Night Acclaim embraces that feeling like they just met on the dance/pop single, ‘Beat of Our Hearts’

Dreaming that they could be together and stay tightly wrapped no matter what the rainy clouds outside are doing, Night Acclaim sends our veins throbbing with excitement on the desirable new track to alleviate any trauma with, ‘Beat of Our Hearts‘.

Night Acclaim is a New Jersey, USA-based indie DJ, and indie-pop singer-songwriter who has been in love with creating music his whole life.

As part of this project, he has co-written and collaborated with songwriters and producers such as Hailey Collier (David Guetta, Betty Who) and Pretty Sister (Betty Who, Jordin Sparks).” ~ Night Acclaim

Drifting high with a breathtaking soundtrack for the lovers out there who needed some extra comfort, Night Acclaim has dropped a romantic dance/pop track to truly treasure forever.

Beat of Our Hearts‘ from New Jersey, USA-based indie DJ, indie-pop singer-songwriter Night Acclaim, is a hot new single that might cause our veins to start shaking – like popcorn being made – as you imagine that simple life and being in a loving relationship. This is a track that will have you sweating slightly, with an eager tone that brings you to a wonderful place that was previously hidden away in the back of your memory.

Keeping things simple without silly distractions that aren’t important, is actually the way forward.

Listen up to this catchy new single on Soundcloud and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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