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Music is life: LA based Kendre Streeter flourishes with the R&B/Soul single ‘U Stay on My Mind’

Kendre Streeter sings with so much love and understanding on the fantastic new release that will have you lighting those candles with your lover close by on ‘U Stay on My Mind‘.

The focused singer-songwriter and producer from Clarksville, Tennessee, Kendre Streeter is a humble man who sings with such grace and imagination on his latest soulful single. He has ability to lift the mood and he mixes so many genres into one style, that he makes your heart beat extra fast.

When you believe in the power of positivity, great things are destined to happen if you put in the hard work and do what you love. This is a singer who was brought up in the local church and you can hear how his faith guides him, and he wants to be the best possible man he can be.

U Stay on My Mind‘ by Kendre Streeter is a song that vibrates into your heart from beginning to end. His voice is so clear and transfixes all that hears him. This story about loving someone so much makes your mind float above the clouds and you wonder if you will ever find your soulmate, if you haven’t already. If you have, then you will dance with your partner and hope that the night never ends.

Time is short so filling your heart with real love is the only was to be really happy where it counts. Pure imagination and happy energy always wins.

Stream this exciting new single on Spotify and see his social life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Levina Lye is here with a real song all about using your ‘Intuition’

Levina Lye is here with a real song all about using your ‘Intuition‘ and never losing this basic instinct to survive this crazy world of love.

Written & produced by Levina herself, this is a soulful song that has beautiful R&B vibrations, with a whole bunch of sassy soul to get those ears wide awake.

You love this person so much but something is telling you to be careful. You are listening to your head but your heart is taking you to a different place. With so much love to give, you want this so bad but don’t know what to do now. You know you should be careful as you don’t fully know their intentions yet.

With a voice of a kind angel, I love how Levina is so calm with her delivery. This is not about trying to sing crazy high notes, she keeps it so soulfully pure here. This quality singer is trying to see through the lies and sings with such passion. This is an intelligent woman with an intricate style that fills the air with beauty. She has been through a lot and her music is so inspiring.

Intuition‘ from Levina Lye is a sterling effort and the topic raises interesting points about players and people hiding what is really going on. Always follow your heart but let your head and intuition lead you through the smoke and mirrors.

Head through to hear this on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Diquan Julius shines so bright on ‘LaLa Land’

The soulful singer Diquan Julius brings us a melody and groove that is bound to make babies on ‘LaLa Land‘.

Diquan Julius is a DC-based soul-singer-songwriter who sings with such energy and love. With a love for all types of music, Diquan has ventured in both the R&B and Gospel industry where he became a billboard charting artist with his group UTK. No, he is fully solo and ready for more.

At the age of 3, Diquan started singing in every one of his church’s choirs except the senior choir but always felt that his mother forced him to sing on Sundays. Eventually, he became a lover of music as well as gained confidence in his voice
which has landed him great opportunities such as performing the National Anthem at the Washington Wizards basketball game and singing background for the legendary Eric Benet. Thank you for Mom for giving him the motivation needed to burst on the scene.

My only wish is that this song could of been a big longer. Perhaps that is the point? This DC singer shines like a bright sky after a huge rainstorm. Diquan Julius speaks of love on ‘LaLa Land‘. He washes our souls with a top performance here that is all about that feeling you get inside sometimes. That love feel that no one else can feel for you. This is a talented musician that is building up his name after each release.

Click here to hear this brand new song on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Brooklyn singer-songwriter Annalise Azadian strides on with her gorgeous voice on ‘Good Girls Gone Wild (MIA)’

Annalise Azadian is a Brooklyn, USA singer-songwriter with a jazzy-soul style that impresses highly on ‘Good Girls Gone Wild (MIA)’.

New York City-based singer and songwriter Annalise Azadian is a self-taught guitarist who sings with a tone that is so stunning to listen to. Her raspy voice that makes your heart beat twice. “It’s the only thing I’m meant to be doing,” says the now 18 years old Annalise.

By age 14 she was winning accolades at the famed Apollo Theater in Harlem, performing on American Idol, studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, she is now on a mission to get her name and music out there to the whole world.

Good Girls Gone Wild (MIA)’ from Annalise Azadian is 1 minute 17 seconds of pure bliss. I’m smiling as I write as this is an artist with real soul. She is speaking about life as a good girl and the temptations out there. I hope that Annalise reaches her dreams and I can watch her live one day. She is a real special talent.

Head to Soundcloud for more from this fab artist.

Click here to Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Precious Onungwe shines so bright on meaningful video for ”You Matter”

Canada is a beautiful country and it has provided the world with such a pure song thanks to Precious Onungwe. This fantastic neo-soul artist has just dropped the visuals for his brand new song called ”You Matter”. This song matters as it has put a positive spin on what has been a torturous year to put it mildly. The young singer shines here and his pure voice and wonderful message shines very bright in 2020.

You Matter” from self-aware Precious Onungwe celebrates all of our uniqueness and our collective individualism as humans. He speaks on issues such as hatred and jealousy which can lead to bigger societal problems: mass shootings, spread of demeaning words, killings, and abuse of power. With self love, self worth and self awareness, we can see others from the same lens we use for ourselves. You Matter As Much As I Do is the mantra here. With this mirror, there’s no need to tear anyone down to feel bigger or elevated. We are all in this together, and we can make it a paradise here because you matter. I love what this fine artist and poet is all about.

With a soul so bright like this, can you see why this is such a vital message? Precious Onungwe’sYou Matter” is probably one of the most important messages of the year. This is a singer who uses his platform to make a difference. Let’s turn this up, share and embrace this peaceful voice during these war-ravaged times.

Stream this brand new song with so much meaning on his YouTube music channel.

Check out this fine young artist with real soul here on his Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jaz & Fetty roll through with R&B love story in ”Bestie/They Know”

Released through Bowtie King Productions, this is the story of how things can change quickly in one year of meeting someone special. You have to work so hard to keep the spark lit up high. Time can change everything and this is a message that things can work and they are so blessed to have that special one right besides them. Other friends might not understand but they don’t care. If it’s right then its alright in their eyes. Real friends will understand.

Jaz & Fetty are two R&B singers from the US and they make a strong team. These two youngsters show promise with ”Bestie/They Know”. These two have good voices and will surely make a big dent in the New Haven music scene. They show such maturity with their tone and with more experience they have a huge future.

These two R&B singers are only 19 so it will be fun to see how they develop and if they can get that big breakout hit to land them on the major labels radar.

Head through to YouTube so see this video and more releases. Jaz & Fetty are two names to watch in the R&B music world.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

”Cooped Up” is conscious Theodis Soul single with meaning

When you stop trusting what you hear or read on TV- you can feel let down and robbed. You begin to doubt everything you have been taught and that sinking feeling in your stomach make its appearance. Theodis Soul expresses his disgust in a stylish manner with one of the most important Hip Hop tracks of 2020.

Usually quite chilled in his approached, this is a new and much-needed direction change for this artist with a bright future.

Theodis Soul takes on a political journey with a few ups and many downs. A relevant look into the mind of a conscious Hip Hop artist that truly gets it. After being cooped up for so long with little leadership in his country- things have exploded and he can’t hide his face anymore. Reality has hit. Soul’s skills are of a high level and he flows through the track like a old pro. ”Cooped Up” is a self-aware song and he is looking after his soul and is tired of being behind the same four walls. This is a great Hip Hop track full of funky beats and clever lyrics. Blending the new school and old school in one song is a tough feat that he has managed.

Stream more from this brilliant emcee with a real story to tell on his Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ivy Roots – Hypothetical: Stripped Back Soul

Hypothetical is the latest single from Indie Soul singer songwriter Ivy roots. Following the success of her first album, she’s back with a vibrantly awakening new sound, in which she opens her subtle soul, to create a natural indie acoustic rendition that will quite frankly take your breath away. Her Single is stripped back to the necessities, just to provide an ample platform to support her stripped back voice and create a truly empyreal sound.

Ivy Roots isn’t your average singer song writer from the Midwest, her imagination allows her to transcend the genre and allows her to create a fresh new scene, paving the pathway for all other soul acoustic artists to follow. Her sound is an offering of tranquillity to the listener, similar to the sounds put out by India Arie & Lauryn Hill.

Ivy Roots has an admirable passion and determination to recreate herself through her sound by using her frankly stunning vocal ability alongside with her inherent feel for rhythm behind the music.

Check out the official video to Ivy Roots’ soulful single on YouTube using the link below:

Her music is also available to listen to via Spotify & iTunes: