Longing For Hope: The Marsh Family hopes for all humanity to survive these tough times on In the Bleak

Urging us to lift our voices loud and proud to help all the lost souls, The Marsh Family sing with so much pure emotion and care on the hopeful reminder we all needed to hear on In the Bleak.

The Marsh Family is a Kent, UK-based indie pop band who rose to fame in 2020 with their much-loved pandemic parody songs.

The family of six, from Kent in the UK, are versatile, earthy, and independent – putting their own unique twist on genres from musicals and folk to Motown and funk. Dubbed the “Von Trapped” family by the New York Times, they raised millions of spirits and smiles during lockdown, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live (2020), the BBC’s Comic Relief (2021), and spearheading a Christmas campaign for Prostate Cancer UK in December 2021. Their debut single that month was played on BBC Radio 2 and numerous regional stations.” ~ The Marsh Family

The world’s favourite Faversham family band are back and goodness gracious me, they are rather spectacular yet again. The Marsh Family sing with so much tender poise and meaning. In a seemingly plastic world, this humble fearlessness must be admired for its courageous energy.

In the Bleak from Kent, UK-based indie pop band The Marsh Family is a terrific track which is tremendously delivered with gusto from a group who makes music to help humanity feel extra comfort when the skies are grey. Performed so elegantly, it’s hard to find a better song to portray the true feeling of the world.

Hear this fun new single on Spotify. See more of their story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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