Peter Gural shows us into that sunny afternoon he can’t ever forget on ‘Best I’ve Ever Had’

After turning his life around from the depths of inner darkness that almost broke his mind and soul forever, Peter Gural wishes he could be much closer with his ideal lover on ‘Best I’ve Ever Had‘.

Peter Gural is a nature-loving Philadelphia, USA-born indie singer-songwriter who makes that soft indie pop/rock to warm our icy hearts back to that optimal temperature.

In my teens and early twenties, I lost myself due to substance abuse. After going to treatment and recovering, I realized that my main goal is to find that kid that I lost a long time ago. From then on my journey has been to help the lost find their way back home through my music.” ~ Peter Gural

With a gliding vocal style that shall take you to that kiss-filled place, Peter Gural has released a single that will have you beaming for joy as you recall a time with someone so special, you wish you could go back to that exact time and place.

I write guitar based pop music or as I like to call it “Soft Indie” inspired by a combination of classic rock and artists ranging from Elliot Smith to Mac Demarco.” ~ Peter Gural

Best I’ve Ever Had‘ from Philadelphia, USA-born indie singer-songwriter Peter Gural shows us that special memory of falling in love that is stuck in his mind forever. With smooth vocals, sweet lyrics and a touching story that so many of us will smile at, this is a reminder that life can be so simple. A loving melody is on offer as you daydream into a song that should be played loud all day long.

Missing that romantic partner can certainly bring you down, unless you choose to smartly remember the good times.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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