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Heart Is Aching: Irish family band Us4 drop debut single ‘Tears Of A Clown’

Reflecting a luminescent light onto our unhappy and frightened faces, Us4 have us grasping for the tissues nearby on their much-awaited première single called ‘Tears Of A Clown‘.

Us4 is a DIY Irish pop-rock band that was created by four siblings who are from busy Birmingham, UK. They are a tight-knit group that bring us striking harmonies, to truly gaze right into as we hunt for that new path of self-worth.

Emanating from a rich musical background, Us4 is the triumphant culmination of a childhood of exposure to a vast and eclectic blend of music. A strong Irish heritage is evident in their unique and vibrant sound, as they seamlessly marry the driving rhythms of stadium rock acts with the beautiful melodic spirit of traditional Irish folk music.” ~ Us4

There is a mysterious edge about such well-sung vocals that has your rain-trodden frame shaking with intrigue, on a background soundtrack that takes you to a new place in your gushing capillaries. The ambience is crammed with a contemplative stream of wonder, as you take yourself away from what has been bringing you down in the past.

Tears Of A Clown‘ from the talented and self-produced four-piece Irish family band Us4, is a scintillating single from a truly distinct act who are only getting started. This is the narrative about feeling so downcast and needing to find the energy after an emotional moment to lift yourself up, so that you may return with that vitality that made you extraordinary before.

Finding your glowing light in this harsh world filled with evil potholes – which are ready to easily take you under if you don’t have your thick skin ready for action – is the only way to really be that person who you want to be in life.

Check out this stunning new effort on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Putting The Pieces Back: Dana heals through courage on heartfelt new single ‘Collage’

Released off his new ten-track ‘Uncovered, Vol. 1‘ album from this year, Dana searches for all the broken memories of life to make his ‘Collage‘ of healing, so he may come to a happier reality.

Dana White aka Dana, is an emerging North Carolina-based indie RnB/neo-soul artist from a family of musicians, who sings about real moments that have influenced him in life, as he takes us on a journey of self-healing to become stronger, whilst helping others who have been in this same position recover too.

This is the story of feeling that your body is disjointed after a loss, the pieces are scattered all over the show as your mind tries to recover, your heart heals slowly, but this picture will be brighter again soon. The painful memories are harder to bare as you feel for a while that no one really cares, until you find a really good listener that understands you and guides you back to your happy place.

His voice shows the pain and emotion, the tone is strong and deep, trying to stay calm despite the water gushing all over his body through the storm of life that can sink you for a while, until you find that lifeboat to help you rise up again.

Collage‘ from soulful singer Dana, is that ode to all the romantics out there who feel love deeper and pain more intense than others. Going through all the memories to be better next time is the best way to replenish all those lost moments, rather than sweeping them under the carpet for them to emerge again, when the ferocious winds blow your way again.

Stream this poetic song on Spotify and see his Twitter for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Holiday With Me’ is a fun song about fun times away from work with the multi-talented Travis Cloer

Holiday With Me‘ is a fun song about fun times away from work with the multi-talented Travis Cloer as he shows the world his refined voice and plenty of charm.

Travis Cloer is on top form with his latest single ‘Holiday With Me‘. This is a seasoned performer that shows his Broadway experience and sings with such flamboyant gusto. A top musician and actor, the sky is the limit for his career as he impresses yet again. This is the type of song to turn up loud with the whole family around.

This is a singer who loves to perform and you can feel his excellent energy here as he sings about the holidays. You feel like packing your bags and joining him for the good times.

So if you you are so tired of the year and want to just have fun, forget about stress and jump on a plane, leave your stress behind and enjoy holiday with me.

Click here for the Soundcloud music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

An ode to celebrate our Mothers: Colombian Family man Karval brings us a classic on ‘Tu Sabes’ featuring the legend Lisandro Meza

An ode to celebrate our Mothers: Family man from Columbia Karval brings us a classic on ‘Tu Sabes’ featuring the legend Lisandro Meza.

This is a real song for the times that we are in, a song that speaks of love for the family, of wanting to hug their parents, but which in turn raises a prayer for those who they are no longer with us. This is a terrific message as lot of the world will certainly feel this notion. With a groovy style, with cinematic backdrops, this is a terrific new single for 2020.

Undoubtedly, this is an important stage of Karval’s career, as ‘Vivo Sabroso‘, ‘Take Out Al Borracho‘, ‘Feo Pero Formalito’, among others have been big hits back home and overseas too. You can also see the respect that Karval has for Lisandro, he looks up to him and they make quality music together.

This is a great song, no only because of its rhythm and lyrics, but also because of the teamwork of these two great artists, this is a sincere tribute that Karval shows to the great teacher Lisandro Meza. This is a real song that shows the respect these two have for each other: the rising star and the established legend. They only want to make great music and unite their country.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen