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I Go Hard: Infinity Dragon has that party flowing in his veins on ‘Wild And Free’ (feat. Uptown Dev)

With a spark-filled perspective and with an eye to that pretty girl who is at the club, Infinity Dragon releases his high-energy new single that will have you ready to get out to your favourite local on ‘Wild And Free(feat. Uptown Dev).

Infinity Dragon is a profoundly proficient Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie hip-hop solo artist, poet, writer and music producer.

Through music and poetry, Infinity Dragon weaves magical stories. Music influences are Sade, British artist Imogen Heap, Michael Jackson, and Prince.” ~ Infinity Dragon

Infinity Dragon is breathless on this supremely engaging performance that is stuffed with bar-ripping flows that are quite the sight to behold. Backed up with the smoothly pleasing display from Uptown Dev, this is a statement track about getting back into the swing of things no matter what.

Wild And Free(feat. Uptown Dev) from the pulsating Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie rapper, music producer and published poet/writer Infinity Dragon, is a party-packed track that has a grimy feel to it and makes you feel like venturing outside again to see the world. The raps are ravishing and with a beat that has you nodding your head, this is a song to play as you pull up the bright lights where much temptation is inside.

See this bass-busting music video on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Times Flies: Maejis Mind delightfully dazes our mind alive with groovy debut ‘Dizzy’

With his second single out on the 15th October called ‘What’s Worth It‘, Maejis Mind catches out attention with his terrific debut effort which puts you in the perfect reflective state to treasure each special moment on ‘Dizzy‘.

Maejis Mind is a James Beasley-created indie psychedelic rock/dream-pop artist and UCLA graduate born in Philadelphia, who is now based in thriving Los Angeles, California.

Inspired by true legends Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd, he seems to intrinsically capture the past and the new, all in one pulsating package which has you feeling like you have just heard something rather special.

The lyrics focus on time, and how quickly moments pass.” ~ Maejis Mind

Featuring an assortment of stunning riffs and dreamy vocals that has your smile beaming cat-like from ear to ear, as the warm energy seems to gust through your wholesome soul to lather a goodness all over. This is one of the most catchy songs of the year and there is so much to like – as he takes us on a journey to seeking that true self-enlightenment – in realizing what is actually important in life.

Maejis Mind’s psychedelic sound is a blend of driving guitars, modulated synths and echoing vocals.” ~ Maejis Mind

Dizzy‘ from the highly enjoyable Los Angeles, California-based indie psychedelic rock/dream-pop Maejis Mind, is a distant vocals gem that has you curious ears perked up and your heart glowing from the delightful buzz created. This is all about making sure that you enjoy each moment of each day, as time really does go too fast if you waste it.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out the IG music page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Give You What You Need: Philadelphia rapper SoldYaSoul wants her to let it go on ‘BAD TENDENCIES’

As he worryingly looks into those beautifully glittering eyes, SoldYaSoul urges her to move past what is holding her back from reaching her full potential and join him in his peaceful zone as he can give her everything she needs on ‘BAD TENDENCIES‘.

Former Army soldier SoldYaSoul is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie rapper. He is an introspective artist who makes that real life message music which is without the fluff and all about helping others with their journey, in this rather strange world full of teachable moments.

He’s been rapping all his life but recently wanted to take it serious when his best friend passed away.” ~ SoldYaSoul

You sense his genuinely caring nature as he flows through the mic with an effortless nature, his bars seem to float majestically above all else and has you highly galvanized by his calming presence. The chorus is so inspiring and rather catchy, as the caress-filled beat urges the unnecessary noise of temptation to go away.

His wholehearted vibe is all about that naturally stimulated energy which is produced away from those undesirable narcotics, which only confuses our fragile and easily-influenced minds.

BAD TENDENCIES‘ from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie rapper SoldYaSoul, is that true story about wanting to help someone so badly as you see their future in your eyes, which they are throwing away by doing things their body doesn’t need. This is that defining moment when you feel that someone you love is so close and happy but in other moments, it feels like they are ready to jet off quick like a Eurofighter Typhoon – as you wonder if they will truly relax around you – and feel ever-lasting freedom from the nasty negativity that has unfortunately consumed them.

Your welcoming arms may await those you care about, but there has to be that commitment from the other side for it to work.

Hear this new track on Soundcloud and see more of his visuals via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She’s So Savage: Judah Kim respects the way that she moves on ‘Radiate’

With a cheeky glow in his eye and a bounce in his step, Judah Kim does what he does best and shines so brightly on his brand new sharply created single called ‘Radiate‘.

Judah Kim is a determined Korean/American solo indie-pop/rock singer-songwriter and producer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Formerly the songwriter and lead vocalist for Philadelphia Rock acts Stonethrown, and Judah Kim & The Assassination, you feel like he is thoroughly enjoying the solo journey — as he can fly free and put all his creative juices into his own blender — and sip from it daily while doing his own thing.

He sings with such a delightful flow that sparks your mind into action — into telling those who you respect how it is — your mind connects with his story and leads you to the right way of thinking. Being with those souls that are always looking to improve is the only way to go, rather than being bogged down by negative thinkers.

Radiate‘ from the extremely confident Philly songwriter/producer Judah Kim, is that finger-clicking new song which gives a big shout-out to all the ladies out there who know where they are headed and do things the right way. He sings with lots of passion and desire, as he brings us a catchy pop/rock track that has him in full flight.

Hear this electric storm on Soundcloud and see more info on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Boom, Boom, Boom: Sublime Philly band Dirty Soap deal with the ultimate soul-snatcher on ‘Mother Of All Bombs’

With their humorous attitude in full view as they funk it up on the street corner to head-nodding satisfaction, Dirty Soap are back with a new song that will be in your mind until you take your next shower with ‘Mother Of All Bombs’.

Dirty Soap is a thrilling Philadelphia-based five-piece Doo Wop Punk Rock act, who keep the vibe alive and perform with such entertaining spirit and passion, that its contents washes all over your body with results that speak for themselves.

This is the story of going for the wrong girl, as her boyfriend isn’t letting you near her and makes things highly difficult for you. Your eyes are on her but deep down you know that it isn’t going to work out, as you eventually move on but still think that she is something special.

Mother Of All Bombs‘ from Philly Doo Wop Punk Rock group Dirty Soap, certainly cleans the streets with an array of tremendous sound waves that barrels your mind alive again. They bass it up with such precision and the vocals mesh so well with the bands array of talents here. This is a song that you can’t help but love, as they bring something different and keep the day fresh with their sense of humor, which is much-appreciated in this serious world.

Stream this top video on YouTube and check out more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nice To Meet Ya: Philly’s MIKEBROWN introduces himself to the world on freshly cut visuals for ‘And You’re?’

With his mood feeling real tight and his flow bringing shooting stars all night, MIKEBROWN lays it all on the line with a statement of intent for the ages, via his premium second single release ‘And You’re?‘.

MIKEBROWN is a confident new Philadelphia, Pennsylvania RnB singer/hip-hop emcee with style points that swoosh the three every time, as he opens the door to new beginnings and shows us what the future sounds like.

He sings with an engrossing style which shows you he knows that he’d better take advantage of this position right now, before it all goes away in a blink of an eye. The industry can swallow you up and chuck you out before you have even had time to eat properly, so its best to grab that knife n fork, and carve away on those new tracks quick.

Taken off his debut album called — ‘The Show Must Go On‘ — ‘And You’re?‘ from polished US artist MIKEBROWN is the enthralling story about feeling ready and knowing that this is it. The time for letting others drag you down is over and she will have to call back for that late night action another time, as he has places to be with the same team from back in the day.

We are witnessing a new voice shine through in a stale genre, that needs a talented artist like this to shake things up Philly style.

See this freshly-made music video on YouTube and check out his IG for more visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Unleash the misery with Five Hundred Bucks’ frenetic feat of Punk Rock ‘Spinal’

This Welcome Mat is a Landmine EP by Five Hundred Bucks

Any fans of Social Distortion will want to turn their attention to the frenetic feat of Punk Rock ‘Spinal’ from Five Hundred Bucks’ aptly explosively titled latest release ‘This Welcome Mat is a Landmine EP’.

The turbulently high-octane hit delivers a relatable sense of indignation both lyrically and vocally, affirming with the listener that yes, it is okay for the fuzzy feels to be flowing when the massive chorus hits; it is possible to feel some semblance of euphoria while the world falls apart around us.

Philadelphia’s tenacious sons and their realism-soaked punky pop rock earworms are exactly what the airwaves in 2021. As they have plenty in the pipeline, you’ll want them on your radar, sooner rather than later.

You can check out Spinal for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Dillon Holder soothes all with defining ‘Find My Way’

Dillon Holder is back with his fantastic new single called ‘Find My Way‘.

Similar to the music of Flying Lotus, Beck, and Knxwledge, Dillon Holder is an up and coming lofi rapper and producer. Coming from just outside of Philadelphia in the USA, the young artist has spent over 10 years mastering his craft. He prides himself on being one of the few artists who is the only one to touch their music, starting from the early production and ending with the mixing and mastering.

Taken off the latest EP ‘Forest Fire Dreams‘, this is a fine song from the young musician who breaks this into two. I love songs with a gap and that change vibes. I like the change and the soothing energy here. This is about finding your way in life and not letting go of the moment.

Find My Way from Dillon Holder is one of the most refreshing songs of 2020 due to it’s great production and fantastic vocals. This is an artist flying high and inspiring us all.

Stream here on Spotify.

Click through to the Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Yung 4reign has dropped latest piece Find My Way

Singer and songwriter Yung 4reign has released his latest single ‘Find My Way’ ft Tre Worth portraying an upbeat lively sound.

Pulling in that Rap and Hip-Hop style, telling a story through the melodic vocals and the fast pace Rap, mixing it up with added bits of him singing. The way he sings has this soft texture to it, it has this pure energy running through and the vocal ranges are insane as he keeps this steady flow through each element.

Not only can he sing well, but when he goes back and forth from that to the Rap, it still keeps it’s catchy and impressive sound with the fast pace verses and high-pitched gravelly vocals. When Tre Worth comes in the pace picks up speed and has that more deep tone to it.

Head on over to Spotify now to listen to Yung 4reign’s Find My Way.

Review by Karley Myall

Matthew W Charles releases Love What You Do Ft Andrew German

Artist Matthew W Charles has released his eight-track anthology ‘Love What You Do’, infusing the sound of Rock and Country intertwined.

Each track has its own uplifting energy pulsing through it, it’s a collection of songs that lift your spirits as you listen because of the amount of lively personality that flows through it. You have this mixture of two rather diverse genres, that sometimes may not always combine together in the best way, but this album proves just how superb it can really sound.

Using the harmonica to start off some pieces, to the strum on the electric guitar, the instrumentation reflects that Country style, but the way the vocals are approached gives off that Rock essence, they’re smooth but in places tending to have that more rough edge to them, having a rather loud tone to them, a really impressive album.

Listen to Matthew W Charles’s EP by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall