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Cayo Coco – Haunt: Hyper Dream Pop Meets Palpitatingly Paced New Wave and Post-Punk Indie

Hyper dream pop meets palpitatingly paced new wave indie and post-punk in the latest single, Haunt, from one of Indiana’s most prodigal sonic protagonists, Lumen Loraine, who has already garnered millions of streams to date, featured on several editorial Spotify playlists and appeared on Pharrell’s devoutly followed Apple Music Podcast, OTHERtone.

As jarring as it initially seems for those tones to blast past you at warp speed instead of being enveloped in the kaleidoscopic choral and reverb-swathed textures which spill from drawn-out progressions, once you grow accustomed to Cayo Coco’s electrifying frantic energy which efficaciously contextualises the need to outrun your demons, you’ll see that they have exactly what it takes to stand at the vanguard of the evolution of indie.

The official music video for Haunt, which premiered on October 18th is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

All Day Long: Yung Pootie drops the excellently flowed doing-it-right Round$ free$tyle

After recently joining us for one of the best interviews we’ve had so far, Yung Pootie drops one of the smoothest singles in 2023 via the bar-heavy gem of a track, Round$ free$tyle.

Yung Pootie is an inspiring Hood Blues artist who resides in Marion, Indiana and has a visionary mindset which will surely show others where the keys are to that inner creativity.

Also known as ZIGGY2JIGGY and ripping up the script to guide others away from making whatever is supposedly ‘cool’ to release, Yung Pootie gives us a really good feeling as he descends a fresh ride-now single to turn up the night with.

Round$ free$tyle from Marion, Indiana-based indie Hood Blues artist Yung Pootie is a tight track made to get all bodies moving no matter the weather. This is a flight-hopping single for the grinders out there, who have flipped their vibe around despite the challenges of the past.

Turn this up on full voltage for maximum enjoyment.

Check out this top track on Spotify.

Listen up more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stroll Like This You Can’t Teach: Yung pootie is fresh on that neck with an interview all about Round$ free$tyle

Marion, Indiana creative Yung pootie is a fast-rising hood blues artist who we just had to find out more about. He tells us all about the vision behind Round$ free$tyle, growing up working all the instrumental settings in his local church, the 765, overthinking, and what it takes to lace down powerful bars which are certainly meaningful. Strap your seatbelt in and let’s go.

Llewelyn: Thank you for joining us Yung pootie. First question, do you recall precisely the moment when you just knew..making music..this is what I’m going to do. What does it feel like when you think back?

Yung pootie: Thank you for having me. I always knew since a kid that music was a major part of my life. Growing up in the Black church playing the instruments and singing in the choirs groomed me into the musician/artist I am today. When I think back on it, all I can think of is my father introducing me to the funk/soul music that is still instilled in me today. Shoutout Julio & the Pussycats lol.

Llewelyn: We like how you just go and do things. Do you feel like overthinking just causes doubt and actually cages up creativity like a bird who just wants to fly to a better place?

Yung pootie: You know I do think overthinking can cause a creative block within artists. I know this first-hand for sure. The moment I stopped overthinking things musically, it almost seemed like everything started to fall in place for me better as an artist. You have to allow yourself to be free as an artist in order for that to translate to the world.

Llewelyn: Round$ free$tyle. Let’s get into it. This is a hot track. What was the idea behind the new single and who have you made it for? Our readers will surely turn this up to the max.

Yung pootie: So really this is the perfect example of not overthinking and allowing myself to be free as an artist. This record really happened by accident lol. I was shuffling thru beats and found one with the Aaliyah sample in it ( If you know me then you know how I feel bout 90s music) Soon as I heard it, I loaded it up and started recording. I allowed whatever was on my mind to come out of my mouth. Hence the name Rounds Freestyle. The rest is history!

Llewelyn: Has covid made you change up your grind at all or are things ‘back’ to normal again?

Yung pootie: Covid actually turned my grind up like 6 levels lol. Being on “lockdown” forced me to be isolated in the most productive way. It gave me the opportunity to really hone in on my sound and what I really want. Things are sorta back to normal now but the grind has definitely evolved since then.

Llewelyn: Marion, Indiana. Have you always lived here and what is/was it like? Is the music scene alive or does much more investment need to arrive for it to fully flourish and support the underground musicians who want to shine?

Yung pootie: The 765!!! I was born and raised here yes sir. It’s a small town in northern Indiana where there honestly isn’t too much of anything besides cornfields. We actually are starting to grow a dope music scene here for sure but I do think it’ll take a lot more investment and work from all of us here to make it something recognizable everywhere. If we all come together wholeheartedly ain’t no way we can lose.

Llewelyn: Hood Blues. We like the sound of this a lot. What made you go in this direction and avoid doing what so many others are doing..sticking to whatever the ‘cool’ genre/fad is at the time. Do you feel like you’re a trailblazer who just wants to make music with a real message to inspire the youth and those who backed you when others (who didn’t get it) doubted everything?

Yung pootie: So if I’m being honest, the term or genre “Hood Blues” was coined by my cousin Tyjon (Smokey Lymon), who I’ve looked up to as an artist ever since I was a kid. I chose to go in this direction with my sound because it’s not what fits me the best but the US. Hood blues is soulful music with impactful lyrics that accompany hard-hitting 808s and trap drums. I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a trailblazer but more so of a blueprint for those who follow me musically. I’ve always wanted to make music with substance so people could feel and relate to it. I told myself a long time ago that the music I make would not be the typical sound that we’ve constantly heard. Hood blues is the next wave.

Listen up on Spotify.

See more vibes on the socials on IG.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Fell for you: Sami the Collector wants to know how she likes it on Vuitton

Urging his lover to tell him exactly what she desires so he can make everything better, Sami the Collector shows us a true gentleman mindset with a superior display on the rather impressive Vuitton.

Sami the Collector aka Sami Ali is an Indianapolis, Indiana-based RnB/soul singer-songwriter, family man and master networker who has built up a rather impressive sound.

Brilliant once again. Sami the Collector has alleviated all nerves with a radiant song for the ages. Baked in so much goodness, this is the tasty treat we needed to nibble on before finding someone who changes everything.

Vuitton from Indianapolis, Indiana-based RnB/soul singer-songwriter Sami the Collector is a smooth soundtrack for all true lovers. With a kind outlook and showing us how to treat a romantic interest properly, this is an example to the youth of what the correct procedure is. In a world with so many confusing notions and misinformation, we find a single with a meaningful message to elevate all mindsets.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Interview: Indiana artist Tony Marino tells us timeless stories and shares valuable advice on Low Keyed

With a gig story for the ages and exhibiting to us what self-enlightened experience looks like, Tony Marino kindly had a chat with us and is at his honest best. Valiantly representing the original artist and leading us into his incredible life, we find out more about this determined underground great.

Hello there Tony. Thank you for chatting with us today. Where in the world are you as we speak and what did you have for breakfast?

Tony Marino: I am currently living in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I had my usual blueberries, oatmeal, and coffee for breakfast.

You’re known as the quintessential Latin jazz keyboardist. Where did it all start with you musically and what/who inspires you to perform?

Tony Marino: The title “the quintessential Latin jazz keyboardist” was given to me in one of my album reviews. I started taking lessons with Philadelphia Pianist Bill DelGovernatore, Rev. Ernie Hopkins and then Tom Lawton. I played in bands while attending High School and Tech School. After moving from Philly to Fort Wayne I started a band, called Havana Heat. In 1997, I met Claudio Roditi who introduced me to Breno Sauer. I studied Brazilian Music and Tango with Breno. While living in Fort Wayne I also took lessons with Jim Trompeter, Jose Valdes, and Laurence Hobgood. We moved to Santa Barbara, which was another great experience. I was given the opportunity to play with many other world-class musicians. I have been very fortunate to have studied and played with so many great musicians over the past several decades.

3 albums in 1 year. This is extremely impressive. Please tell us all about your new releases?

Tony Marino: Since my wife and I have been together she always wanted me to record a solo piano album. All of my recordings up to this point were instrumentals using various instruments.

Out of all the projects I did to date the piano solo album called “Original Piano Pieces” took the longest, 14 months. I wrote 12 new pieces, remixed two songs from previous albums and re-recorded two older songs. I worked on one song at a time and did many takes until I was happy with each composition’s recording.

The second album “Low Keyed” came together pretty fast. I wrote and recorded 9 new songs and re-recorded three songs from previous projects. This album is a world music album with Latin and jazz compositions.

The third album release “World Music Blues” contains 10 original compositions that use I-IV-V chord changes in major and minor keys. I wrote these songs in different keys, styles, and time signatures.

If you were stuck on a deserted island..which 5 items would you take with you if you could?

Tony Marino: My wife, our children, our dogs, food, and water.

Do you have any funny live performance stories you’re willing to share?

Tony Marino: When I was in high school, I played in a band that booked an after-hours club gig for several months. I purchased a brand-new amplifier, and on the first night playing the gig, the amplifier speaker blew out. I took the amplifier back to the music store and upgraded to a larger amplifier.

On the second night, I set up the new amplifier directly behind me. While I was playing the amplifier volume started to fluctuate, I noticed my shadow flickering directly in front of me on the dance floor and I felt heat on the back of my neck.

When I turned around to look at the amplifier, I notice 3-foot flames shooting out of it. The guitar player pulled the plug, and the bass player punched a hole through the grill cloth and put the fire out with his hand. The entire place was filled with smoke, everyone ran out of the club into the parking lot. A few minutes later everyone went back into the club. I plugged my piano into the guitar player’s amplifier, and we finished the night. I took the amplifier back to the music store and traded it in for another amplifier.

On the third night I set up my new amplifier, the club owner came over to me and placed a huge fire extinguisher next to my amplifier and said if you play one note without this fire extinguisher you will be fired.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Tony Marino: At a very early age, my dear friend, the Rev Ernie Hopkins told me to never use drugs, gamble or date women at work.

Last, if you were in charge of the entire music industry, what would you change and why?

Tony Marino: I would encourage venues and radio stations to book and play original music of all styles. Throughout my music career, I have focused solely on writing and recording original music. As an independent recording artist, it is hard to get decent-paying gigs and music played on major radio stations without big record-label sponsorship. I would also encourage people to listen to new original music by a variety of artists and music styles.

Listen up on Spotify. See more on FB.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

I’ll Take You Out: Incredible Indiana singer-songwriter Jacob Dircksen wants to make it last on Sixteen

Inspiring us to take charge of each day, Jacob Dircksen waits for those dreams to come true on one of the most uplifting singles to hear today and it’s called Sixteen.

Jacob Dircksen is an Indiana-based indie singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who grew up in the music world and hasn’t stopped since.

Jacobs writing style seems to reflect his life struggles and successes, and his music speaks clearly on his own personal experiences about life, loss, and love.” ~ Jacob Dircksen

A proud member of the United States Marine Reserve, Jacob Dircksen performs with so much passion and desire to be happy with a special human. Taking us through a few years and guiding us through what it takes to make a relationship work out, we find a glorious soundtrack to young love.

Sixteen from Indiana-based indie singer-songwriter Jacob Dircksen is an absolute anthem to millions of lost souls. Showing us deep inside and showing us self-aware lyrics with romance in abundance, this one of the most electrifying releases so far in 2022.

When you know it’s special, never let it go without a fight.

Hear this fine single on Spotify and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ma Bell aka Kathy Bell Interview: A True American hero

Sometimes in life you meet someone who just wants to sing for the love and nothing more. This is the story of Ma Bell aka Kathy Bell. She is the ultimate underdog and loves making others happy. A selfless soul awaits.

Hello there Ma Bell aka Kathy Bell. How are you doing today and have you found that the music scene is properly back in your local area?
Ma Bell: I have found that this last year has been incredibly busy. I feel the music scene is definitely back.

You’re a DJ and also a songwriter with Bob McGilpin. Please explain how that fusion started and how creating songs makes you feel?
Ma Bell: I began in music at an early age, playing piano in the Church of God where my grandfather preached for 57 years.
I always had a passion for music but never thought I was good enough and had to go through quite a lot before believing in myself. I had written a silly Tobacco Barn song due to seeing a barn smoking with my friend and manager, Ruth Brown. She said write that into a song but I had no idea how that could be a song. A friend said get ahold of Bob McGilpin. I have to say he is the very best and not only is a co-writer but an amazing Friend. We now have 2 songs. America She’s Cryin co-written with Bob McGilpin a Platinum hit but also Freedom Truckers co-written with Bob McGilpin that has hit platinum twice.

Never too old to dream. I love your motto. It’s so true. Do you feel you’re in a dream while on stage and living out your destiny?
Ma Bell: I absolutely feel it is my dream. I have had the dream of performing on the Grand Ole Opry Stage one day since a child. I never give up on that and work hard. I have gone through sickness etc and am chasing my dream late in life, but still believe it can be possible as long as I never give up and keep working hard.

Who do you make music for and where do you call home?
Ma Bell: My home is in a very small town in Indiana called Sheridan. I make music when an inspiration hits. It is usually something from life. It can be funny or it can be serious.

Do you have a favourite song that we should definitely hear you sing live?
Ya all come! I love having fun in character as “Ma Bell” with my audience. The more they sing and tap feet, the more animated I become.

Can we spot you live before 2022 ends or do you have some events slowly cookin’ on the stove for 2023?
Absolutely, that would be awesome!

Find out more on her Facebook page.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Sweetspeak – Light Ruined Dark: A Warped Soundtrack to a Lynchian Fever Dream.

Testing the boundaries of rock n roll, the alt-rock band, Sweetspeak released their 2022 album, Signal Interception #186-Q7. The standout single, Light Ruined Dark, is the first feat of psychedelic experimentalism I’ve heard in a LONG time that isn’t tainted with derivative assimilation.

The distorted psychedelic blues tones would be reminiscent of a remaster of Fleetwood Mac’s Albatross… if the tape was fed through a meatgrinder. Sounding like two singles being played at different speeds simultaneously with bleeding vocals in the vein of Shoegaze artists, Light Ruined Dark really shouldn’t work, but God damn, it does. The immense guitar sound is practically an aphrodisiac.

Light Ruined Dark was officially released on October 5th. Check it out on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Born Down The Road: Via Skies left this burning desert behind on Home

Home by Via Skies

With a debut album on the way soon, Via Skies shows us that even if you are stuck down a lonely hole, it is actually possible to still reach your destination on the nostalgic single Home.

Via Skies is a long distance Arizona/Indiana-based indie folk band that was formed by the experienced East Valley singer-songwriter Jeff Gonzales.

Now collaborating with Indiana-based guitarist and producer Chad Cussen under the name Via Skies.” ~ Jeff Gonzales

Taking us into a world that so many have felt in their veins before, Via Skies rises up and shows so much strength with a terrific performance here that will inspire many to reach their chosen path. Sending us into a reflective moment you won’t be able to forget, this might be an underground gem we cherish forever.

Home from Arizona/Indiana-based indie folk band Via Skies is a joyous single that will surely get your feet tapping and is loaded with a genuinely joyous vibe and shall make you think deeper. Sung with a thoughtful energy and backed with a fantastic production, this is a track that might get you closing your eyes and recalling when you felt rather lost.

Home will always be home.

Hear this fine new song on Bandcamp and see more via Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen