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Peter Gural shows us into that sunny afternoon he can’t ever forget on ‘Best I’ve Ever Had’

After turning his life around from the depths of inner darkness that almost broke his mind and soul forever, Peter Gural wishes he could be much closer with his ideal lover on ‘Best I’ve Ever Had‘.

Peter Gural is a nature-loving Philadelphia, USA-born indie singer-songwriter who makes that soft indie pop/rock to warm our icy hearts back to that optimal temperature.

In my teens and early twenties, I lost myself due to substance abuse. After going to treatment and recovering, I realized that my main goal is to find that kid that I lost a long time ago. From then on my journey has been to help the lost find their way back home through my music.” ~ Peter Gural

With a gliding vocal style that shall take you to that kiss-filled place, Peter Gural has released a single that will have you beaming for joy as you recall a time with someone so special, you wish you could go back to that exact time and place.

I write guitar based pop music or as I like to call it “Soft Indie” inspired by a combination of classic rock and artists ranging from Elliot Smith to Mac Demarco.” ~ Peter Gural

Best I’ve Ever Had‘ from Philadelphia, USA-born indie singer-songwriter Peter Gural shows us that special memory of falling in love that is stuck in his mind forever. With smooth vocals, sweet lyrics and a touching story that so many of us will smile at, this is a reminder that life can be so simple. A loving melody is on offer as you daydream into a song that should be played loud all day long.

Missing that romantic partner can certainly bring you down, unless you choose to smartly remember the good times.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Helping Hand: Black Jack reminds us that we are all family on ‘We’re Not Alone’

As he kindly urges us all to forget the past and to work together despite our differences, Black Jack sings about the world that we live in that has faced many challenges recently with ‘We’re Not Alone‘.

Austin Hecker aka Peanut, is an emerging RnB and pop artist and Milwaukee Area Technical College graduate from Hartford, Wisconsin. After struggling with addiction issues he has found his love for music again and this is his comeback to what he enjoys doing.

Never shy about displaying his vocal talents, Blackjack started recording his efforts while recovering from active addiction in 1990s. After relapsing, active addiction has taken over his life, his interest in music died along with his heart of what he loved doing. On June 3rd, 2005, Blackjack entered rehabilitation and attend meetings for recovering from addiction. In 2020, Blackjack regained interest in music industry, started writing, recording songs”. – Black Jack

We’re Not Alone‘ from Hartford, Wisconsin-based Black Jack, is the story that we all needed to hear. You might have problems and be different to your neighbor, but deep down we are all similar. We want to love and be happy in a free and fair world, no matter what else has gone on before. This is the story about a brave man who is trying to overcome many issues, and has sent us a message to us all, that he hopes will help someone out there to be inspired.

Stream this new single on his Soundcloud and see more via his Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bad News Comes In Showers: Katelyn Benton flourishes brightly again on the superb ‘Crave’

As she sings tenderly with such a heartfelt tone that has your whole body relaxed in soothing raptures, Katelyn Benton gives us one of the most beautiful songs of the year to inspire us to confidently walk outside again on ‘Crave‘.

Katelyn Benton is a terrific Los Angeles-based pianist, singer-songwriter, composer and owner of a PR and marketing company.

She has a background in classical piano but has smartly diversified herself into performing in various genres, as this is a highly motivated artist back in the music scene.

Ravishing our delighted senses with a sterling comeback after a much-needed hiatus to reconnect her sweet soul to where she wants it to be, we witness her on top form with massively achievable dreams ready to be conquered stylishly. Her stunning voice is crystal clear and you feel like you are in a romantic movie, with each note played with such grace as her vocal ability makes your back shake in pure excitement.

Crave‘ from Katelyn Benton, leads us into her picture with such determination and desire, as she opens up the curtains and finds the courage to believe in herself again, the doubts have passed and she is now ready for it all. She now knows that she has everything needed to make it happen — now its about putting it all into action — so she can go get that Disney contract.

We all lose the magic sometimes but if we love it enough, it will come back with even more hugs than before. This is a multi-talented woman who is on that comeback trail and it feels like she will win, at whatever she sets her mind to.

Stream this new world class single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stressed out: Rapper Dan gets the calibration just right on ‘Talk To Me’ (feat. Jessica Gerhardt)

Taken off his latest twelve-track album named ‘Rapper Dan Goes To Los Angeles‘, Rapper Dan is quite brilliant on his return to the music scene with ‘Talk To Me‘ (feat. Jessica Gerhardt).

Rapper Dan is an enlightened Los Angeles-based emcee with a mellow flow, who consciously gets straight to the point without all the unnecessary flashy bling and swag, that weighs down what music is really all about.

After being featured on the classic ESPN sports show Pardon the Interruption with Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon recently, you feel like this could be the big break he needed to fully realize his wildest dreams.

This is the sweet story of a lover being worried about her man, as he is stressed out all the time and she wants to see him happy. The flow is so compellingly consistent and simple, with a satisfying beat that you can’t help but enjoy on this sunglasses-on, ride through to the beach type of single, that truly hits the right spot.

Talk To Me‘ (feat. Jessica Gerhardt) from Rapper Dan is a wonderfully projected indie hip-hop song featuring sultry but classy vocals and a chilled rap delivery, that has you swaying around like it was summer again.

Stream this top track on Spotify and see more of his rise up on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Show Stopper’ is the new bouncy Hip Hop track that features King Prince (ft Mystikal)

Taken off the new full album called ‘King Prince the Goat‘, this is such a hot track you will need to jump into a freezing lake just to cool down your sweaty body.

King Prince (ft Mystikal) are back and they shred the bars with the supremely catchy new track called ‘Show Stopper‘ and this is a track to savor and play again and again.

With its sultry lyrical delivery, a chorus that features a man on a huge comeback after many years of legal trouble, this is a banger of a track that needs our attention.

Show Stopper‘ is that flashy rap track with lots of bright lights and clever lyrics. You can feel the redemption here, these are two rappers that want to be right at the top of the game and this song is a start. With a style that is energetic and entertaining, these are two emcees with plenty to prove and you can feel the hunger here as they bite hard on this opportunity. King Prince (ft Mystikal) bring us the lit Hip Hop that 2020 needed with a song that is much like the title.

Click here for the Spotify page to hear this new Hip Hop banger.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Reformed Skin 17 entertain us with Punk rock ”Euro Beats”

Skin 17 is the music of singer Andrew Cockburn and were first formed in Scotland in 2001. The band were soon in Japan and proved to be a popular act. Then everything stopped and everyone thought that the story was over.

The band have been on hiatus for 7 years but are now back in force. Reformed in London this year and with the new album ‘The Great Loneliness‘ out 2020, this could be a big year for Skin 17. They are raw and edgy, their music blares from the speakers with intoxicating energy. You can feel the power and hunger in the music. This is a band on a mission as they know they belong together. Skin 17 are back and they love it.

Euro Beats” from Skin 17 feels like they are just itching to play live all over Europe. Who blames them? With their energy and loyal fan base, they will be a hot band wherever they go.

Stream this new track right here on their Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Former Dentist Mova drills holes with comeback ”Gone To Stay”

Loving someone so much and falling for them is such an incredible feeling. If they don’t feel the same way back, things will always be tricky. They could fall in love with you someday but are you willing to wait?

Boston local and former Dentist Mova is back and with a bang. He missed music so much and decided to turn his hobby into his life.

Mova shows us that desiring someone that is always breaking your heart isn’t a healthy way to live. With a catchy beat and clear lyrics, he brings us into the picture of romance with his on and off lover. From a distance, Mova reflects on what this has done to his heart and he eventually realizes that he must move on otherwise the pain will carry on. This is a good song and will be popular with the younger generation. It won’t be surprising to see the track explode once summer holidays begin.

Stream the comeback from this Boston based artist who is fired up to be back in the music game. Check out his Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen