Mother And Child: Lara Eidi reminds us of the tender classic Christmas single with ‘Silent Night’

Taken off her brand new full album ‘A Very Eidi Christmas‘, Lara Eidi is quite terrific on her version of the well-known single that ushers in the ‘Silent Night‘.

Lara Eidi is a Lebanese/Canadian, Athens, Greece-born, London, England-based indie singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and music teacher who blends in jazz, folk, and ethnic vocal stylings into the core of her beautiful melodies for us to feel reinvigorated by.

This is a highly detailed artist who turns to music when she is lost, as you feel her true love in her chosen craft through such sublime vocals that has your whole soul feeling so much calmer than before.

She discovered a love for music at an early age, attaining a keen interest in piano and singing and performed with the Greek National Opera Productions as a young chorister from the age of 11.” ~ Lara Eidi

Silent Night‘ from London, England-based indie singer-songwriter and Streisand-influenced Lara Eidi is a sweetly-sung single from a tremendously genuine artist. She has brought us a well-loved Christmas anthem back to life in her own way with such ear-tingling vocals that have you feeling like you are listening to something made from true beauty. During this time of doom and gloom, this is a splendid creation that reminds us to keep things festive as we try and forget the past two years of heartbreaking challenges.

Hear this lovely version of a true classic on Spotify and see her journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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