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New Jersey-born AD Robinson steams up the year with ‘Psychic’

New Jersey-born AD Robinson steams up the year with ‘Psychic‘, a quality R&B track that sizzles in your ears.

Taken off his latest album ‘Crowd Noise‘, ‘Psychic‘ is the freshly brewed track from the talented young singer-songwriter. The former track athlete who went to Rhode Island is skilled in many different areas, and it seems like now music is his major focus.

Currently a solo artist in his adopted home, he sings with a skill that was born inside his heart. When you learn 6 instruments, this is a human that has music in all of his veins. With an excellent vocal ability that is never too much, the lyrics are honest and this is a terrific listen.

AD Robinson is on top form on his love-torn, life happenings on the R&B track ‘Psychic‘. 2020. He is a new artist in the game but has a voice and mentality that will lead the way into becoming who he wants.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New England band Another One Down! rock our socks off with ‘Stuck In The Wake’ (Official Lyric Video)

Another One Down! rock in with the fantastic ‘Stuck In The Wake‘ (Official Lyric Video) and this is an impressive song and the video is playfully made with style.

Since their inception in 2014, Rhode Island based pop-punk band Another One Down! has continually proven themselves to be a driving force within the New England scene. Having two EPs under their belt, the band has played alongside notable acts such as Four Year Strong, Metro Station, Belmont, and opened the final Vans Warped Tour. With their debut full length set to be released later this year, AOD! plans to expand their pop-punk roots by leaning more into their alternative and emo influences.

This is a powerfully sung punk rock track that is perfect for those weekend days with friends. It fires you up and I love how in mesh the band are. This puts me in a good but reflective and mood and the whole band sync perfectly. New England band Another One Down! fly in on ‘Stuck In The Wake‘ and this is all about being stuck and looking out for others that are too. This is a rad song that shows how epic this band is.

Click here for the YouTube lyric video.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Fear Rua – good for the kids: Intelligent Electronic Ambient

good for the kids by Fear Rua

Dylan Murphy is a music teacher residing in Rhode Island. He is addressing his artistic concerns by creating music under the alias Fear Rua. Being the jack of all trades that he is -he appears to be a proficient player of the piano, guitar, bass, ukulele & trumpet (!!) my appetite was all stimulated for an intellectual listen. And that is precisely what he delivers with his composition “good for the kids”.

Ambient seems like a suitable tag for this experimental electronic synthesis. With a length of almost 8 minutes long, the song presents an admirable efficiency to have your attention locked under its jaws until the last second. And I can’t say that there are any dramatic transitions taking place, although some parts may bring to mind Aphex Twin. I find this tune rather smart, as it combines the ambient softness with frequent glitches, resulting in a musical landscape that I think it can bring joy even to listeners of the most mainstream music.

This is far from wallpaper music, there are things happening here, ambient electronic music fans do not let this slipped under your radar. Listen to it here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis