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Glasgow’s Playfio’s space odyssey journey on ‘Nameless Man’

Nameless Man‘ features on ‘Arcadian Resonance‘, and is the second studio album from Scottish band Playfio. They return with this spacey song with real heart that will have you watching all the way through.

Nameless Man‘, was ironically almost left off this album. After been given a second chance once Claude Etienne had worked his magic on the guitar, it’s inclusion was suddenly at the top of the list. Written by Rob Playford with Claude Etienne on guitar and the mix and master engineer was Adam Titmuss.

The album artwork, with it’s nod to the first album and Rob’s late Grandfather’s 1940’s Dance band Arcadia is artistically finessed by the fantastic film craft of Adam Stern. This is a band that take their time to make everything sound and look 100%.

Nameless Man‘ from Scottish band Playfio is like a soundtrack to a movie. The story of someone doing so much but ultimate nameless in the bigger scheme of things. Just like real life.

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KeeZY jumps in the ring on Hip Hip fueled ‘Solid’

Cleveland in the United States is the home for the fast rising Hip Hop artist KeeZY. He rolls in with his new effort called ‘Solid‘.

Signed to the Urban City Records, Warner Music Group, this is an artist who is flying up the charts and minds of music lovers everywhere. You can just tell that he is in the big time due to his swag, confident lyrics and top notch production. He’s on a roll now and wants to stay relevant.

KeeZY bursts in here on ‘Solid‘ as this is a pleasant beat with fire lyrics that encapsulates the new school trap style that is so massive at the moment. This top emcee wants us to follow his lead as he is flying at the moment and not stopping anytime soon. With songs out all the time, you get the feeling that he is firmly up there with the freshest names in the game.

Stream this fire new track here on YouTube.

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Mahan. returns with lo-fi gem ‘Wooden Spoon’

Upcoming Lo-fi producer mahan. is back with a fantastic video that captures life in ‘Wooden Spoon‘.

mahan. drops a star gazing beat that has me smiling from ear to ear. This is exactly what the day needed from overthinking and needing a boost. This is exactly the tonic as the beat dazzles your soul and your ears feel like they are sliding around in a water park.

From witnessing a fire near to his house, we are then kick-flipped to a skate park with lots of tricks, 420 and real life. This is the way on the street, you have to be tough otherwise you get swallowed up. This is all about getting the wooden spoon and not the gold one. That’s okay too, it’s all about making your own journey and living your dreams.

mahan’s ‘Wooden Spoon‘ is a song you send to your friends and that is what makes it so great. The earthy feel and authentic style is what we should all crave.

Stream this lo-fi gem of a song here on YouTube.

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Dutch singer Bryan Montero rolls in with self-reflective ‘The Last’

Bryan Montero is a left handed singer-songwriter from The Netherlands who returns with his new release called ‘The Last‘.

You swear that this is the last time you get hurt from a relationship and then it happens again. You are now in a trap and just have to get out. This song is all about the journey to make sure that you value yourself from now on and not to carry these scars on. Is this way to make sure that you are free?

There are lots of passionate lyrics here from Bryan Montero’s ‘The Last‘ and the whole sound is on fantastic indie pop that tags at your heart strings. You feel sad for the singer as he has been hurt again but know that he will grow from this experience. This is a beautiful song that is one of the more memorable tracks of the year. This is an artist with soul.

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‘Hurricane Bride’ from Lyn Avenue is a story of a wedding that was like no other

Lyn Avenue gets us dancing with their brand new story here with their country song called ‘Hurricane Bride‘.

Imagine having your wedding on a hurricane-filled day? This is the starting point from this quality duo from Savannah, Georgia. The stupendous vocal ability is for all to see from Cc and the guitar output from Patrick morphs this act into a high level.

I love the story of a wedding that turned into something movie-like. You are about to get married and then a hurricane hits. What is left to do? Drinking moonshine and dancing the night way for one. The country-fused indie style is a pleasure to listen to and I find myself getting lost in the music.

Hurricane Bride‘ from Lyn Avenue is an abundance of joy from a sad situation. This is the best way to deal with any issues. Take the positive spin from the tracks and spin them to your way.

