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Liverpool’s Tom Swan rips in with emotional indie-rock single ”Apart”

Sometimes we are just too far apart and nothing can be done to change it. Circumstances have brought you and your loved one to this stage and it hurts so much. One moment you are looking at the stars together and next you are texting but it’s not the same.

The Silver Lining EP was released on Friday 5th June 2020 and this is the 2nd single to be brought out via Field Green Records.

Liverpool native Tom Swan dives into the music game with a delicate song of emotional proportions. He is so sad about what happened with his lover and brings us into his story with perfect precision. He misses them so much but knows he can do nothing about it. ”Apart” is a really good debut from the UK singer-songwriter  who will now go from strength to strength. He has a strong voice and the guitar riff on here at the end is truly fantastic. Tom Swan is a new name to watch and we hope to hear more from this talented singer as he surely plays all over the UK. New fans await.

Stream this song and the whole EP right here on his Soundcloud channel.

Follow Tom on his Instagram page to get news on when he is playing live and more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Warrington’s Kaleiders pay homage to their roots with ”Subway Station”

With an energy-filled style that keeps you thoroughly hooked throughout, Garage Rockers Kaleiders are proud of their new release and it shows. I love everything about ”Subway Station”. The track is stacked with heart and includes a catchy melody that is guaranteed to have you singing along joyously, all through the track.

After gigs in Manchester, Liverpool and London, I feel like this act are making their name known in the UK and the music just seems to improve after each release. With their debut album set for later on in 2020, these are exciting times for the 3 piece.

Kaleiders take us on a journey in the local subway station, falling asleep on trains and wishing that she was still around with regret tingled lyrics of lost love. The band are punk inspired and have garage rock influences that keep you listening intently. ”Subway Station” is a fantastic single that has been delivered via the train speakers at exactly the right time and the results are spectacular. This is a band that deserve more respect and will surely be rocking out live as soon as venues open up in the UK. The crowds await.

Stream this fantastic single and more on their SoundCloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Liverpool Popstar Sam George gets the dancefloors ready with sweaty with sexy ‘’Think About You’’

‘Sam George’ is a well established solo artist who is surely going to blow up in 2021. With a seductive voice and dance-laden music that just wants to be enjoyed. Based in the heart of the music capital, Liverpool in England, surely this is Sam’s moment to break out. The follow up to 2019’s popular ‘’Over the Sunrise’’, this is a solo artist with all the right moves.

Adding Indian flutes and with fellow Liverpool based producer Kova (Reece Cairns) on his team, this is a powerful combo that is working. This is fresh and shaven Pop with sexy lyrics. A true dance floor slider, the clubs will be full of Sam’s music when this lockdown finally passes and we can all enjoy being free again. 

‘Sam George’s face is going to be plastered all over billboards very soon and we should take note. He is part of a new wave of artists with a positive message and for that, we need to raise a glass and get involved. If Justin Timberlake ever needs an opening act while in the UK, he should call up Sam and make it happen.

Listen to proud Liverpool native Sam George here on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Chris Howard releases Fool For You – a multi-featured soul pop effort

A multi-featured soul pop effort is what best defines Chris Howard’s new track Fool For You.

From the song’s structure to arrangement and piano patterns, Fool For You sets a milestone for soul music and captivates through Howard’s immensely powerful voice.

A dedication to a loved one for whom he’s ready to be a fool for despite the “long road of hardship, of pain and tears”, the song speaks to those who in relationships are willing to step forward when things go wrong, through all obstacles. Throughout the song you can actually feel a passionate torment in his vocals (an incredible interpretation) but still appreciate that forward-looking, unflinchingly positive, soulful vibe.

Perfectly matching what I always look for in R&B and Soul music, the downtempo helps dramatize the story and musically enhances this emotional Slow-jam.

Trust me on this one, you won’t be fooled if you check out Fool For You on Soundcloud.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Samwell James – Yeah No Absolutely: Sad Boy Music On Lock!

Samwell says on his Spotify account that he writes sad boy music, but his latest release ‘Yeah No Absolutely’ has a strangely happy-go-lucky vibe that is endearing. The twinkling piano hook is romantic and whimsical. The background vocals are otherworldly, and his vocals remind you of the boy next door who doesn’t realise he looks like a Calvin Klein model!

Far from feeling sad, ‘Yeah No Absolutely’ is a day-dreamy story of loves twists and turns told from a young mans perspective. The beat is young and fresh, and only adds to the lyric, creating an ethereal framework for a curiously happy profusion of young love, loss, pursuit, and reverie. Samwell James is one to watch out for. While everyone else seems to be brushing off and resuscitating old hip-hop ideas, he is generating new ones and forging a delightful new path for himself. This really is a fully formed young artist with vocal, beat-making, and instrumental skills to die for.

Don’t take our word for it! Have a listen for yourself here on Spotify and tell us what you think in the comments below. Enjoy.

