N’DRE – Louder: Transatlantic Transient R&B

Louder is the second single released by the up and coming R&B Soul recording artist N’DRE. If you’re looking for an artist with the capability of carrying R&B into the 21st century look no further.

The rhythm to Louder still carries that same sultry groove of any self-resecting R&B track, yet the signature R&B beat has been reinvented to incorporate a fresh new Trap energy that helps to amplify the emotion that N’DRE pours into the mic alongside his romantically sweet lyrics.

The Mediteranian born London, UK dwelling artist has put to use his experience of diverse landscapes by creating a sound that carries the essence of them both alongside the songwriter’s myriad of other influences. The passion fuelling N’DRE’s sound is his desire to create an accessible sound in which we can all share in the euphoric high-vibe notes and melodies which are amplified by his soaring vocal style.

You can check out N’DRE’s latest single Louder out for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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