Steve Nicosia scored a scintillating ambient fantasy in his instrumental curtain call, End of the Event

Taken from his hotly anticipated Matter of Time EP, the standout single, End of the Event, from the eclectically inspired artist Steve Nicosia is a filmic sonic fantasy that invites you to lose yourself in the scintillatingly structured ambience.

Short of implanting yourself back in the womb, there are few sanctuaries on our intrepid scorched earth as cathartic as the one that unfolds under the duress of the cinematic sound designer.

Extended preludes may be becoming a thing of the past in the streaming era of music. Yet, End of the Event proves that they are anything but outdated. The gentle orchestral swells, classical guitars, and piano motifs gradually build from the mid-way mark in this daydream of a release that progressively rewards you for your immersion.

As the layered melodies gently crescendo, the sense of arrestive awe for Nicosia’s talent when weaving an instrumental narrative will viscerally heighten. I feel like I’ve just heard the curtains close on humanity, and it deserves a standing ovation.

The Matter of Time EP is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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