of us.


FLAT 26 – Prove It ; This Such A Slush Of Sweet Eargasm

A brilliant start off in a fine tone of smooth soothing vocals that gets you really submerged in its awesomeness is what can be generally summarized about Flat 26’s “Prove It”.

It’s liberating enough to just lay back and experience in its full glory the amazing way this artist so maturely crafted its art in mild sonorously tempo throughout the playtime of this song.

The sweet vocals and the melody of this song will be the essential major key to put you in a transfixed state; a place of good pleasurable and good dose of happy feeling is over laid.

That Melancholic chills and heartfelt emotion that surrounds all Justin Timberlake’s music is the same property this song is made of. The balanced inter switch of different background musical instruments used in this song further added some amount of sweetness to the already well cooked beat.

Oh, that’s almost an interscribe slush that gives off a tender smooch to the earbub of whoever that listens to the indelible masterpiece. I can’t help but recommend this song every lover of good music.

This song is well mastered and well placed. The lyrics is quite light and very easy to sing along. “Prove It” by Flat 26 is such a slush of sweet eargasm whose aura and drift is translunary.

Quality Sound, Great Song, and Enchanting Voice is exactly what you’ll make of this piece. I sincerely would love to listen to more songs from FLAT 26.

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Kelz TBK – La La La: An Irresistible Offering of Trap

At first, when I first listened to the latest track by the East London based artist Kelz TBK I was conflicted, I was unsure how to transcribe the feeling that he’d orchestrated La La La with.

The tone is ubiquitously lachrymose, yet the vocal delivery is imploring, pounding and brashly, playfully endearing. I was torn. Yet one thing is for sure, this chilled, Trap, Melodic Rap mix is one of the greatest feats to come from the Trap genre in 2017. Kelz TBK is by no means a new contender to the scene, he’s infiltrated the London underground with his infectious sound, and I can only imagine that with his ability to create a sound that grips you like a vice will see him go far within the scene and join other iconic artists such as Migos, Diplo, and Major Lazer in no time on the podium sipping Hennessey. Even if the 420 persuasion is much more of Kelz TBK’s bag, La La La was engineered for smokers who love Trap, if that sounds like you, head on over to SoundCloud now where you can check out his latest track:


Movie Monroe – Tie Dye: Honest Humble Hip Hop

Movie Monroe is a breakthrough Trap artist that’s taking the scene by storm with his passionate and progressive style which will have you hooked from the first verse. His latest track Tie Dye is a simplistic haunting of truths expelled over his subtle poetic lyrical flow which provides a poignantly resonate experience.

The Las Vegas based Alternative Melo Trap Rap Hip Hop enigma has produced a flawless 9 track album Aura Ultra, Tie Dye is just one of the standout tracks that hits you with hypnotising melodies and inches you closer into developing an affinity with this charismatic trap artist. I’ve often found Trap to be one of the most compelling sub genres of Hip Hop, the way that the attention is not demanded, it’s carefully extradited through evocative feeling and 80’s minimal beats that allow you to breathe throughout the track. It doesn’t pound with grandiosity or mediocrity it’s humanity stripped bare, wounded and raw. Monroe’s whole album is a delectable experience which proves to be the perfect platform to expose his versatile style.

Check out Movie Monroe’s track Tie Die via SoundCloud using the link below:

For more on Movie Monroe check out his website:


Movie Monroe proves to be the ultimate Trap visionary with his latest hit Moneyman

Movie Monroe may just be my favourite emerging R&B artists of 2017, the sounds are lavish, poignant and styled in a way that David Lynch would even come to envy. The sound to Moneyman has been polished to perfection by NEDARB, the beat flows with ubiquitous ease, whatever mood you’re in, this sound has the potential to grab your mood with its individualistic trap styling. Monroe doesn’t demand attention in an obvious way, he puts out his lyrics in an almost shy capacity that allows you to really sink your teeth into what he’s putting out on the sound waves.

The ridiculously catchy song was released just a few weeks ago when the Las Vegas based rapper Moneyman gripped the R&B & Trap audience with a captivating wave of euphoria with its Melo Trap sound. The minimalist beat allows you to become enthralled by the lyrics that are put before you, curtesy of the exponentially talented Movie Monroe.

Monroe certainly doesn’t play by any rule book I’ve ever read when it comes to music. He flows with individualistic style that will soon have you begging for more of his enigmatic sound.

Check out Moneyman on the SoundCloud link below:

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Amber Peri Electro-Pop Track “Her”

Amber Peri’s voice may be one of the industry’s best kept secrets. Her voice in all its complexity begins delicate and airy on her single, “HER,” then in fiery red demands your attention while affectionately reminding you, “I’m no her, I’m me tell me who you see.”  She achieves all the ambiance of a grown but sexy anthem of independence in this vocally charged track.  The slow-burning track stares down the notion that love has to be reciprocated, while reminding would be suitors; the past is the past. It’s the perfect mixture of vulnerability with assertiveness.

When Amber’s voice echoes melodic tones throughout the track it’s as if she’s acknowledging love while simultaneously agreeing it’s okay to heal. Her voice is captivating over a perfectly melodic instrumental. The soundtrack coupled with Amber’s beautiful voice creates a masterpiece of sound; it encapsulates a beautiful spectrum of experiences with remarkable concision. A solid track.


LA MiiShia: The Queen of Trap

LA MiiShia’s new track “Love Too Fast” has quickly become an unlikely favourite. She’s a welcome introduction to the sub-genre of trap music. Her humble small-town girl reinvention of the 90’s grunge aesthetic will undeniably make her a hit for women looking for empowerment through urban music. Whilst her lyrics are full of dark pensive soul they’re effortlessly uplifting.

LA MiisShia tours all around the US, originating from Raleigh, but she’s won over music lovers from all walks of life with her romantic dulcet lyrics that will have you hooked. Rather than wallowing in her heart ache and making tragic music, she’s created something fresh, upbeat, and refreshingly natural. There’s no overproduction to take away the essence of this truly evocative sound and the poignancy of the lyrics “her mind ain’t never right”, I think we can all relate to that feeling. La MiiShia’s music is an unashamed invitation into her soul through her sound, she’s been performing since a young age, but her debut track Love Too Fast will undeniably be the making of this urban artist.

She’s followed in the Trap footsteps of Manny Fresh, Gucci Maine and Young Jeezy to create her unique, raw R&B sound.

If you’re a fan of slow tempo’s, straight rhythm and the cacophony of orchestral sounds over heavy drums check out her new song on Youtube

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