Microcosms – Omnipotence: An Astral Amalgamation of Post Punk and Grunge

On September 5th, the up and coming Chicago Alt Rock band Microcosms treated us to four whole minutes of rhythmically unadulterated reverberant energy with their latest single Omnipotence. It’s rare that I’ll find myself find myself so encompassed by a track the first time I hit play, yet, considering Omnipotence takes influence from sludgy, spectacular modern icons of Alternative such as Courtney Barnett, Wolf Alice and Cage the Elephant, it leaves little room to wonder why.

Just how they managed to project such astral energy into the soundscape is nothing short of aural alchemy. The way the bass drives the beat over the sporadic blaring of the electric guitar builds the atmospheric tension of the track before the hooks start to sink their teeth in shows that Microcosms aren’t just your average garage band.

You can check out Microcosms’ latest single Omnipotence for yourself now by heading over to YouTube, because sometimes, words really don’t do the sound justice.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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