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Cache-Cache pulls back the curtain in their soul-funk single, ‘Pantomime’, featuring Alice Grace and Ken Masters.

‘Pantomime’ is the latest quirky, jazz-instilled RnB soul track from the up and coming alternative North-East based ensemble, Cache-Cache; an artist quickly becoming renowned for their quintessentially eclectic sound. It’s theatrical without feeling novel or pretentious, thanks to the playful sense of accessibility behind the grooves that were made to melt into.

You’d probably need a serious concussion to forget the lyrical hook-filled chorus. After Pantomime has demonstrated its earworm potential, the grimy, gritty, almost nu-metal-style rap bars allow the track to take a tectonic shift in tone, leaving you even more immersed in the colourful melodies.

Pantomime is due for release on June 4th; you can check it out via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Oso brings in the new wave of summer RnB with his latest single, ‘Over the Moon’, featuring Eric Bellinger.

Joe Amoroso, AKA Oso, is a Queens, New York-residing RnB artist bringing the genre into the 21st-century with his crossover beats and old school RnB grooves.

His new material features multi-platinum artists and a multi-platinum feel, the perfect introduction to his slick and affectionate style is his single, ‘Over the Moon’, featuring Eric Bellinger. It’s a high-vibe salacious vignette of contemporary culture told through lush harmonised vocals and unpredictably galvanising beats.

Oso may have some tough competition in the New York RnB scene, but he’s well on his way to reaching the same heights as Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys and Mario. Get him on your radar.

You can check out the official music video that premiered on May 27th by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Miss Garbo avert archetypes in their latest love song, ‘Every Other Week’.

South London’s soul outfit, Miss Garbo, released their latest single, Every Other Week, on May 21st; the founding members, Louise O’Hara and Andy Chapman have exactly what it takes to become the Sonny & Cher of this generation.

The easy guitar melodies coalesce with the ardent harmonic ebbs and flow from O’Hara’s endlessly mesmerising vocals as they stay true to the storytelling style of folk while incorporating elements of soul-pop.

Every Other Week is dedicated to anyone who has been in a complex romantic situation. Given that Monogamy isn’t a one size fits all kind of affair anymore, it is incredibly refreshing to hear this social paradigm shift reflected honestly in one of the most relatable love songs that you’ll hear this year.

Every Other Week is available to stream and download on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Holly Santonato – Wildfires featuring Mona: Empoweringly Affectionate RnB

Two RnB soul luminaries in their own right, Holly Santonato and Mona, teamed up for the collaborative single, ‘Wildfires’; a serious contender for the most stylish RnB track of the year.

The release flows with the change in the tide of contemporary RnB; between the affectionate and amorous tropes, you’ll get to explore the darker, far more insidious side to love. This multi-faceted track is steeped in enough realism that it will simultaneously remind you of the importance of knowing your worth and how sweet it can be to utterly surrender to another soul. It’s a stunning extension of the ‘playing with fire always leaves your fingers burned’ motif that perpetuates through contemporary culture.

With the distinctively soulful dual vocals pulling together to offer plenty of collaborative chemistry over melodic downtempo trap beats, it’s impossible not to fall into the serene and sultry atmosphere in Wildfires.

Whether they’re working together or solo, we hope to hear more from Holly and Mona in 2021 and beyond.

You can check it out for yourselves by heading over here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

MiLES. serves sun-kissed soul in his genre-bending single, ‘Wherever it Is’.


MiLES.’ latest genre-bending single, Wherever it Is, dug its heels right into the roots of soul, borrowed a few surf rock tones and revived timeless, dreamy, jazzy-sun-kissed melodies on synths, guitars and drums.

To say that the single is just as experimental as Mr Bungle’s album, California, wouldn’t be a stretch but the straight from the soul crooning on offer here will undoubtedly be a hit with any fans of Frank Ocean, Tyler, the Creator and Steve Lacy.

Making this single infinitely more impressive, the singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer only picked up a guitar for the first time in August 2020; the distinction in the mellifluous progressions may try to convince you otherwise.

MiLES.’ latest single is due for release on May 28th; you can hear it for yourselves here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Era’Nay shares retrospective regret in her latest RnB single, Farewell.

Louisville-hailing RnB soul singer-songwriter Era’Nay has released two singles from her upcoming EP, ‘Elevate’; the indie RnB ballad, ‘Farewell’, serves as the perfect introduction to her deeply introspective style.

Era’Nay left plenty of space in the lyricism for you to put your own emotions and losses into the mix as you start to share the same retrospective regret for not making the most of the time that we shared with the people you appreciate. Endings are the only inevitability in life, yet, we live as though we’ll never have to experience them. Farewell shares that fairly bruising reminder, but it also compels you to live in the moment. Given the stagnancy and isolation that we’ve all endured since 2020, Farewell is a timely addition to the airwaves.

Farewell is now available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Burgundy delivers hazily cinematic soul in ‘Cigar in the Snow’.

Right from the first note in Burgundy’s latest single, Cigar in the Snow, you sink into the sublime aural rabbit hole that the experimental artist carved out with dreamy notes, choral tones and vocal timbre as mesmerising as the sandman’s lullaby.

Any fans of Jamie Cullum and Jack Johnson will want to experience the soulful alchemy through which Burgundy was able to pay tribute to a familiar and timeless sound while putting his signature sonic spin on it by feeding in glitchy garagey, indietronica.

Like many of his singles that have racked up hundreds of thousands of streams, Cigar in the Snow is an obsession-worthy track that you won’t hesitate to add to your playlists. Without hesitation, we’d name Burgundy as one of the most promising artists we’ve heard this year. Get his hazy cinematic sound on your radar.

Cigar in the Snow is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ask Why: Hesta Banks kindly reminds us to be careful of what we read with quality debut single ‘Follow The News’

Featuring a stunning tone that will have your body calm and your back shivering in delight, Hesta Banks shows us the wild playground that can swing you around to make you so dizzy on ‘Follow The News‘.

Hesta Banks is a vibrant pop neo-soul musician who has so much jazz-filled authenticity entrenched into her lungs, that makes you feel alive with a smile, as you listen to a true sensational artist in her element.

From living in Northern England, via Auckland and Seattle, this is a truly world traveler who uses all that experience to make her classy and cultured sound alive, with so much to love.

Her honey-tipped voice is so fresh and full of fun, you feel her smile in the song as she is so self-aware and gets that there is so much fake energy floating around, that you need to be so careful with what you consume.

The beat is so lovely and captures this moment just right, with a supremely satisfying jazz fusion that has you nodding your head in approval.

Follow The News‘ from the excellent Hesta Banks, tells us the true story that should shake your consciousness back to life. Social media and the internet has brainwashed so many of us — so trusting your sources and not falling into the muddy fake news swamp — is vitally important to keep your mind fresh with goodness and truthfully real information.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dvme The Artist is gonna make us ‘Pack’

Soft, gentle rhyming vocal flow mixes with killer beats and funky guitar parts to tell a story of a breaking relationship and that feeling of ‘should I stay or should I leave’ that surely we’ve all felt from time to time; that’s what Dvme (pronounced ‘Dame’) brings us on new single ‘Pack’, a mellow, laid-back slice of Hip Hop-tinged-R&B (or R&B-tinged-Hip Hop).

It’s chilled, it’s got some bounce, the guitar and sampled female spoken-voice parts add interest, and the poetic lyrics have got some serious groove and flow. It’s a strong, solid track, and it bodes well for Dvme’s new EP, due later this year.

You can hear ‘Pack’ on YouTube. Follow Dvme on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

Dara Blaxx drops the stunning lead single from her new EP, with ‘Before I Leave’

Dara Blaxx is a 25 year old British Nigerian singer-songwriter who discovered her voice at the tender age of sixteen; and wow, what a voice. Soulful, sultry, and powerfully seductive, Dara has all the smoky, late-night elements of soul, Motown, blues, and jazz rolled up into one beautiful vocal performance. There’s elements of Sade, Joss Stone, and Dina Carroll in the timbre of her lower register, for sure, but also older classics like Etta James, Betty Wright, and Brenda Holloway.

‘Before I Leave’ is a beautifully performed tale of love and loss, and the indecision around staying or leaving; deep trap-soul beats and groove, a real R&B feel, added to the emotional vocal, make ‘Before I Leave’ – from Blaxx’s debut 6-track EP ‘Arrythmia’ – an absolute powerhouse soul track. Already hitting playlists on BBC Music Introducing in the West Midlands and in the Solent, this deserves to be all over daytime radio this summer. It’s beautiful.

You can hear ‘Before I Leave’, and the rest of the “Arrhythmia” EP, on Soundcloud. Follow Dara Blaxx on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes.