Play The Fool: Robert John Hanson knows that its hard to breathe sometimes in that Crowded Room

After stirring up our senses with a quality performance on Blue Cocktail, Robert John Hanson takes that one-more-dance with someone who will hopefully not leave any mental scars on Crowded Room.

Robert John Hanson is a hugely experienced Liverpool, UK-born, Rhode Island, USA-based indie blues singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer.

Hanson has lived in L.A. and New York where he played with Spinal Reflex and Grandma Tootle.” ~ Robert John Hanson describing his career so far

Filling our beating hearts with a reminder of what can be if you take a chance sometimes, Robert John Hanson returns with a top single, which will encourage many to speak up when a connection is felt inside that stuffy room. Packed with terrific vocals and his storytelling brilliance that will have you sensing you are listening to an underground legend who deserves more love.

Crowded Room from Liverpool, UK-born, Rhode Island, USA-based indie blues singer-songwriter Robert John Hanson is a late night single for anyone who needs to believe that there is actually a chance. With true love seemingly hard to find, this is a dreamy single that will get you knocking on the door of your heart again, to see if there is anything romantic left in your soul after so many disappointments.

Sung with his signature deep tone that will make many swoon in delight, showing us that classic music still has a place for those who desire something with actual substance.

Hear this fine release on Spotify and see more on his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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