Merci Raine – Marie Laveau: Expressively Hypnotic Dark Pop

Merci Raines

Remember when Lady Gaga debuted way back in 2008? With her latest single “Marie Laveau” Merci Raine appeared on our radar with the same level of distinction in her sound.

Certain elements of Marie Laveau could be described as dramatic in a way which you could expect from Alternative artists such as Amanda Palmer. Yet, the tentative progression of the single unfolds with sporadic pulls of violin strings cutting through the layers of atmospheric Pop for a definitely sultry aural allure.

Merci Raine is certainly isn’t an artist who holds back when it comes to individualistic expression. Whether that’s through her slightly archaic soundscapes, occultish vibes, or lyrics which encourage the listener to fight against archetypal gender roles you get the true sense while listening to her latest single that Alt Pop doesn’t get more candid than this.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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