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Dillon Holder soothes all with defining ‘Find My Way’

Dillon Holder is back with his fantastic new single called ‘Find My Way‘.

Similar to the music of Flying Lotus, Beck, and Knxwledge, Dillon Holder is an up and coming lofi rapper and producer. Coming from just outside of Philadelphia in the USA, the young artist has spent over 10 years mastering his craft. He prides himself on being one of the few artists who is the only one to touch their music, starting from the early production and ending with the mixing and mastering.

Taken off the latest EP ‘Forest Fire Dreams‘, this is a fine song from the young musician who breaks this into two. I love songs with a gap and that change vibes. I like the change and the soothing energy here. This is about finding your way in life and not letting go of the moment.

Find My Way from Dillon Holder is one of the most refreshing songs of 2020 due to it’s great production and fantastic vocals. This is an artist flying high and inspiring us all.

Stream here on Spotify.

Click through to the Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Yung 4reign has dropped latest piece Find My Way

Singer and songwriter Yung 4reign has released his latest single ‘Find My Way’ ft Tre Worth portraying an upbeat lively sound.

Pulling in that Rap and Hip-Hop style, telling a story through the melodic vocals and the fast pace Rap, mixing it up with added bits of him singing. The way he sings has this soft texture to it, it has this pure energy running through and the vocal ranges are insane as he keeps this steady flow through each element.

Not only can he sing well, but when he goes back and forth from that to the Rap, it still keeps it’s catchy and impressive sound with the fast pace verses and high-pitched gravelly vocals. When Tre Worth comes in the pace picks up speed and has that more deep tone to it.

Head on over to Spotify now to listen to Yung 4reign’s Find My Way.

Review by Karley Myall


Matthew W Charles releases Love What You Do Ft Andrew German

Artist Matthew W Charles has released his eight-track anthology ‘Love What You Do’, infusing the sound of Rock and Country intertwined.

Each track has its own uplifting energy pulsing through it, it’s a collection of songs that lift your spirits as you listen because of the amount of lively personality that flows through it. You have this mixture of two rather diverse genres, that sometimes may not always combine together in the best way, but this album proves just how superb it can really sound.

Using the harmonica to start off some pieces, to the strum on the electric guitar, the instrumentation reflects that Country style, but the way the vocals are approached gives off that Rock essence, they’re smooth but in places tending to have that more rough edge to them, having a rather loud tone to them, a really impressive album.

Listen to Matthew W Charles’s EP by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

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Hannah Savage – Feel Something: Adventure-Seeking Contemporary R&B

Hannah Savage is a singer, actress, dancer and all-around artist from Philadelphia, PA. And I tell you what; you’re in for a treat with her new song called “Feel Something”.

This is a stunningly sensational R&B song that features well done soft and lustful vocals. On top of that the lyrics are rather meaningful, they scream a craving to truly experience and live life. This is a type of song that although musically is leaning towards a specific music genre (which would be R&B/Pop) it can be linked to so many different moods: Sexy, introspective, joyful, mellow, the whole nine yards. Also, don’t let get started on the production; it’s splendid. Gentle music aimed to be played at the club just moments before the sun rises.

I would definitely encourage all contemporary R&B to keep an eye on Hannah Savage, as she is releasing her debut EP called “Temporary” on 01/02/2020. Until then, check out “Feel Something” on her Spotify page.

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis


N.ave ft Flex – Copy That: This song is a cop, do you copy that yet?

In case you don’t know yet, permit me to engrain this into your subconscious real quick. You’re just about to witness the launch of an amoral tachycardia in its full power on this track.

Hello, Nave, where have you been hiding for long? Why did it take this long before you made up your mind to grace us with your presence in the music industry?

Just like a metro hit on a runway whose echoes resound very audibly, you’ll find yourself lost in the audible range of this song’s beat.

“Copy that” is an audible upbeat that’s wrapped in the genre of a hip-hop song. It’s a song that’s well embedded in the awesomeness of its thumping reverberation. Most of all, this song has a pack full of nicely diced flows, a catchy line, clear sound quality, creative style of rap, great soothing melody that’s capable of making you sway and beam from ear to ear.

The lyrics when paid good attention to, have some really delectable fact, the vocal sound of the artist was well placed and in a steady motion while he spits his bars. The catchy chorus is also very easy to like and sing along to.

Nave delivered a stellar work and this is quite evident in the uniqueness of this song. The flow of his rap prowess is up for no debate at all. This song is very hard to hate, it’s just further coated with a sweet beat that can keep your body in steady motion.