Review by Susan Harriott



Premiere: James W Howard is set to make their debut with their cabaret-inspired Rock Pop single “Twirling The Rosé”

By drawing from everything from Musical Theatre to Classic Rock to Pop, James W Howard has created an eccentrically uplifting track with his debut single Twirling The Rosé.

Queen fans will definitely be enamoured by the theatrical soundscape which is led by infectiously melodic honky-tonk piano and infused with nuances of Psych Pop and Rock. Adding even more jaunty appeal to the single are James W Howard’s vocals which stand as a testament to his talent as a natural performer.

It’s safe to say that I haven’t heard any new artist offering the same kind of contagiously euphoric exuberance as what you’ll find when you hit play on Twirling The Rosé.

You’ll have to wait a little longer before you can check out James W Howard’s indulgently upbeat sound for yourselves. In the meantime, you can head over to Facebook, Soundcloud and Instagram and keep up to date with news of future releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Paul Iwan releases Returning (both singles): Alternative Rock at it’s finest

Paul Iwan has released his latest two singles ‘Returning (Red Version) and Returning (Blue Version)’ giving you nothing but pure Alternative Rock, it’s pretty magical.

If you’re a fan of bands like 30 Seconds to Mars then this is one you must delve into. Having them same powerful raspy vocals and not to mention the heavy instrumentation and the manic breakdowns that take place throughout.

Bringing in the thunderous riffs on the electric guitar and the powerful drum beats. Having that rather eerie sound as the vocals begin to echo and the instrumentation begins to lower as the atmosphere begins to get less suspenseful, the vocals go a lot more mellow as the tracks come to an end.

Paul has created two incredible alternative rock hits, both the same but in sung in such diverse sounds, one is more stripped back and the other has a lot of added in effects and overpowering instrumentals.

Check out Paul Iwan’s latest tracks by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Karley Myall


Ben Burke releases latest single The Winds Of Change: Spreading positivity through the powerful creations of music and sound

Ben Burke released his latest track ‘’The Winds Of Change’’. A song that sheds a positive vision of hope for the world and humanity.

A mixture of Rock, Soul Music and Pop Music, sharing similarities to artist like James Bay, he has this soft calming voice and through every lyric there’s this roar emotion that cuts through it, trying to let his listeners hear what he has to say through suspenseful high-pitch vocals.

The instrumentals consist of acoustic riffs, clashes of the drums and the fast pace overpowering sound of the piano. Towards the end everything gets that little bit heavier and quicker as the vocals begin to pick up there pace and this overwhelming feeling of suspense, it just shows how much a change in the overall sound can engage a listener a lot more and makes the track a lot more intriguing to listen too.

Ben Burke has shined a light on the importance of living life to the full and how important it is to look out for one another, spreading positivity and happiness throughout this amazing piece of music, with a voice you just have to love. It’ll be exciting to see what Ben has planned for the rest of his endeavours within the music world.

Check out Ben Burke’s The Wind Of Change by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall


Oya Paya – Put My Record On (Official Music Video) & EP Release

A kaleidoscopic release from an unpredictable act that will keep you on your toes.

Oya Paya is a band with a truly spontaneous and eclectic approach to their productions. Their music could be considered avant-garde, but their work lacks the pretentiousness and self-indulgence that is often associated with that particular artistic current. In other words, Oya Paya does not create challenging music for the sake of it, but to follow a genuine need to say something in a different way.

Their recent release is titled “Put My Record On”, and it is a great way to showcase how their sound can be smart, yet accessible.

The song is featured within the band’s remarkable debut EP (essentially self-titled, yet stylized with some fascinating fonts) which you can listen to by clicking this link. This particular project is more than an EP in its traditional sense, as each song has a vibe of its own, with an accompanying music video to offer a visual backbone to each tune.

“Put My Record On” is not actually a single, but rather a mix of tracks taken from the EP, combined with a few unreleased numbers and other exciting projects. The project’s broad creative scope is also reflected in the very nature of the band. The 3 masterminds behind Oya Paya come from different countries and bring different creative background to the table. In spite of the band’s drummer being currently stuck in Singapore (his homeland) due to immigration issues, the group is still eager to make more music, while fighting to get him back to the UK.



ETCHES: Strumming Their Way To The Top

The days of storytelling may be a lost art, lyricism, and genuine songwriting may be all but extinct these days; and while we sit and scratch our heads over today’s music we have to ponder of what or who exactly is up next? Enter Etches’ and their single “Human Façade,” a strumatic instrumental with very little instrumentation but a very strong bassline. A pivotal story of sexual exploitation and the effects of being viscerally reactive versus proactive.

It’s a good track, actually it’s a great track with a somewhat skeletal bass that slowly rises to a climatic progression. The lead singer is impassioned and embodies a sound of true artistry; couple that with the musical score they have managed to create – and this may be one of the best culminations of simplistic sounds and musical elements I’ve heard in a long time. Their sound is progressive rock, psychedelic harmonies, and electro/pop bass lines and to be honest they remind me of a modern day, Tears for Fears. Their sound is infectious and can’t wait to hear more of the musical ear-gasm that for now we know as Etches.

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