Stream here on YouTube.

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Scotland’s Constant Follower opens his heart and sends us valuable advice on ‘Set Aside Some Time’ (Official Video)

Constant Follower is a soaring ambient dream pop experimental folk group from Glasgow in Scotland. They are here with the new song called ‘Set Aside Some Time‘.

It’s always a good idea to set aside some time to get your mind right. You know that you need this as it will help you get over some feelings. Talking them out to dry and to move on with your life. Setting time to find yourself is absolutely vital and this is such an inspirational story of self-finding yourself from memories of youth, to now.

Constant Follower from Scotland are a chilled group who have brought us a little classic here. The journey of self-discovery is especially relevant during this traumatic time of upheaval. ‘Set Aside Some Time‘ is a terrific video and song that inspires us to fully find ourselves and not stop until we have done this.

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NYC 6 Piece Instrumental group Bombzr jazz our senses on ”Epic”

Bombzr are a 6 Piece Jazzy-soul Instrumental group from New York City who choose not to use vocals. They are back with their new song that is called ”Epic”.

Epic” is a journey of fun with our senses. The jazzy infusion is like having a fruity smoothie on a boiling hot summer’s day. Your body feels fresh and ready to take on anything. This NYC group take us back to the old school days on this one and I love the instrumental variety that is in Bombzr’s music arsenal.

Bombzr shine on ”Epic”. This is a tight group who somehow fuse Trumpets, Synths, Saxes, Talkbox, Keyboards, Guitar and Bass. These supremely talents musicians give us an epic performance with their funky soul style that is jazzy all the way through. The New York group give 2020 a happy smile with this new single.

Stream this new song right here on YouTube.

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Dublin’s Robert O’Connor brings Skynem GT for real message on ”Over”

The Dublin-born singer-songwriter Robert O’Connor is back with Skynem GT on ”Over” (Before It’s Begun). This is a house beat with smooth vocals from the Irish singer.

This is about the age old question of if you are a true match. You want to be enough for someone but they have to feel the same for you. Otherwise this won’t work at all. This is happening now and this is a good thing. You need to know that this is going to be worthwhile or things could be worse later down the road.

After a five year absence from the music scene, Robert worked as a journalist and social media manager during this period. This shows how much he missed creating as you can tell on this video that he really enjoys it again and is fully back from his hiatus.

Robert O’Connor’s Over” is a fab track with great vocals and an earthy beat that is a tremendous listen.

Stream this hot new track here on YouTube

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New American Hustle roll in with elegant ”Flexxx For You”

New American Hustle is a virtual band from California & Italy. Led by Ian Smith and a sultry cast of female vocalists, they create unique and transcendent music for all of us to enjoy on full volume. They return with the new spectacular song called ”Flexxx For You”.

This is the new single after the scrumptious EP debut ”Harlot For Days” from earlier on in 2020. A much simpler time. Just like this absolute gem.

New American Hustle have a bluesy-soul connection that brings together some of the finest talents around and its a treat to our hearts. This is jazzy hip hop fused goodness’s gift wrapped with elegance and class. You can’t teach that. ”Flexxx For You” from newcomers New American Hustle slides in with a brilliant release at a time where we need to find our mojo again.

Stream this new track via YouTube.

Lots of great visuals and sounds on Bandcamp.

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Scotland’s The Plastic Era make debut with dark-pop song ”Rid of Me”

The Plastic Era is the brainchild of Charlie Rees who is a Scottish solo artist and drummer for the metal band Cerberon. ”Rid Of Me” is the name of the debut release from this new band and this is a thought-provoking track.

Currently staying in Stirling after being born in Falkirk, The Plastic Era are a vibrant act that delve into a hectic subject. Breakups are never pleasant and this can lead to us doing things we normally wouldn’t do. This song is all about wanting to stay with that person and to avoid breaking up with them. This however is not natural and sometimes things are just meant to end.

Rid Of Me” is a dark song and the video below will attest to that. The Scottish act The Plastic Era show lots of passion for this indie track that is full of twists and turns.

See the video and twist right here on YouTube.

Here is the link to hear the new track on SoundCloud.

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