Raydell samples the truth

If R&B is built around sleekness and Hip-Hop comes from an edgier place then they find perfect union in Raydell’s musical creations. Make This Up, from his latest album The Sample, is a fine blend of rapped deliveries over a cool, restrained and hypnotic hip-hop groove with just enough soulful sass and dance floor vibe to bring the clubland R&b set on board.

If the single shows that Raydell knows how to pen the perfect commercial crossover song, the album as a whole really opens things up and proves that he can take his music in almost any direction he likes, rooted in the same core elements of soul, hip-hop and R&B but not afraid to push those sounds into fascinating new territories. Even in the crowded musical scene of his Philly base, Raydell is certainly one to watch.


Ebony Joi – Joi to The World

It is the season when when “twas” and “tis” become an accepted part of the language for the first time since the seventeenth century, gaudy jumpers, or these days possibly onesies, replace having an actual personality, people talk about how A Wonderful Life is the best film ever made and Mariah Carey is every other song on the radio or jukebox. It is also the season when it seems acceptable to release unnecessary and poor quality versions of Christmas classics. That’s why we need Ebony Joi so much.

Eartha Kitt ’s iconic Santa Baby may have been flogged within an inch of its creative life over the years but Ebony Joi has found the perfect new format for the modern age. It loses none of the sultry soulfulness of the original but adds a modern sassy R&B vibe to this new delivery, a slow and sensual grove which wanders wilfully around the beat like a jazz diva and throws in a bit of urban street smarts. Most often there is no need to try to reinvent songs which have all but passed into musical lore but if you do why not give them the perfect make over?


Even The Slept – Wake Up With Disassembly Required

Sitting somewhere between a band and a collaboration, Even The Slept also sit in some pretty unique sonic territory too. Disassembly Required may come at you like a fairly straight contemporary alt-rocker but it doesn’t take you long to get you ear tuned in to just how clever this band actually is. And it takes a certain type of band to make music that is as expressive, emotive and engaging as this, to take eloquent lyrics and create vocal deliveries that are as elegant and fluid as the instrumentation behind it. It takes a band like Even The Slept. When the age old argument regarding which is more important, the words or the music, rages around you, just make those throwing the same old clichés around listen to this album, roles are reversed or at least interchangeable, music speaks and vocals soar, lyrics become half muted riffs and guitar lines become poetry.

Even The Slept are a band who seem to emerge from the dystopian wreckage of a catastrophic collision between very expressive rock genres. Alt-rock provides the power that drives the band and progressive rock the byzantine complexities and subtle changes that form the structure of the songs. And as power is harnessed by intricacies and clever musical motiffs balance aggressive workouts what emerges is a song that covers so many bases but still retains its integrity and identity. This is a band to watch out for.



Cologne’s Sweet Smell Of Success

They may be new kids on the Philadelphia rock block but Cologne have really arrived with a fully formed sound. One part stadium rock, one part indie cool and one part pop accessibility, it is hard to see who they wouldn’t appeal too. Musically it gives them great scope to build sonic architecture in the space around them but also play with subtle musical dynamics, deliver songs dripping with euphoria but also commercial accessibility.

And it is this fantastic generic balancing act which sets them apart from the pack As popists and rockists wage pointless pitched battle, Cologne clearly adhere to the cult of the song, preferring to take the role of tunesmiths who exalt composition over flash and muscle. If this song is the perfect rallying point for those who have long understood that this middle way has always sported brilliant acts – pop acts muscled up by a dash of rock, rock acts whose bluster is tempered by indie details and indie acts happy to explore pop immediacy – then the fact that hey have an e.p. called New World available is just the icing on the cake.


Live Wright Releases Punchy Rap Track “Give It All”

Live Wright is a young rapper from Philadelphia with a strong passion for good music, expressed through a tight and punchy rap flow that is full of determination and a strong attitude. With a passion for heartfelt lyrics concerning the struggles and ups and downs of life, Live Wright focuses on creating music that is relatable and powerful. In his latest release “Give It All” he in fact directs all his energy in delivering a message of strength and determination through a flow that is somewhat aggressive with energy and a beat that gives the song a distinguishable powerful character.

“Give It All,” as the name implies, is all about reaching to the top and making a difference by striving and literally giving it all. The track initially starts off with the introduction of the solid backdrop and beat which features quite a dark and heavy tone and groove. This gives the song a tough character which really goes well with the message while it also sets up the atmosphere for an even more intriguing lyric. Throughout the song Live Wright’s flow can be called slightly aggressive with a strong rhythmic drive which brings out the message even more. “Give It All” is indeed a true testament that proves Live Wright is ready and determined to make a difference through his music.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja