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That Sweet Connection: JahMakesMusic! seeks out that soul-charmingly wonderful ‘Satisfaction’

With a soulful vibe that has you entranced with delight, JahMakesMusic! has us all singing along with much music ‘Satisfaction‘ for the freed body to enjoy lovingly.

JahMakesMusic! is an inspirational and gritty Hackensack, New Jersey-born, Baltimore in Maryland-raised indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter, who alongside his trusted producer Tamira Slade, sweetly intermingle that authentic rhythm that is solely created to bring positive energy, to a world that seems dark and hopeless sometimes.

Taken off his two-years-in-the-making debut eight-track EP called ‘Love After Heartbreak‘, you can feel his inner most struggles but positive creation streak through from the cold, each word is sung with a desire to never go back to where he was, as his music transcends all barriers.

This is the story of that sweet love that you want to last forever, as you bodies want the night to stay alive forever. Your souls are intertwined and this could be something special that you will both never forget. You love each other and the aim is to show each other that this is different to the rest.

Satisfaction‘ from JahMakesMusic!, is the type of song that warms your heart, as this is the ultimate comeback story of a man who was homeless for a year. He fought back to where he is now, as his voice bellows gloriously to spread a message of peace, love and self-awareness. Life is all about being happy and doing what you truly care after all, no matter what happened in the past.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


That special light: Mike Hall Bass adds his own ambiance to classic single on ‘Owl City-Fireflies (Solo Bass Cover)’

Featuring a lovely lo-fi feel that has your whole body tingling in joy, Mike Hall Bass returns with his fantastic ‘Owl City-Fireflies (Solo Bass Cover)’.

Mike Hall Bass is a charismatic New Jersey-based bassist, with a world class style who has worked with and played alongside some of the best bands in the world. His class is for all to hear on this brand new single that helps calms down our busy mind, his chilled out version has you tapping your feet and remembering fondly, when you heard this well-known song all over the radio.

He adds a soothing element to this all-time classic track and eagerly takes us for a mellow ride through the soothing bass melody he has lovingly created. The harmonics are easy on the ear and he strides in with a carefully crafted gem, that is a delight to listen to.

Owl City-Fireflies (Solo Bass Cover)’ from the lovable New Jersey bassist Mike Hall Bass, is a wondrous effort from a quality guitarist, who leaves a lasting impression on a top song that he has truly made his own.

Hear this soothing song on Soundcloud and see more about him on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Psychedelic Exploration Vibrations: Mr.Eos hatch mind-bending planetary travel soundscapes on ‘Harvest Moon’

With a sound that makes you feel like you are floating in space, Mr.Eos dazzle our perspective with their supremely elevating new single called ‘Harvest Moon‘.

New Jersey, USA electronic/guitar two-piece Mr.Eos, are all about creating love and understanding with their unique mixture of potent music fusion, that sets the bar in terms of elevating creativity to a whole new level.

The layers here are quite terrific and the mystique only gains extra traction the more you really listen deeper, this is a cinematic track that will surely be in movies or series sooner rather than later.

You feel like you are exploring freely in this track, the mixture of electro, guitar and at times elements of drum and bass, jogs your memory to find similar experiences as this, the truly remarkable creation is a rare gem in this copycat world.

Harvest Moon‘ from New Jersey’s fascinating two-piece act Mr.Eos, is the hallmark of fusing different sounds to bend our ears to hear new heart-warming psychedelic sounds, to give us hope again after a dark twelve months.

Stream this galaxy-exploring track on Soundcloud and see more IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Hold me: Janockeil fires up the passion with everlasting affection on ‘Love Me Like You Love Me’

After our pulsating hearts just got enough of the steamy ‘Feelings‘, Janockeil brings more passion into our lives with the latest single from this incredible talent on ‘Love Me Like You Love Me‘.

Janockeil is a charming Newark, New Jersey-based, Charleston, South Carolina-born RnB artist, who sings passionately about the complexities of love, intimacy, and self-examination through his delightful music and willingly pours his heart and soul into each word.

You look outside the window, while his soothing voice lifts you into a new happy place, you close your eyes tightly and smile to yourself through his uplifting tone, that has a range like very few possess.

This is the story of wanting to be with your special human so badly, you miss their hugs and kisses, you can’t stop thinking about it and desire so much more, to make you whole again.

Love Me Like You Love Me‘ from the exhilarating New Jersey r&b/soul artist Janockeil, makes your whole body shiver in delight and presents you with that exciting memory of that special person who you are either with, or want to be with.

Life is short anyway, so speaking up about your true intentions, is the only way to really find out if the feelings are mutual.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


His calling: Dezvelkito brings forth a positive message of peace on ‘Freedom’

With his meaningful voice rising above the obvious pain, Dezvelkito shows us the way to try and find ‘Freedom‘, so the anguish may be lifted away for the greater good.

Uscla Johnny Desarmes aka Dezvelkito, is a peaceful indie r&b New Jersey, USA-based producer, filmmaker, writer and singer-songwriter, who makes that thoughtful music, that he uses to help the world breathe and think about the positive vibrations.

With a calming nature, he delivers here with a stunning song all about wanting to love and to be unshackled from all the previous experiences with his ex lover. He wants to move on from their selfish ways and to be happy again, as sleep has been hard to enjoy, as this emotional moment has been weighing down heavily on his heart.

His voice flies in like a hungry bird that wants to makes his nest and be settled inside his soul again. The uplifting power fills your mind with previous nights you couldn’t sleep, when all you needed was that closure from all previous doubts and misery.

Freedom‘ from New Jersey’s Dezvelkito is a beacon of light onto a dark and gloomy world that needs so much healing. He sings with a passion that is unmatched and this is a song that will heal many, through this tough time in our lives.

Stream this thriving new single on Spotify and see more of his adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


That dangerous viper tongue: Marsalis Davis drops hauntingly excellent single ‘Madonna’s Luv Song’

Marsalis Davis is one of the hardest working musicians in the game and he returns with the enthralling single ‘Madonna’s Luv Song’, which is taken off the fifteen-track album ‘Tonight, WE Feast!‘.

New Jersey-based underground neo-soul, rock, hip-hop emcee/songwriter Marsalis Davis, is that intriguing soul that makes mind-bending soundscapes different to most, as he is looking for what’s inside and not what’s on top.

With a heart that seeks realness, being uninterested with what the current trends and flashy fake fads are, makes him an artist to turn on and put that dial on high.

With his out the box mentality continually driving him to find his own unique path, this fascinating enlightenment puts him in his own genre to inspire the new generation of musicians- to look past the tasteless fluff and find that real tender timeless classic vibe.

His gripping vocals make your neck shake into pulsating levels of intoxicating energy as the story of her bad girl mannerisms puts you into a different state of mind that you love but know you shouldn’t enjoy for too long. The viper tongue has you doing things you normally wouldn’t and her blood-thirsty bite has you suddenly sick with wild thoughts that makes you feel inter-connected with her, until she lets you go with all your strength sapped from her poisonous grasp.

Madonna’s Luv Song‘ from New Jersey multi-creator Marsalis Davis is a piece of modern day poetry that stimulates your mind and senses to levels that you haven’t felt before in a song.

Sometimes we need to override our over-stimulated minds to avoid getting in precarious positions, otherwise wicked humans will take whatever they want and break you down into shadow of what you where before. It might be fun for a while when things are still fresh but our souls are fragile and its special nature needs to be protected from people with the wrong intentions.

Stream this top new song on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Hot and mysterious R&B: The Vibe sings about that sweet lovin’ on ‘Fall Back’

New Jersey artist The Vibe is a motivated individual who has been carefully crafting his music to get that particular ‘wow factor’ in his soul and he might have found the sweet spot on ‘Fall Back’.

The feeling is that he is on his way up the stairs after a few falls and creative differences with himself. It’s how we get back up again and evolve that counts after all. Good music does indeed triumph over everything if polished just right and with extra spray, to add that shine that gleefully captures our attention, from the maze of constant distractions.

The love story is on full display here as his voice illuminates the bedroom while the lights slowly getting lower and lower. His tone is seducing and driven towards falling in love with the mysterious goddess he is crazy about. With a smooth output and lots of lyrics that will have the ladies swooning over his every word, this is a singer that has it all in his locker. You feel like he is expressing himself very eloquently and soon he will get that much-needed buzz by playing live shows after covid-19 finally fizzles out.

If he can build up his community a bit tighter on social media, have almost daily interactions, with friends family assisting to kick-start things, this is a young artist that can fully realize his dreams. The music quality is there and he just needs that push at the start to get the momentum like pushing a car that won’t start. With a big push, original music that is different to the rest, not being too hard on himself, and a loyal team pushing him to greater heights, anything is possible.

