Mondell – Pay the Price: On the Grind Hip Hop

If anyone’s putting together a list of sexiest Urban vocals, Mondell’s name deserves to be right at the top. His deep rhythmic style is bewitching, screw it, it’s hot as hell. And if that’s not enough heat, the beat to his latest drop Pay the Price lit, I’m actually amazed Mondell hasn’t snagged a record deal with his sensually electric style. The Broward County, US artist first released his on the grind Hip Hop Rap track in January 2018 and it’s not fallen short of high praise. Pay the Price was produced by 3llisproduction who are notorious in the Hip Hop scene for creating scorching mixes. I’m still stumped after hearing so many flows were incorporated into this 2:30 minute track, after a few verses you start to think you’ve heard it all. Yet, following on from the drop Mondell amazes you once again with a relentlessly raw rendition of pure rhythm. With each of his lyrical variations, the rhythmic wizardry is nothing short of genius, it’s pure poetry, just a little sexier. I think a cold shower is in order.

You can check out Mondell’s viral-worthy debut Pay the Price on SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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