Missouri’s Brian Dalton feels like the future is looking rather bright on ‘Chasing The Sun’

With no place to belong and the whole world ready to explore for its hidden goodness, Brian Dalton shows us that the light is there if we open the window and never close the sunshine away again with ‘Chasing The Sun‘.

Brian Dalton is a Missouri, USA-born indie pop/rock singer-songwriter who is headed to Greece soon to further his career in a country where he feels at home.

Reminding us that heading towards that self-enlightened mindset to change your whole perspective is actually the way to that happy home, after all, Brian Dalton is an example of how humble heroes are there to help the world when we truly need them.

Chasing The Sun‘ from Missouri, USA-born indie pop/rock singer-songwriter Brian Dalton is a flouring single by an artist who has shown us the right attitude to truly succeed. With a positive philosophy and soothing vocals that have lyrics enveloped inside you can join in with, this type of song could change your whole day and flip your mood back the right way.

Sometimes music is there to heal, and this is one of those moments where you can’t help but smile and feel like the world shall shift into a happier state. The frigid winter always ends eventually.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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