Rhode Island-based blues artist Robert John Hanson shows us inside that sad love with, ‘Blue Cocktail’

Sung with that introspective insight that shows you his true experience in a rugged world that can take your mind away from where you should be headed, Robert John Hanson reminds us of a moment that so many have felt before on a late night in town with, ‘Blue Cocktail‘.

Robert John Hanson is a Liverpool, UK-born, Rhode Island, USA-based indie blues singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer who is inspired by that classic rock sound.

Hanson has lived in L.A. and New York where he played with Spinal Reflex and Grandma Tootle.” ~ Robert John Hanson

On a reflective song that millions will certainly relate to as they order another drink to try and wash away the loneliness, Robert John Hanson is at his gritty best with a vocally impressive performance and lyrics that will dig deep in your heart.

He has played with and produced music for the Kelly Walsh Band, and most recently the prog-rock band, Coma Toast.” ~ Robert John Hanson

Blue Cocktail‘ from Liverpool, UK-born, Rhode Island-based indie blues artist Robert John Hanson is an honest single from a hugely experienced musician who has clearly lived a life that is packed with stories. He guides us into that bar where she is calling your name – and you wonder if you should reply or just walk away – with that probable regret you will feel if you didn’t find out if there was a real connection available. This is a single for all those who are still looking for romance, as being alone will always make your soul a bit colder.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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