Precious Onungwe shines so bright on meaningful video for ”You Matter”

Canada is a beautiful country and it has provided the world with such a pure song thanks to Precious Onungwe. This fantastic neo-soul artist has just dropped the visuals for his brand new song called ”You Matter”. This song matters as it has put a positive spin on what has been a torturous year to put it mildly. The young singer shines here and his pure voice and wonderful message shines very bright in 2020.

You Matter” from self-aware Precious Onungwe celebrates all of our uniqueness and our collective individualism as humans. He speaks on issues such as hatred and jealousy which can lead to bigger societal problems: mass shootings, spread of demeaning words, killings, and abuse of power. With self love, self worth and self awareness, we can see others from the same lens we use for ourselves. You Matter As Much As I Do is the mantra here. With this mirror, there’s no need to tear anyone down to feel bigger or elevated. We are all in this together, and we can make it a paradise here because you matter. I love what this fine artist and poet is all about.

With a soul so bright like this, can you see why this is such a vital message? Precious Onungwe’sYou Matter” is probably one of the most important messages of the year. This is a singer who uses his platform to make a difference. Let’s turn this up, share and embrace this peaceful voice during these war-ravaged times.

Stream this brand new song with so much meaning on his YouTube music channel.

Check out this fine young artist with real soul here on his Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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