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Kima Otung Offers a Striking Serving of Neo-Soul with their Debut Single “Morning”

The lyrics in Kima Otung’s debut single “Morning” aren’t just clever, they are cutting, I can only imagine how lyrically lacerated the narcissist who inspired this track feels after hearing to the striking Neo-Soul Pop ballad.

The soft, yet, transfixing melodies allow Kima Otung’s dominantly magnetic vocals to take all of the focus in Morning which never lets you dare to draw yourself away from the narrative of the single which gives a chilling account of dealing with the aftermath of narcissistic abuse. Considering that more and more people are becoming aware of the issue, I can’t even imagine how many people will find comfort and catharsis in this single.

There’s really no overstating just how powerful Morning is as a single, so it’s probably a good idea to make good use of your own eardrums to get a better understanding.

You can check out Kima Otung’s strikingly soulful single Morning for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Matt Brown – Solid Ground: A Smooth Serving of Neo-Soul

If you’re looking for a smooth serving of sonorous Neo-Soul, look no further than up and coming West Beach, Florida artist Matt Brown’s latest single “Solid Ground”. The single moves at a tentatively cathartic pace spilling ambience as it progresses. Yet, that doesn’t detract from the arrestive rhythms from the acoustic Neo-Soul jazz instrumental arrangements which ooze as they carve out indulgently mellow Mood Swing Jazz

If Matt Brown’s effortlessly honeyed vocals weren’t enough, for the track the artist borrowed the lyrical magnetism of Drew Dockerill, while the vocals may be few and far between around the instrumental segments in the track, they set the perfect tone for the soothing single. If tracks such as Solid Ground were more prolific on the airwaves, then I dare say we’d all be a lot less highly strung.

You can check out Matt Brown’s single Solid Ground for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jay Marwaha – Sitting in the Park: Sun-Soaked Neo-Soul

“Sitting in the Park” is the soulfully compelling latest single from up and coming London-based artist Jay Marwaha. Any artist with the ability to make parks in the UK seem romantic again is already winning.

Jay Marwaha’s vocals carry a smooth inviting tonality which have the ability to sooth through catharsis at the same time as offering a deep poised introspection, and plenty of romantically steeped emotion. The track may share the same title as Neo-Soul legend Billy Stewart’s Sitting in the Park. Yet, as nostalgic and reminiscent as the soundscape feels, the contemporary lyricism and vocal style adds plenty of easily found resonance. The only aspect of Sitting in the Park which will allow you to believe that it is a recent release is the pristine finish on the production.

You can check out Jay Marwaha’s latest single Sitting in the Park for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Lee Clark Allen Delivers Neo-Soul Debut EP ‘Little Rock’

Fast rising RnB/Soul artist, Lee Clark Allen has shared his gorgeous debut EP ‘Little Rock’. The 6 track CD showcases how Allen is free from any genre shackles. It has an exciting mix of RnB, and Soul, songs that shine a light on the singer/songwriters’ vocal prowess whose music is a wonderful mix of old and new, and draws from various genres such as classic, and contemporary RnB styles, Soul, Blues, Jazz, Gospel and even Hip-Hop this is an EP that breaks down barriers and delivers an intoxicating sound all of its own.
Major standouts on the EP include the soul infused ‘I Won’t Tell Myself A Lie’ which has a gorgeous Jazz style production that lends itself to a classic, long missed sonic sound that will leave listeners wishing they were in a bar hearing this live. It has a dream like style that washes over you and allows you to drift into the world where the song is set. The stunning female vocals also elevate it to new levels.
‘Mud (Rise)’ is another exciting cut from the record which showcases another style and allows the vocals of Lee Clark Allen to really shine. His rich, earthy tone drives the track into new avenues while the deep, soul searching lyrics lays the artist’s soul bare and gives listeners a deep insight into the mind of a singer who makes you feel like you’re on this journey with him.
Overall ‘Little Rock’ is an EP that will make you hit replay many times without getting bored, it delivers a new, fresh genre-bending fusion style that has been missing from the music industry as of late.

Andrew Stephen with Chrissy Renick – Are You That Somebody: Synth-Laden Neo Soul

“Are You That Somebody” is the upcoming single from Andrew Stephen and Chrissy Renick who have combined their inexplicable talents to welcome in the future of Neo Soul.

You won’t hear many synth lines laid down in Soul, but it’s clear that the duo is taking the evolution of soul seriously with their intricately unpredictable sound.

In their unique blend of R&B rhythm the soundscape doesn’t resonate in a way in which you are accustomed to. There’s a 90s spin on the track from Chrissy Renick’s vocals, while Andrew Stephen lays down the genre-defying instrumentals which seamlessly switch from Jazzy increments to more contemporary urban jams.

You can check out Are You That Somebody for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


J.A.E Shares Empowering ‘Love Me Right’

Fast rising South London artist J.A.E (pronounced as each individual letter) shared her brand new single ‘Love Me Right‘ back in December and its a real standout from a musician who is all set for a major 2019.
The track is written as a combination of music and poetry, giving listeners a final product that connects the with raw emotion. She speaks of a youthful desire to hold out for true love without rushing into anything that is meaningless.
It’s a funky tune that highlights her soulful vocals and has an old school jazz vibe. The lyrics focus on you knowing your own worth and being patient when waiting for your soul mare to come along.
Is a fresh look at love from a younger generation and highlights that no matter your age we all just want to be loved and be in love.
Sonically it’s an exciting mix of jazz and Hip Hop styles creating a standout sound that keeps one foot in the old school times while staying modern enough to gain new fans.

Alongside the single you can catch the music video for Love Me Right OUT NOW on all major digital platforms.

Review By Laura Klonowski


Cheyenne Benton’s Festively Fierce Neo Soul Take on “All I Want for Christmas is You”

Once Cheyenne Benton gets on your radar, it’s hard to forget her arrestive vocal style. So, when we heard that she’d tackled the iconic “All I Want for Christmas is You”, we had absolutely no doubt that she would reinvent the single with her organically potent vocal dynamics.

Cheyenne has kept the same mesmeric Neo Soul vibe which can be heard in her earlier singles within the Christmas track which fans of her earlier work will be pleased to hear. Instrumentally, you can expect to hear All I Want for Christmas is You brought to life through intricate progressions on the electric guitar, with a few soaring riffs thrown in for good measure. Even those who don’t find themselves overly fond of Christmas music are sure to appreciate the up and coming artist’s unique take on the hit.

You can check out Cheyenne Benton’s inventive twist on All I Want for Christmas is You for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Eyrnestine – Sunflower: Globally-Inspired Good-Vibe Neo Soul

Now that we’re veering ever closer to the icy grips of winter and bombarded with Christmas music, having sun-soaked singles on your playlists is always going to be a good shout. To save our frostbitten souls, the up and coming artist Eyrenestine has released her latest soulfully vibrant single “Sunflower” which is the 5th single from her upcoming EP “Pulling Weeds”.

The smorgasbord of sounds which is served in Sunflower up contains everything from the visceral warmth of Afro Neo Soul to the smooth intricacies of Latin percussion. With such mix of globally eclectic elements feeding into the light popping rhythms of Sunflower there’s an international accessibility to the sound. Sunflower carries just as much harmony as it carries good-vibe emotivity.

Eyrnestine’s latest single Sunflower is now available to buy and stream across all major platforms. Head here to check it out for yourselves.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Ana Stasia – Shade: R&B Neo-Soul for the Soul

Alongside the shade that Ana Stasia’s throwing in her latest single, there’s also a smorgasbord of soul, jazzy rhythm and unflinchingly strong Neo-Soul vocals. “Shade” is the perfect introduction to the up and coming artist’s captivatingly sultry style which incorporates elements of R&B and Pop to create a refreshingly soul-driven soundscape.

The Los Angeles-based artist takes inspiration from the likes of Beyoncé, Adele, Marian Hill and Fifth Harmony to produce refreshingly up-vibe mixes which come to life through a tight trap beat and the acoustic grooves set by the bass, electric guitar and brass. Whilst at some points it felt as though the lyrics only served to add to the melody, Shade is still a stellar track for any R&B Pop fans looking for a fresh approach to the genre to add to their playlists.

You can check out the official music video to Ana Stasia’s latest single which was released on October 23rd by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Srac – Dahmer: Arrestingly Pensive Neo Soul

‘Dahmer’ is just one of the experimentally pensive tracks from Srac’s latest EP ‘Softmore’. Whilst it’s not uncommon to use tonally deep piano notes in a track prelude, the haunting weight of the heavy notes carries right the way through ‘Dahmer’ in the Neo-Soul composition. With minimal progression in the track, it can feel a little overwhelming, yet, I have no doubt that was the exact intention when Srac composed Dahmer. However, by the time the track drew to a close, I was on the cusp of an existential crisis. Whilst I have no aversion to melancholically wounding tracks, for me, it was a little too much as the vocals sat in a soul-shattering synergy with the melody.

You can check out Dahmer along with the rest of Srac’s latest EP by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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