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Upcoming female drill artist BeckMilli shows off her skills on ‘Do Road’

UK drill artist BeckMilli has released a new track ‘Do Road’: an impressive drill hit. 

As popular as drill is becoming in burgeoning out from its London roots, there’s still a healthy amount of new rappers on the scene – and one to definitely keep an eye on is BeckMilli. The South-London based rapper comes out strong with ‘Do Road’, and she flaunts some seriously impressive staccato drill flows on top of some supremely put together production. 

Where their track shines most is the production – with the track’s instrumental providing a wobbling drill 808 pivoting across the snare hits in the way that has made drill such a smash hit success, and ‘Do Road’ does very well in encapsulating why this sound is growing at such an astonishing pace. 

 You can listen to ‘Do Road’ on BeckMilli’s Soundcloud page.


Produced by YTZ Records, The Get Back is the latest effort by Aykay & Fatboy

In a slightly old-school kind of atmosphere, The Get Back is the latest effort by Aykay & Fatboy produced by YTZ Records.

Coming in at only 2:34 and leading in with that opening classic piano melody we’ve often heard in similar acts, the track presents a cleverly minimalistic sound with skinny beats and attenuated synths that gently interlace and build a placid loop. Rap bars and vocal overdubs interact in a rhythmic exchange, producing a consistently chill flow.

Nobody argues against a magic touch of authenticity as the style of the track swings between a 90’s rap vibe and contemporary hip hop beats, a combination that many of the current major acts look forward to and try to recreate. It’s the sort of vintage rap that gives out good vibrations besides explicit content or excessive percussive sounds. This demonstrates that Aykay & Fatboy know their way into the music scene, and they’ll certainly get back with more successful projects.

Head over to Youtube and hit play on The Get Back.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Fourstars has dropped their latest feat of curve-creating Trap with “Barcelona (Dreamer)”

Breaking Hip Hop artist Fourstars has recently dropped their latest feat of curve-creating Trap “Barcelona (Dreamer). In the process of doing so, they broke the Trap mould and deservedly garnered plenty of hype around the release.

Not only did they create a sweet vibing accessible mix with the help of producer OFEY, but there’s also plenty of lyrical playfulness making it all too easy to warm to Fourstars. After lyrically reeling off a list of reasons to envy them, they roguishly point out that you’re wrapped up in a narrative of a fantasy. In a world of Trap artists either trying to make you envy them or respect them, it’s incredibly refreshing to hear an artist play on that stereotype.

With their sweet instrumental hooks alongside inventive lyrical waxing, there’s plenty of commercial potential behind their sound. You won’t regret pressing play.

You can check out Fourstars’ latest single for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


New Denver Emcee Cipher gets his girl in ‘’Make You Mine’’

I wish you were mine, I think you know why. The former US Navy Vet is now fully in the music game and shows us his chops with his 3rd single ‘’Make You Mine’’. 

‘Make You Mine’ is about reflecting on a relationship where you are in the friend zone with someone that you really care about. A tough situation to be in, the likeable R&B/Hip Hop artist ‘Cipher’ shows us his tender side in this track. With a quality Music Video to boot, this is a sexy release to add to his ever-growing repertoire.

Known in the Denver music game for his debut ‘Blowing Up’ that did just that locally, this is another good track to this budding artist’s name. 

‘Cipher’ is in a very tough genre with artists that come and go way too quickly. He is making his move now and with quality releases, the young Emcee is leading the Indie Denver Rap charge to the top.

Check out more from this talented R&B artist on his DistroKid page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


$auce Tha Kid pushes new wave trap boundaries with ‘Goofball’

Trap and R&B artist $auce Tha Kid has released a new boundary-pushing track ‘Goofball’. 

Dripping with heaps of swirly, autotuned delivery, ‘Goofball’ is an impressive track in its ability to feel like a trap interpretation of the pop-punk wave that dominated the early 2000s. Setting off the crooning with a near-Cobain-esque guitar loop, Tha Kid is able to step up to the plate in a soundscape awash with distortion and pop-punk painted lyrics. 

Standing out most for drawing on artistic merits from a long line of increasingly punk-inflected rap genres, ‘Goofball’ is a solidly impressive listen.

You can check out ‘Goofball’ on $auce Tha Kid’s Spotify page.


USA Rapper AYEJAY releases 4th single “I’m Back’’

You can’t mess with the progress. AYEJAY releases a new school single that is sure to be popular with the youngsters in 2020 with its Southern style.

With a great cover picture on the artwork, I started to like AYEJAY’s new song more and more. This is a new rapper that is still learning his trade and shows lots of potential. I hope that he goes his own way and doesn’t try to copy anyone else. He speaks about not trusting himself and let’s hope that changes in a few years as it will really improve his music output.

Overall, this is a solid effort from the young MC coming out of the USA, who is here to stay. A big hit is possible if he stays focused and concentrates on improving each time he steps in the booth.

Find out more about AYEJAY’s new music here.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


West London Rapper Alfie Wraps releases latest single ‘NRG’

Alfie Wraps’ new single N.R.G begins with a slightly eerie and mystical hollow whistle. It sounds like the tuning of an empty beer bottle. “Hullo? Where is this going?” The listener is bound to ask.
Almost immediately, you’re whisked back into Mr Wraps’ urban dimension where the steady drumbeat induces involuntary and cathartic head bopping. The rhythm and beat of this single is standard. Nothing new or inventive here. It’s the writing and lyrics of this piece that provides the kicker. Wraps declares himself and his material aspirations early on within the first few lines of this banger of a rap. He is quick to dismiss online pursuits as time wasting in favour of productivity for there are things to do and stuff to buy – like ice for all of his wives. “I don’t want a Ranger or a fat chain…” Alfie just wants to make it in this rap  industry. It is this confession that endears one to this beat bopping rap.
He’s being straight up with you. It is this humility that slides through the gritty bravado that makes this rap bold and real. Beware imitators and imitations he laments for it’s not worth getting dipped for cosmetic jewellery. “Save your energy for when you see me…” is the catchy refrain of this song. Watch out for Alfie Wraps. He’s definitely got the mettle to make it in this industry. N.R.G is an urban plea for hard work and originality and is destined to be a constant on any banger compilation.

Listen here.

Review by Annesh Ramklown.

JAY DVRDEN – Sad Witch: Pensively Magnetic Grunge-Laden Trap

Trap doesn’t come much darker than up and coming Alternative artist JAY DVRDEN’s seminal single “Sad Witch”. If you could imagine what it would sound like if Trent Reznor started to dabble with Trap, you’ll get a good idea of what to expect when you hit play on the deeply melancholic track.

The pensively magnetic vocals find their perfect place in the inventively orchestrated soundscape which pairs reverb-drenched synths with striking orchestral layers. With their Grunge-laden unique approach to Sad Witch, JAY DVRDEN found the perfect balance between emotivity and ingenuity.

But Sad Witch is so much more than a playlist-worthy mix. It provides a snapshot of the ennui which is defining a new generation of artists of all inclinations. It may not be as acclaimed as Linkin Park and Jay-Z’s infamous collaboration, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to be.

You can check out the official video to JAY DVRDEN’s standout track Sad Witch for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Grime styled with minimal rhythm: Readey releases his new single My Head

Up and coming artist Readey has dropped his new single My Head, an innovative Hip-Hop tune.

Ready’s style loosely reminded me of Eminem’s latest releases, with his original raw and crude rap evolving into a grime style with minimal rhythm. It seems to me that’s where Readey is heading to with My Head, building his style on low-pitched basslines and prominent beats.

It’s almost like going back to that Garage, Trap mood that MC’s geared their Rap on – as a matter of fact I thought about Dizzee Rascal for a second when I was halfway through listening to My Head.

Gloomy and introspective in his lyrics, Readey analyses the overflowing thoughts in his head falling into a loop made of trust issues and living the same day again and again.

It’s so easy to relate to if you’re questioning your everyday routine and finding yourself dwelling on the dichotomy “am I working to live or am I living to work?”

Listen to My Head by heading over Spotify.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Rap artist Dapp3r G has made their debut with their firestorm of a Trap hit “Flesh Flow”

Breaking Hip Hop artist Dapp3r G dropped their firestorm of a debut “Flesh Flow” on April 10th. If you’re keen to keep track of the hottest urban talent, you’ll want Dapp3r G on your radar and your playlists right about now.

The rhythmically tight Rap bars find the perfect meter alongside the energetic yet undemanding beats which make Flesh Flow all too easy to sink into and find the groove. Flesh Flow may be sitting right on the contemporary Trap curve, but even fans of Old School Hip Hop will find plenty to love about the track. Their lyrical flex and ability to cook up atmospheric beats isn’t something we get to hear every day.

You can check out Dapp3r G’s single Flesh Flow for yourselves via Apple Music or YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast