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Oya Paya – Put My Record On (Official Music Video) & EP Release

A kaleidoscopic release from an unpredictable act that will keep you on your toes.

Oya Paya is a band with a truly spontaneous and eclectic approach to their productions. Their music could be considered avant-garde, but their work lacks the pretentiousness and self-indulgence that is often associated with that particular artistic current. In other words, Oya Paya does not create challenging music for the sake of it, but to follow a genuine need to say something in a different way.

Their recent release is titled “Put My Record On”, and it is a great way to showcase how their sound can be smart, yet accessible.

The song is featured within the band’s remarkable debut EP (essentially self-titled, yet stylized with some fascinating fonts) which you can listen to by clicking this link. This particular project is more than an EP in its traditional sense, as each song has a vibe of its own, with an accompanying music video to offer a visual backbone to each tune.

“Put My Record On” is not actually a single, but rather a mix of tracks taken from the EP, combined with a few unreleased numbers and other exciting projects. The project’s broad creative scope is also reflected in the very nature of the band. The 3 masterminds behind Oya Paya come from different countries and bring different creative background to the table. In spite of the band’s drummer being currently stuck in Singapore (his homeland) due to immigration issues, the group is still eager to make more music, while fighting to get him back to the UK.



ETCHES: Strumming Their Way To The Top

The days of storytelling may be a lost art, lyricism, and genuine songwriting may be all but extinct these days; and while we sit and scratch our heads over today’s music we have to ponder of what or who exactly is up next? Enter Etches’ and their single “Human Façade,” a strumatic instrumental with very little instrumentation but a very strong bassline. A pivotal story of sexual exploitation and the effects of being viscerally reactive versus proactive.

It’s a good track, actually it’s a great track with a somewhat skeletal bass that slowly rises to a climatic progression. The lead singer is impassioned and embodies a sound of true artistry; couple that with the musical score they have managed to create – and this may be one of the best culminations of simplistic sounds and musical elements I’ve heard in a long time. Their sound is progressive rock, psychedelic harmonies, and electro/pop bass lines and to be honest they remind me of a modern day, Tears for Fears. Their sound is infectious and can’t wait to hear more of the musical ear-gasm that for now we know as Etches.

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Smart Moves And Pretty Words

Anyone who begins in Damien Rice’s minimalistic territory, slowly shifts up a gear into psych driven, cosmic Americana and finds room for blistering alt-rock guitar work outs, all in the space of three and a half minutes is someone that you really need to keep on your “ones to watch” list. Eli Smart’s Pretty Words, No More Words is a song built on simple lines and hypnotic and repetitive phrases, but it is the continuous layering up, texturising and dynamic growth of the song that is the real joy here.

By twists and turns it offers something new at every step, you can feel the weight of the song gradually growing but doing so organically, a gentle blossoming rather than being forced anywhere against its will. There is something wonderfully detached and remarkably loose about the sound Eli Smart creates here but it is also flooded with acid tinged psychedelic waves washing in from the darker underbelly of California’s lost hippy dream. Very smart indeed!


Icelandic Pop Act Cloud Factories Release “Walking In Circles”

And Icelandic pop act based in Liverpool and revelling in ambient psychedelia and soulful, chilled R&B. As back stories go that is a pretty intriguing one and consequently the music that they make is also an enticing property. Walking in Circles just drips with old school integrity, harking back to a time when Philly Soul turned on to acid and began an all together different musical trip but it is also the sound of Prince’s more balladic moments and sits easily beside current artists such as Corinne Bailey Rae.

The music is at once weightless and captivating, seeming to exist in a slightly less tangible place but still having more than enough substance to beguile and intoxicate the listener. It is heartfelt and dripping with longing and emotion yet, in keeping with its old-school integrity, never lowers itself to play the obvious cards or go for the quick pay off. Whereas many artists today are happy to plunder the past, the 60’s in particular to build a new take on the eras defining sounds, Walking In Circles feels like the decade never actually ended.


A&R Factory Present: CAVEPARTY

Charging in like a thunder storm, brand new youthful alternative rock band CAVEPARTY  revives rock and roll culture with their first single release ‘No Lies’. The band originating from Liverpool sets to introduce a persona from the North, which is utterly shown in the way the bands blissful-grunge attitude compliments a rousing characteristic in the music.  From one division, there are similarities of Arctic Monkeys and Royal Blood, and whilst there are elements of Pink Floyd and Tame Impala, CAVEPARTY engages with a sound of a sanguine rock-punk, which is what  music of 2017 lacks, and what the underrated band delivers.

The bands dominance is asserted from the get go, with a thunderous punk entrance from the lead guitarist. The vocalist merges effectively with the ongoing flawless melody, resembling a 90s rock feel. The band described ‘No Lies’ as a song “being about frustration of being lied by someone who doesn’t know the whole truth”, and this interlinks with the build up of the guitarists’ steady beat to a big blow out with a thumping, rebellious guitar solo. CAVEPARTY  embrace a mutinous perception which is connected between the lyrics and the euphonious melody.

After a short hiatus, CAVEPARTY  makes a come back into the live music scene which is sharper than ever. Moving away from new age indie-rock, CAVEPARTY plays into a smart idealisation of old school punk-rock, where the true musical masterminds were formed. Cave Party offer a considerable amount of liberation to their fans, introducing a rare contemporary sound into rock and roll culture.

Words By Aly Mchugh


A&R Factory Present: Natasha-Leigh Smith

Natasha-Leigh Smith is a young British singer/ songwriter. Born near Manchester and currently living in Liverpool.

Her genre is dark pop and all her songs are based on her own life experiences or that of close friends. She has just released her first teaser video “Omen” which has already received over 8000 plays on YouTube. The track was produced by Luke Marley & Mark Winterburn (Plan B, Nine Black Alps)

Natasha is putting the final touches to her new EP which will be released in February.