Fall Back’ from New Jersey R&B singer-songwriter The Vibe is a sexy song and full of lustful innuendos that will have you reaching for that water bottle to cool off. This is a talented artist with a golden voice that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. He has a rare gift that if used right, can shine through bright and inspire so many lost souls out there.

Feel the heat via Spotify and see this young artists career take off on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Facing your demons head on: ‘Paradox’ from New Jersey musician Kevin Grace is the call to heal from within

New Jersey Alt-Rock singer Kevin Grace drops his debut ‘Paradox’ and this is a song to take notice of. The melodic kick drums starts up our blood flow again as we slip out of that lazy slumber that has befallen most of the world. You get the feeling that this is going to be something very deep and ultimately worthwhile. This is proven absolutely correct as Kevin’s gritty vocals are so real when you needed this sense of authenticity so much to give the battered soul a gold medal for once.

You feel the harmony and the sadness here but there is hope attached which makes this is an inspirational listen. The guitar’s electricity swirls around like a crashing sea, the lifeboat is ready and you just need to swim for a while to clear your mind from the smoke, booze and temptations that are sometimes too easy to say no. The journey to self-enlightenment is here and you feel that he wants it so badly. He is ready now and takes us along to see the sunrise that is so close to his eyes.

To fully heal and destroy those dastardly demons from your heart, you need the support of those close to you as you will need a hand from time to time as the reappear like a ghost in the night. Ultimately, you have to be the captain on this vessel and lead the way. It’s your life after all and ‘Paradox’ from Kevin Grace is a splendid self-aware song for modern times. To be the best version of yourself is hard work but the only way to be at peace with yourself and smile when you see yourself in the mirror. Hiding away is not an option anymore.

Support the journey on Kevin’s Spotify and see more on his Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Showing your true feelings: New Jersey born emcee King Logan is lyrically supreme on ‘B.A.D’

He slides in with the crew and storms the mic with a ferociously hungry attitude and wants to be up there with the best. This is his time and the belief is certainly not lacking. US indie emcee King Logan is lyrically expressive on the sexy new Hip Hop track named ‘B.A.D‘.

This is a man that like the bad girls, even if he knows deep down that they will eventually hurt him. A flamboyant lyrical delivery awaits us and we turn this one up to hear each word real close. This is that party type of Hip Hop and is one for the club, late at night when the bar is saying last rounds.

After a day out in Philadelphia’s Love Park a few years ago, his passion for skateboarding and music combined into a perfectly constructed drink, the taste-buds were alive and he knew what to do. Make music that uplifts his community and do that all the time.

You can feel the hunger here as he knows that he can’t be messing around with just any girl, making money is front and centre of his focus and finding the right woman will come. He wants her to be loyal and a little bad but mostly good as that is where you Queen will appear from.

King Logan shows off his freestyle-inspired flow on ‘B.A.D‘ and this is a supremely talented artist with plenty more left in the tank.

Hear this hot new Hip Hop track on his Spotify and see more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


New Jersey’s multi-talented Gen Dietzel emerges from the depths of the underworld with ‘Haunted’

New Jersey’s multi-talented Gen Dietzel emerges from the depths of the underworld with ‘Haunted‘. This is a eerily brilliant song that catches you by surprise and engulfs your thoughts.

Gen Dietzel is a singer-songwriter and also a very talented writer who sings about how she feels deep inside. There is a real element of pain in her voice as she unwraps all the things in life that are keeping her soul down in the dumps, waiting for a fresh start. Gen has a style that is so hauntingly beautiful as you get lost in her voice, you look for the cookie crumbs on the floor and follow them. You know the journey is going to be worth it and it certainly is.

Haunted‘ from Gen Dietzel is a scary but brilliant release that captures the mood of 2020 just perfectly. The world right now has been caught in a big messy bottle, with so many terrible leaders, a world that is closed off mostly and the mood is so somber. Being in love is so tough right now too and you feel like you are haunted, nothing is going the way you want it to go.

Her vocals are so unique and you are transported into a dark world that need salvation so badly. Music heals all they say and this is a song that makes you think, makes you sad and inspires at the same time. A rare gift indeed that if nurtured correctly, can only blossom into something beyond, what it was first intended for.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen