No Lies: Indiana-based music producer/rapper TSF reflects on his life with the foot-stomping ‘Doubted’

Released from his just-dropped 12-track album that shows us the world is ‘Too Far Gone’, TSF brings the house down with a tremendously electric speaker-breaking performance on ‘Doubted‘.

TSF is a youthful Indiana, USA-based indie hip-hop/EDM solo artist and well-established music producer who makes that honest type of music we can all connect to.

Everything I do involves music. If I’m not listening to music, just know that I’m very unhappy,” Kaleb states. The sound he produces invokes emotion and allows listeners to relate. “I’m very personal with my music because that’s just it. I’m human.” ~ TSF

After previously only making EDM music which was showcased via his debut album ‘Retribute‘, we now find an innovative soul who has decided to bring his love of hip-hop inside his original creations. There is a highly imaginative musician here who is only interested in making something new for us to soak into, as he refreshingly avoids copying anybody else.

Doubted‘ from the Indiana, USA-based indie hip-hop/EDM solo artist and music producer TSF, is a roaring effort all about looking back at your life and keeping positive no matter what the storms outside may be doing. This is an ear-rattling effort that is filled with raps and a thumping beat that has your heart beating rather quickly. Just the way TSF intended.

Hear this enjoyable new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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