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June Low – The Letter: Hauntingly Ethereal Country

Alt Country singer-songwriter June Low’s latest single “The Letter” was released on October 21st and comes highly recommended to any fans of Angel Olsen and Sharon Van Etten.

Just like the aforementioned artists, June Low’s haunting sound instantly draws you into the atmosphere of the single. As the momentum of the prelude and verses grows, you can feel the presence of the melancholy take a stronger hold. And that’s quite a rare alchemic feat.

With the single sitting on the more melodious and ambient side of Country, The Letter gives you all of the narrative and imagery of a typical Country track while the mesmerizingly delicate instrumental arrangement carves plenty of catharsis. With the extended length of The Letter, June Low had plenty of time to play with spatial effect to make sure the single resonates with maximum effect.

You can check out the official music video to June Low’s latest single The Letter via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Alt Rock Artist Marty Boff makes their debut with the album “Ballad of the Ninja Cowboy Vol 1”

Nick Cave fans are going to want to prick up their ears for the debut release from Alt Rock artist Marty Boff. Their first album “Ballad of the Ninja Cowboy Vol 1” aptly dropped on October 31st.

It’s probably no coincidence that it was released on Halloween given the ominously dark Tarantino-esque tonality of the album. It’s smoky, it’s gritty, and each track will submerge you in the swampy rhythms which are tinged subtle elements of Surf Rock, Indie, Post Punk and Alt Americana.

If you’re tired of the prolific humourlessness on the airwaves, the album will undoubtedly prove to be an aural treat worth savouring. The album is just one piece of the episodic puzzle titled “Skateboarding Rock Star Ninja Cowboy” which is currently in the works.

Loosen that stiff upper lip and enjoy the talent, wit, and imagination of Marty Boff which pulls together to offer the perfect soundtrack for escapism.

You can check out Marty Boff’s debut album for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Christian Valdez – Go on and Smile: Sticky Sweet Indie Acoustic Pop

Everyone knows that there’s nothing worse than being told to smile. But somehow, in a feat of aural wonder, singer-songwriter Christian Valdez has gotten away with it in their latest single “Go on and Smile” ft. Jonny Arenas.

The light and airy single packs in plenty of sentimentality. Before the lyrical demand to smile even comes you’ll feel your soul suitably lifted by this sticky sweet Indie Acoustic Pop hit. Christian Valdez uses a succinctly subtle infusion of Jazz Blues in Go on and Smile which introduced indulgent layers of Soul into the mix. There’s also a sure enough serving of quintessential sunny Folk charm to ensure that the blissful vibes offered by Go on and Smile don’t fail to resonate.

You can check out Christian Valdez’s latest single which was released on October 25th for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Mellifluous Alt Blues Rock Powerhouse Cowboy Diplomacy Are Back with Their Latest Single “Badman”

There was no forgetting Cowboy Diplomacy after they explosively burst onto our radars with their raucous Blues Rock single “The Get Down” this summer.

And we’re more than happy to see that they’ve poured more of their authentic Alt Southern Blues Rock sound onto the airwaves with “Badman”. There may be plenty of gritty, grimy imagery contained within the single, but the instrumental arrangement carves out a succinctly fluid soundscape.

The music industry suffers from a collective apathy when it comes to hitting play on new artists. Which is totally understandable, frequently, music asks for your attention and gives little in return. But that most definitely isn’t the case with Badman, through the perfectly polished layers of Blues you’ll be treated to a potent dose of cathartic aural escapism.

The Austin-based mellifluous powerhouse seems to be in the habit of creating smooth, jazzy, soulful tonalities through energetically rhythmic tracks, it’s going to be incredibly exciting to hear what comes next.

You can check out Cowboy Diplomacy’s latest single Badman for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


W.B. and The Geezers offers aural escapism with their Americana Country single “Dixie”

Americana Country Blues may not be commonly found in the top 40 in the UK. But Florida-based duo W.B. and The Geezers and their endearing aural escapism prove that the airwaves would be a lot sweeter if it contained more old school Rock n’ Roll riffs.

One of their recently released singles “Dixie” provides a sure enough serving of Bluesy archaic riffs, along with plenty of imagery which spills from the lyrics. W.B. and The Geezers set out to create beer-drinking music, and they definitely succeeded.

They may not mix up the Country Americana Honky Tonk sound all too much, but there’s absolutely no reason to. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. The naturally euphoric rhythms found in Country will always be an essential sound and Dixie is about as quintessential as it gets.

You can check out W.B. and The Geezers’ single Dixie for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Juniper – Here for the First Time: Soul-Steeped Indie

“Here for the First Time” is the smoothly mesmeric standout single from breaking Boston-based Indie artist Juniper. While many artists are busy assimilating what has come before them, Juniper set out to create their own signature sound. As a result, their stylistically soulful approach to Pop Rock contains a rarely found fluidity and personability.

Their unique blend of Funk, Pop, Blues, Rock, and Soul hasn’t failed to amass plenty of attention since the band saw their inception in 2017. And there’s little room to wonder why with the way they’ve pulled the abrasive swagger from Indie and replaced it with a Neo-Soul tonality which will give you very little option in sharing the sonorously sweet vibe.

With the velvety vocals, the mellifluous soft instrumental progressions, and the sheer authenticity in their sound, Here for the First Time is a track which will stay with you for long after it has faded out.

You can check out Here for the First Time for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Capitansam pays ode to the Manchester Music Scene with “Sweet Mancunia”

For their latest single, Accolade showered songwriter and Folk Rock artist Capitansam has written a celebration of the vibrant grass roots music scene in Manchester with “Sweet Mancunia”.

As a Mancunian myself, I knew Sweet Mancunia would be a soundscape I’d take great pleasure delving into. But I didn’t quite anticipate how succinctly the soulfully jazzy blues which ensued would resonate.

Sweet Mancunia is a far-cry from the likes of the Stone Roses, Oasis, Happy Mondays, and all of the other ballsy Britpop which we’re renowned for. But it served as yet another prime example of the talent which constantly springs up from our industriously endearing city.

As the lyrics took me to all of the best music venues and the home of live music; Oldham Street, I started to know how people in New Orleans feel.

You can check out Capitansam’s latest single Sweet Mancunia for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Rock n Roll Meets R&B Soul in Gracie Laboy’s Debut Single “Good Devil”

Up and coming R&B Soul artist Gracie Laboy has recently made their debut with the strikingly unmissable single “Good Devil”.

Right from the prelude, you’re hooked in this unique artist’s take on the genre. Good Devil reinvents R&B with a solid bluesy Jazz Rock instrumental arrangement which synergistically comes together to create the perfect platform for the powerfully sultry vocals. I don’t make Amy Winehouse comparisons lightly, but the vocals irrefutably share the same distinctive allure in Good Devil.

It’s going to be incredibly exciting to see where Gracie Laboy takes her resounding sound next after an incredibly promising debut which has given the evolution of Soul a brand-new trajectory.

You can check out the debut single Good Devil out for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Gibney Jeys Dobson & Mann – Henley’s After Party: Indulgently Smooth Blues Rock

After hearing the standout single “Henley’s After Party” from up and coming Rock artist Gibney Jeys Dobson & Mann’s debut album “Hint of Lemon”, I’m fairly certain that I won’t hear a more accordantly cathartic Rock single this year.

The single shares reminiscences with the more melodious offerings from artists such as Arctic Monkeys and the Black Keys. But Gibney Jeys Dobson & Mann weaved in plenty of tonally rich jazzy-warmth into the soundscape while simultaneously offering arrestive technical Blues guitar riffs which leave you with no degree of uncertainty over the talent contained by the irrefutably gifted musicians.

You can check out Henley’s After Party along with the rest of Gibney Jeys Dobson & Mann’s latest album for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Mayan Factor – Hope: Soul-Piercingly Candid Alt Rock

There’s something so exposing about the expression of Hope. It brings with it such a stark vulnerability, and that is exactly what you’ll find in the Alt-Rock artist Mayan Factor’s standout single “Hope”.

While the five-piece band has created a myriad of emotively-wounding, melodically arrestive, and tonally rich singles, Hope is undoubtedly the best introduction to their distinctively pensive nostalgic sound.

If you’re of a teary disposition, don’t be surprised if the floodgates open as you listen to Hope progress. The gentle warm guitar chords provide the perfect platform for the pensively captivating vocals which will hook you into the track from the very first verse. With plenty of subtle ebbs and flows of momentum, you’ll get plenty of reminders that your rhythmic pulses are well and truly at the command of the soundscape.

You can check out The Mayan Factor’s latest chill-inducingly raw single for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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