Rhyan Besco – At It Again: Hip Hop With an Urban Inclination

At It Again is the second release from up and coming Hip Hop artist Rhyan Besco. If there’s any summer-soaked sounds that belong on the radio-waves it’s definitely At It Again.

Rhyan Besco put together a decadent mix of high-vibe beats which are infused with elements of Hip Hop, Rap and EDM to create a mix as lyrically fresh as it is instrumentally resounding. Now, that’s a pretty rare feat for an Hip Hop track. Perhaps it had a little to do with Rhyan Besco’s dulcetly sweet R&B style vocals. Yet, he’s far from your average crooner, the amount of soul and talent that becomes palpable through the verses has you hanging from every word which is delivered in perfect meter. The addition of female vocals in the track also helped to amplify the bitter-sweet sentiment behind the lyricism. Well, that’s if you can pay attention to the narrative lyrics around the lush synth drops the multi-layer beat comes alive through. By the final chorus, it’s hard not to be swept up with the infectious melodies.

You can check out Rhyan Besco’s latest single out for yourself by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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