Old and Grey: Marsh Family are rather special on My Storybook

After their hugely unforgettable last feature from December 2022 called In the Bleak, Marsh Family mark a 2022 golden wedding anniversary in the most joyous way conceivable on My Storybook.

Marsh Family is a much-loved Kent, UK-based indie pop family band who ascended to worldwide stardom in 2020 with their inspiring pandemic parody songs.

A piece of musical sunshine that celebrates companionship, shared memories, and the simple things that keep us all grounded.” ~ Marsh Family

After raising £8,000 for Save the Children and showing us their true devotion to the local community, The Marsh Family shall change all sour milk into only freshness with a quite lovely new single. They perform with so much fondness and care which is rather heart-healing in this cold world.

My Storybook from Kent, UK-based indie pop family band Marsh Family is such a likeable picture book for a special time. Reminding us of the importance of taking time to cherish those vivid recollections, this is a song to turn up rather loud. The quality is easy to hear and the connection genuine, to wash all apprehensions away rather quickly.

Turn up this track on Spotify. View more of their journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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