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No Lies: Indiana-based music producer/rapper TSF reflects on his life with the foot-stomping ‘Doubted’

Released from his just-dropped 12-track album that shows us the world is ‘Too Far Gone’, TSF brings the house down with a tremendously electric speaker-breaking performance on ‘Doubted‘.

TSF is a youthful Indiana, USA-based indie hip-hop/EDM solo artist and well-established music producer who makes that honest type of music we can all connect to.

Everything I do involves music. If I’m not listening to music, just know that I’m very unhappy,” Kaleb states. The sound he produces invokes emotion and allows listeners to relate. “I’m very personal with my music because that’s just it. I’m human.” ~ TSF

After previously only making EDM music which was showcased via his debut album ‘Retribute‘, we now find an innovative soul who has decided to bring his love of hip-hop inside his original creations. There is a highly imaginative musician here who is only interested in making something new for us to soak into, as he refreshingly avoids copying anybody else.

Doubted‘ from the Indiana, USA-based indie hip-hop/EDM solo artist and music producer TSF, is a roaring effort all about looking back at your life and keeping positive no matter what the storms outside may be doing. This is an ear-rattling effort that is filled with raps and a thumping beat that has your heart beating rather quickly. Just the way TSF intended.

Hear this enjoyable new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

White Lines On The Table: Travis Frank feels so exposed as the trust cracks harshly on ‘Broken Inside’

As he smashes his fragile bass into the damaged door while he is reminded by a former friends lies to cover himself in glory, Travis Frank shatters his frustration apart for us to see the nakedness, so that he may begin the healing process with his catchy new single called ‘Broken Inside‘.

Travis Frank is a Warsaw, Indiana-born, Los Angeles-based indie Pop/Rock solo artist who left University after one year to persue his dream of being a full-time musician.

There is so much to admire about a human who has been close to the ending edge but decided to walk away smartly, as the teeth grit and the motivation swings into never-go-back-to-that-place-again. He performs with a highly skilled ambiance and there is so much potential brewing from the kettle of his vocals, if he can keep on making music that we can all relate to.

Broken Inside‘ from the expressive Warsaw, Indiana-born, LA-based indie Pop/Rock solo singer-songwriter Travis Frank, is an honest song about feeling so down that he almost ended it. After thinking that they would be friends forever – he has soon realized that all stories do not have a happy ending – as we witness a talented musician who is eager to be at the top of his game too. Sung with a fierce energy and a frustrated tone, this is a track to play when you are fed up by a past friends actions which have possibly hurt your own career.

Hear his new single on Spotify and see more news on his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Let Those Moments Pass: Excellent Indiana-born Alt-Rock artist Jordan Brooker urges us to think deeper on ‘Lowlights’

With a true insight into an often fake world that seems so shallow sometimes, Jordan Brooker sings with much gusto about reaching for those stars above to avoid getting sucked into those party highs and ‘Lowlights‘ that can greedily grab hold of your valuable soul forever.

Jordan Brooker is a Spencerville, Indiana-born, Nashville, Tennessee-based indie Alt-Rock solo artist who was formally known more for his music and songwriting in the Country music scene.

Inspired by artists such as Jimmy Eat World, Soundgarden, Third Eye Blind, and Augustana, his new sound harnesses a certain authenticity true to Jordan Brooker himself and his early beginnings.” ~ Jordan Brooker

Lowlights‘ from the highly talented Nashville-based indie Alt-Rock solo artist Jordan Brooker, is a brilliant track from an artist who has impressively reinvented himself. He sings about a story which is so true – in a world that has has been designed to distract you – as we try and avoid the noise and only do things that are actually meaningful.

Sung with a positive-message feel and filled with his refreshing vocals which has the hairs on your body standing up to attention, this is a worthwhile message to remember about knowing your value and not getting thrown into the vacuum of life.

Hear this wonderful track on Spotify and follow his life on IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trying To Get The Best Of Me: Indianapolis rapper Jerry B is ready for anything on ‘Fresh As Me’

Produced by Fantom, Jerry B opens up the summer schedule with a bounce-filled track to bust those speakers all over the floor as he avoids the lingering doubters on ‘Fresh As Me‘.

Jerry B is an Indianapolis, Indiana-based indie hip-hop artist and studio lover. He is a bars-packed rapper who flows with conviction and energy, with quick-witted lyrics that has you impressed by his style.

Blood, sweat, and tears. Dollars, time, and years. Never give up, GO UP. #444Life.” ~ Jerry B

With lots of conviction and a self-assured message, this is the rev-up-the-engines experience which has you nodding your head flamboyantly to this new single. The beat is full of life and seems to mesh with the story just right, as we are filled up with optimism after being locked away with unnecessary self-doubt for too long.

Fresh As Me‘ from the Indianapolis, Indiana-based indie hip-hop artist Jerry B, is the story of being messed around by a few ladies who took you for granted, as you now stay single and keep it real with your true friends. He is in the mood to show his local town what he is all about with the freshest vibe in the whole area, and isn’t going to let anyone bring him down anymore. This is the type of track to play when you need some motivation quickly, as you turn this up and head to the beach with that ultimate confidence.

Check out the track on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nothing To Prove: Gifted Indiana emcee Swanny.95 shows us his virtuoso lyrical prowess on sky-reaching ‘High.95’

Taken off his ravenous debut solo album named ‘Primal‘, which comes quickly after his previous singles from 2021 ‘TOTEM‘ and ‘ZZZQUIL‘, Swanny.95 swarms ingeniously on the mic with impressive skills that has you in awe of his inventiveness with ‘High.95‘.

Eric Swanson aka Swanny.95, is a confidently brewed Indianapolis, Indiana-based indie emcee who makes everything look easy, as his silky smooth raps have you listening so intently.

With some wonderfully crisp boom bap drums, astute lo-fi soundscapes and tremendous lyrical skills to match like a spark on a fire – he is a true hip-hop artist with a world class flow – and is effortless on each verse that he smartly pens.

After amassing 2 million plus streams with his hip-hop duo Grey Lamb, touring the country as an opener for artists like DRAM, Waka Flocka Flame, and hip-hop/pop star Bryce Vine, SWANNY.95 is making his solo debut.” ~ Swanny.95

High.95‘ from the skilled underground Indianapolis, Indiana-based artist Swanny.95, is one of the more breathlessly brilliant hip-hop tracks of 2021. He shows us his prodigious talent on a prime pedigree release that certainly ends a few careers. His pen-work is precision personified and you feel like you are witnessing a man reborn.

His solo career has had to wait for a long time after years in the shadows but no longer, as we are left with our jaws dropped onto the floor at his immense talent. Class always shines in the end.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more news on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

From The Slums: A Certain Energy saunters swiftly into the awaiting city with the fresh new single ‘Foreign’ (feat. David Sinclair-Black)

With a highly purposeful edge to his vividly exciting lyricism that sets him apart from the copycat former competition, A Certain Energy flows in impressively with a distinctive style that you can’t teach on his top quality new single called ‘Foreign(feat. David Sinclair-Black).

Shain Romanowski aka A Certain Energy, is a high caliber Asian-American rapper who is from Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is a fast-rising musician on a mission to be up there with the greats, and his unflinching eyes tell you all you need to know.

ACE joined the United States Marines after graduating high school and served overseas. He quit music three times to be exact prior to being overseas. After the death of his best friend, Darian Asher-Layman (a fellow Fort Wayne native) he took it upon himself to make his dream come true in honor of him.” ~ A Certain Energy

As he indefatigably brings us the true story about some people in his life that like to talk but only act without the act-ion and desire to actually work, he puts them abruptly into their baby-seat with a edgy track that is rather enjoyably exciting on the ears. He raps with a calmly enhanced flow that streams vividly through like the crisp blue ocean – as his style is pertinaciously admirable – in a strange world that can change you so much, to be a false version of your true destiny without notice.

Foreign(feat. David Sinclair-Black) from the Indiana-based free-flower A Certain Energy, rips seductively into your awakened eyes and you see a confident artist in his most determined mindset. He might be signed to Sinclair Media Group now, but shows us that obvious hunger to launch further into opportunity-laden doors that were thought impossible to break into before. This is a self-aware man who knows where he wants to go, and isn’t letting any undesirable noise disturb his visionary outlook.

See this hot new music video on YouTube and see more via his IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Let Them Ever See You Down: Skypp urges us to ‘Fix Yo Crown’ (ft. Rhymefest, Allison Victoria and Jared Thompson)

With a self-aware nature that has your head nodding in appreciation of this tremendous skill set, Skypp makes sure that we are alert to the fact that even if you are battling, its imperative to ‘Fix Yo Crown (ft. Rhymefest, Allison Victoria and Jared Thompson).

Skypp is an acclaimed underground rapper from Indianapolis, Indiana in the USA. He flows through the streets with witty bars and true stories of how the hustle is real if you to achieve those dreams, that are available if you want them enough.

The visuals are classy and so fresh here with lots of soulful groove added to make this is a memorable video and single. All the artists featured are quality and add so much elegance and street grit to this top track — with vocals that are silky sooth — to raps that are cutting edge and show you what bars should sound like.

Fix Yo Crown‘ (ft. Rhymefest, Allison Victoria and Jared Thompson) from Indy emcee Skypp, is that story about working through the moments that have you in doubt sometimes, as you try and keep the integrity intact where you are at. You are a powerful person inside if you want to be, and keeping your head up to find your true purpose, is the only way to really live if you want to make something out of your life.

Watch the video on YouTube and see more visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Not Like Before: Indiana’s underground Ska legends Coolidge are back with exciting new single about changing on ‘We’re Alright’

Taken off their vibrantly creative new album ‘Condition Transmission‘, Coolidge smash the door open on their latest single about changing perspective in life called ‘We’re Alright‘.

Coolidge is an experienced five-piece Ska-punk/rock band from Indianapolis in Indiana, USA. They play their hearts out on each note, their minds are connected in such a way that they know what each other is doing and they bring the classic old school mentality with them.

This is the story of being shy before, but as you have gotten older you have opened up your voice to speak from the mind and to never let anyone else put words in your mouth. Times have changed from the past when small minded folks thought they knew you and you feel like this is the best way to live, rather than being quiet as a mouse and getting stepped on when you are just minding your business.

They perform with an exuberance that is abundantly entertaining and you turn them up some more to fully hear their quality rise to the top of the speaker. This is a band that have put thousands of hours into their sound, as they clearly enjoy playing together too.

We’re Alright‘ from the lovable veteran Indiana Ska act Coolidge, is a true story about how sticking up for yourself really matters in life. You have evolved for the best and if others can’t see that, its their loss after all.

Hear this rocking new single on Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Grabbing The Loot: Indiana’s DAXXX wants it all on ‘The Heist’

With a mysterious edge to him that is full of ferocious guitar solos, DAXXX is in the mood to get what he wants on the fast-paced single called ‘The Heist‘.

Tyler Collier aka DAXXX, is a tremendous multi-skilled and highly motivated indie-rock solo singer-songwriter, drummer, pianist, guitarist and music producer from Indiana in the USA, who makes that spellbinding music that grabs your mood and shakes it into feeling positive about life.

He sings with so much flamboyance as he shows us his quality vocals skills, a passion for the guitar that is remarkable and a story about taking it all when you can and never looking back.

You can’t help but feel a bit sweaty after all of this, as his energy flows over into your speakers to generate sparks in your system. This is a man on a mission to get his music out there and you can feel it deeply.

The Heist‘ from Indiana’s DAXXX, gives you a feeling that he is ready for the next step as he believes in the bottom of his heart that he is destined for greatness and is just waiting for the right time to blow up. This is the vault-snatching track that has your heart beating extra – as he takes us for a ride into the distance – with all the loot in the world.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dedicated to Grandpa Bob: Inspiring Indiana emcee Doe Dillinger sends fitting tribute on the powerful ‘Things Ain’t The Same’

With his family tight and in inconsolable mourning, Doe Dillinger raps with that emotionally-charge motivated edge on his top shelf new single called ‘Things Ain’t The Same‘.

Doe Dillinger is a quality alt trip-hop artist with those wise eyes, who has seen it all after 12 music projects, as he makes that rare soul-clenching and pure music with a true message.

This is the sad story about losing someone close and rising above to make sure you live your life and reach your dreams, how they would want you to. Life is up and down, with constant obstacles and dead ends, so by standing your ground, never faltering from what you stand for, you unlock your greatness by grabbing the ultimate key to staying true to oneself.

His effortless rap style grabs you soulfully by the heart and shows you into a man’s ever-evolving mind that has really lived, as he courageously tells us stories of how life is and was, always looking to elevate and inspire others to reach their dreams too.

Things Ain’t The Same‘ from tremendous Indianapolis, Indiana USA trip-hop emcee Doe Dillinger, is that real track that was made out of so much love for his loving Grandpa Bob who sadly passed away recently. The raw raps and excellent visuals give you an inside look into how down you feel after a loss like this, but have the strength to give out a track in his memory, that would make him so proud.

Things will never be the same but you can always remember those special moments that you had together, keeping them locked away in your soul to remember forever.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen