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Maharmony – The Maughon Siblings sing with such meaning on ‘Same Sky’

Maharmony – The Maughon Siblings sing with such passion on ‘Same Sky‘ and this is a terrific music video that will warm your heart. This is a Country ballad written by the bands father and this is music to all ears.

This family band have been singing since they were barely walking. Born into a musically gifted family, these are youngsters who love to sing and make great music. After being on the Nickelodeon show, Americas Most Musical Family, things are heating up professionally for the young group.

You look up and can feel their presence, they are far way but you can feel them around you. The love you have is so real and this will never ever change, no matter what. This is that rare love that others might not be able to understand but you do.

Same Sky‘ is the most family-friendly song of the year despite its sad undertones. This is a piano-filled, star gazing effort from the fantastic Maharmony – The Maughon Siblings. They bring joy to a tough year and this is music to hug with, talk about and turn up loud to be played again and again.

Click here for the YouTube link.

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Zayd brings us an excellent and meaningful song about mental health on ‘Nevertheless’

Zayd sings with such purpose on his new meaningful song about mental health on ‘Nevertheless‘.

Nevertheless‘ is based on a true personal story about his continuous battle with suicidal thoughts and mental health. Zayd wants to tell his story to raise awareness and ask everyone to reach out to their family and friends to help them before it’s too late. For the video, Zayd collaborated with filmmaker/photographer Sean He, who is also his best friend. This is a terrific partnership and you can tell they know each other well.

The song is based on an actual dream that Zayd had. In that dream he saw himself dead and walking around as a spirit. When walking around as a spirit, he realized that he was afraid to lose what he had loved and built and cared for in his life. He also realized how taking his own life would impact everybody connected to him and how some of them might end up choosing the
same path as well. When he woke up and realized all it was a dream he also realized that it was time to talk with someone, to get professional help so that this wouldn’t happen. And that’s the message this artist strongly wants to convey to listener. He says ” It’s difficult to talk, it’s difficult to open up, but trust your loved ones and open up before it’s too late.”

What an inspirational message and the video is perfect. I like how this was shot by his best friend who knows him the best. This way, he was able to perfectly capture his friend the way he knows him.

‘Nevertheless‘ is one of the most striking indie songs of the year. This is a difficult topic and perhaps you are feeling sad today while reading, Please speak up to people you trust as they will and can help.

Zayd shows us his thoughts here and he is very brave to do so. Thank goodness he got help and surely this song will help so many people.

Click here for the YouTube page.

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Exodus Burns And The Burning Vocalist dazzles with wizardly vocals on ‘I Met A Women At The Well’

Exodus Burns And The Burning Vocalist dazzles on his new single with wizardly vocals on ‘I Met A Women At The Well‘.

Born in Nassau in the Bahamas, Exodus is a world traveler and educator. He is the founder of the new wave music Junkaa Bubb which is a mixture of Bahamas Junkanoo music and Reggae Dubb music. Though Junkaa Dubb music is known throughout the Caribbean Island. His gene of music was first introduced in Tokyo Japan which shows the worldwide impact of his music.

Exodus Burns‘ new albums ‘End Of God’s On Earth‘ and ‘Gospel By Dark‘ has been released this year which shows that this is an artist who is serious about getting his music out there.

I Met A Women At The Well‘ is the new, mysterious song from Exodus Burns And The Burning Vocalist as he tells the story of meeting his dream woman.

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Swedish singer Linda Englund sees through the lies on excellent debut single ‘Ashamed’

Sultry singer-songwriter Linda Englund has just launched her first single ‘Ashamed‘.

Linda is based in Stockholm in Sweden and has been singing since she was a youngster and remembers fondly her musical classes and learning the ins and outs of the music game. Her inspirations are Christina Aguilera and Shania Twain just to name a few.

This is all about working out your crush and knowing that they will never change. They might say that they will but deep down, you just know that they won’t. You are wise enough now to see through the smoke and mirrors, your eyes are sharp and the brain is working overtime. You just know how this is going to end but you want to stay on the ride until it comes to an end.

Linda Englund from Sweden sings with such class here and is on a mission to succeed. ‘Ashamed‘ is a great start for this young singer and more music is expected soon from this huge talent. Her voice is so pure and beautiful.

Here is the music link here on Soundcloud.

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Taylor Paul looks for inspiration to heal up on ’25’

Taylor Paul sings with such sadness and worry on his new single called ‘25‘.

New Mexico singer-songwriter Taylor Paul had a tough 2019 and this year has been even worse due to the pandemic. With a broken heart and a tired voice, he sings for inspiration here. This video is so simple and gets the message across without any games.

You feel like things can’t get worse, the last year and a bit has been horrible. You know you need to stay positive but are disconnected from the world and feel out of place. You need to inspiration to make it through as you know your fans rely on your music.

Taylor Paul might be sad right now but the music is straight to the soul. ‘25‘ is a great song from this talented singer who is bound to find his mojo again soon.

Head here for the YouTube page.

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‘Leave Me Alone’ from Karlie Cupani is a story of single life

Leave Me Alone‘ from Karlie Cupani is the latest new track from this fine musician.

Karlie is a young singer-songwriter, Operations and Artist Manager. At the age of 23, Karlie is taking on every role possible in the Music Industry right now. At a very young age, Karlie was inspired by artists such as Rihanna, JoJo, Beyonce, Ricky Martin, and more. She is thinking long-term and getting to know the complex music world is a smart move in my book.

Determined to not only make it as an independent Music Artist, Karlie also has an extreme drive for being directly involved in the Music Industry by handling Artist Management and Operations, social media marketing, artist shows, running events, coordinating, collaborations with artists and writing her own music. When you put the effort in and have the passion, good things happen. This is an inspiring woman who is putting everything she has into her chosen career.

Karlie Cupani sings with such beauty on ‘Leave Me Alone‘ and this is a fantastic effort. She tells us the story of wanting to be alone right now relationship-wise. This is an artist on a mission and doesn’t have time for fake vibes and is focusing on her career. With an attitude like this, we will see this star shine bright in the music world.

Head through to the Spotify page.

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New Miami band Veta Ceti stomp in with debut track ‘Tell Me’

Young South Florida rock band Veta Ceti are here with the brand new debut track ‘Tell Me‘.

Founded in April of 2019 by its four members Felipe Lopez (guitar and vocals), Sebastian Lannes (lead guitar), Christopher Kingsbury (bass guitar) and Heney Leyva (drums) with influences ranging from Rock, Pop and some of the biggest alternative bands of recent times.

Veta Ceti offers a breath of fresh air to the established sound of Rock music with unique melodies, introspective lyrics and a huge sound like that of Foo Fighters, Paramore, Catfish and more. I love how they let it rip and spray out some waterfall dancing new music to get us excited.

Tell Me‘ from Veta Ceti is a rocking song that makes you jump around like you are at a party with your mates. The energy is tremendous here and this young band are a pleasure to listen to.  This is what 2020 needed.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Here is the Insta page for more.

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Zak Lyon speaks about a destructive relationship on indie-folk ‘Nothing Changes’

Nothing Changes’ from Zak Lyon is a sad indie-folk song about how relationships can get out of hand sometimes.

Zak Lyon from Glasgow is back and this is quite an interesting story. This is the story about how things can get physical even though you don’t want things to. You blame yourself in the end and things will never ever be the same again. The relationship will be scarred forever sadly.

Nothing Changes’ from Zak Lyon strums through with his passionate vocals and a guitar style that is very unique. The Glasgow singer-songwriter is a quality singer and speaks on a subject that is often taboo. He sings with such power and you can feel the pain in his voice. This is a soulful song that is very sad and I feel rather down after hearing this. Sometimes things never change and it’s up to us to deal with it and make changes where we can. In the end we are in control.

Stream this fab indie folk song here on Soundcloud.

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Atari Pilot is back with the rock anthem ‘Wrong Captain’

Swindon’s indie pop band Atari Pilot are here with the new single that flows in called ‘Wrong Captain’.

After conquering cancer, this is an artist who knows what it is like to be down underwater. Now back in the music game, Atari Pilot fly through the storms on this fine new single.

“After coming through a battle with cancer I’ve never been more excited and grateful to be able to play and create music. it really feels like my best days are ahead. I had such amazing support during my illness from so many people it was really humbling. I feel like I’m on a mission To spread a positive energy and message to as many people as I can.”

Wrong Captain’ is about making sure that you go with the right captain in the world. If you choose the wrong one then you could be in trouble and sink far under the seas. Atari Pilot swirl in with a fab song that is sure to inspire the world.

Stream here on Spotify for more.

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Blow Pop effortlessly stroll in with the brilliant indie-pop ‘Nobody’

Set for release on the 16th August, this is Blow Pop’s time to shine as they return with the brilliant indie-pop laced present ‘Nobody‘.

This is all about feeling that you are nobody in this big world of ours. A reflective story of being able to leave a situation quickly if need be. You have a low opinion of yourself and also blame yourself easily for things you really shouldn’t.

Blow Pop have such a stylishly sharp way about them from the ear blessing vocals and fine production. There is indie, pop, dance and disco all fused together like a delicious wrap of lip tingling goodness here. I love everything about this glorious piece of articulate art on this new track.

Nobody‘ from Blow Pop is a lovely indie-pop peach that gives you a pure feeling inside. An 80’s inspired song that is a self-reflection that lots of us feel like even though we shouldn’t. We are all special and somebody.

Stream this fab track here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen