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UK singer-producer William Moore is dynamic on ‘Four Nights in One’

William Moore is a Kent-based indie singer-songwriter and this is his new and excellent release called ‘Four Nights in One‘. The follow up to his latest effort ‘Cambrian Road‘ from August, this is a terrific song to further cement his name with our ears.

This has a club-like start, the vocals soon erupt into a woven lust that makes the hair on your arms stand up to attention. The beat catches you off guard, your body moves and you like it. This is the party song, lots of memories lost as they were so close just the night before.

Your problems tomorrow are not today and this is such a true notion. You have 4 parties on 1 and this has totally broken you but you but you enjoyed it. You didn’t worry about the day until you woke up.

UK singer-producer William Moore is incredible on ‘Four Nights in One‘ as this indie-pop journey is a tasty ear listen as the quality production and crisp vocals win the day. This is music perfect for those chilled days when you are in a reflective mood.

Head through to the Spotify page.

Click here for the Facebook link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


South East London teen singer Tizane sizzles on flamed out love ‘He Took It All Back’

Tizane sings so beautifully on her honest indie-folk track and visuals for ‘He Took It All Back‘.

Tizane adds her brand of brilliant comedy horror on ‘He Took It All Back‘. The video is a welcome eerie pastiche of the Stanley Kubrick cult classic, The Shining, and features all the poster icons and characters, like Room 237, The tricycle, Jack Torrance, his son Danny, and of course The Grady Twins. A rising star in the USA, Germany and getting noticed through the world, this is an artist who’s brilliantly created music is getting the love it deserves.

Tizane has had an incredible two year journey despite her private battle with anxiety issues and the broader negatives around global pandemics and such. In 2018 she was hawking a handful of well-constructed ethereal ballads around the open mic pubs and clubs of Kent with an old guitar and the less than likely dream of a music career. With determination and sheer lack of alternatives kept her out there and from there she got her noticed. With lots of radio support and a massive loyal fan-base, this self-aware young teen singer with an old soul, is going places.

M25 Carpark teen Tizane sings so honestly and her voice is so real and striking to the heart, in a really good way. She is a creative who has managed to do her exams in this crazy time and has just stayed positive throughout. Her music is so relevant in 2020 and I can’t wait to see her play live. ‘He Took It All Back‘ is a quality song from London’s Tizane.

Here is the YouTube link.

Head through to the Spotify page.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Britpop melodies with The Shop Window on ”Evacuate”

The Shop Window from the UK are here with their latest single and it’s a real winner called ”Evacuate”.

This new track from the British boys is all about getting away from this crazy world with that special soul. You just want to break away and get up in the sky, heading far away from the madness on earth.

The Shop Window have an indie-pop kind of feel to them and are certainly a pleasure to put up on full volume. They have a rhythmical style about them and you can’t but help notice their Britpop vibe. This is a top quality act that impress on this catchy track.

The new song is taken off debut album ”The State Of Being Human” which has just recently been completed at Raffer Studios in Kent. With a splendid sound, we can look forward to a huge release from this top UK band.

Watch the video ahead of the release on the 14th August on YouTube.

Find out more about the band here on their Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Teaser review: Kent band 3dBs Down set for Get Your Retaliation in First album release on 31st July

UK Melodic Ska-Punk Rock band 3dBs Down drop new album ”Get Your Retaliation in First” on the 31st July and this is a teaser to get you in the mood for this hotly anticipated release. The Kent band furiously showcases their new music with small clips of all the new songs and this has got me licking my lips.

The band from Gravesend tease the new song list with announcements that ”Everyone Here is Better Than You”, ”Count To A Million”, ”Light On A Dark Day”, ”Idiot Ignorant Evil”, ”Greatest Day” and ”Moussaka” will be the tracks on the new output via Indiegogo.

On Friday 10th July the band will be releasing the brand spanking new single and the first for 15 years. ”Count To A Million” will be out on all streaming platforms and is the first single out.

Stream the brand new teaser here on YouTube.

Check out the band on Facebook to find out more about upcoming gigs.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Luke Taylor Releases Rhythmically Tight Track “Radiate”

Luke Taylor is a fresh producer from Kent with a crisp sound that delivers flawless production and a rich balance between melody and rhythm. His latest track “Radiate” is an outburst of energy into a chaotic sound, crafted with precision and great imaginative ideas. The track’s name also fits the vibe of the music perfectly and upon first pressing play it is evident that the sound literally radiates energy. It is also image evoking and the sensations of chaos and order in the music really translate well to imagery of atomic movement and radiation.

With blistering acidic sounds and a heavy drum and bass feel in the music, the texture is rich and densely packed but this track offers more than this. It also features a strong sense of melody through sections which alternate between more rhythmically complex parts of the song. Apart from this, each sound and beat has its place which allows the rhythmic layers to interlock perfectly together. Luke Taylor is a producer with a strong and convincing artistic vision. The way the sounds are chosen and mixed, in combination with the digital elements and the balance between melody and rhythm really prove his skills are sharp. “Radiate” is a track which is truly crafted to chaotic perfection!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Luke Taylor – Decay: Edgy, Resonant Drum & Bass Fresh from The UK

Call me a nihilist, but there’s something about a macabre song title that catches my eye. Luke Taylors new track Decay certainly didn’t disappoint. This Drum & Mass style medley of chaotic sound may only be 2.08 minutes long, but it delivers everything you would expect from a Drum & Bass hit, from distortion to blistering snares, it’s got it all.

Luke Taylor is an underground enigma from Kent, UK that has become a major contender in the Drum & Bass scene for his home produced tracks. His baselines offer the movement and mood to take you along with the upbeat classic D&B sound. Decay mixes together elements of unbridled energy to leave you in a chaotically zen state. The filters, distortions and modulations are absolutely flawless, my only criticism would be that the track wasn’t longer.

Check out Decay on the SoundCloud link below, where there are plenty of the tracks by the artist to enjoy, this new young artist is showing no signs of slowing down, he’s constantly throwing new sounds into the mix, for fans of the more melodic sound you can sample some of his more ambient sounds through tracks such as Sinister


Wilber – 3am: Master of The Mix Tape

At the tender age of 21 Wilber Leon has become a master of the mix tape, combining minimalistic beats with poignant lyrics. His music is delightfully and millennially sweet. His brand-new track 3am is a masterpiece of emotion. There’s a delectable sense of modern romance behind the track without any over-sentimentality. It’s raw, and real, and something that everyone can relate to. There’s a deep sense of melancholy within his music that you just can’t ignore, which is highly resonant and not something you hear frequently from male rap artists. I mean, you get the typical ‘I want you back tracks’ which are massively over produced in the mainstream rap scene, but 3am encapsulates something else entirely. It’s real, Wilber offers you his own emotions for you to feel through his anchoring melodies.

Wilber orchestrates delectably delicate arrangements through his music, using fragile samples of sound to truly convey heart wrenching emotion.

If you’re a fan of Kendrick Lemar, Jay Z, and J. Cole; you’re going to want this conceptual artist on your rap playlist.


A&R Factory Present: Silent Crowd

Silent Crowd are pleased to unveil details of their new single, Candy.

Silent Crowd are a South London based four-piece consisting of Jon, George, Harry and Sonny. Candy is a blistering introduction to this hugely exciting new band. Produced by Kristofer Harris (Bears Den, Clock Opera, Get Inuit) and released on 21st October through new UK independent Bon Nudity Records, Candy is the first taste of a band flexing their ability to bring out vast pop arrangements and are set on a path to storm their contemporaries. Speaking of Candy, vocalist and guitarist Jon Clothier said, “it wears its heart on its sleeve; an unashamedly candid reflection on the dancefloor games of young love.”

Formed of Jon (Vocals/Guitar), George (Drums), Harry (Guitar) and Sonny (Bass), Silent Crowd began in 2015, to be shortly discovered by BBC Introducing’s Abbie McCarthy and described as “Infectious indie-disco”. This winter, Silent Crowd play a string of London shows including a night at London’s Courtyard Theatre in support of Native People on the 19th November.

11th November – Scream Lounge, London

19th November – The Courtyard Theatre, London

25th November – Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, London