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New Jersey-born AD Robinson steams up the year with ‘Psychic’

New Jersey-born AD Robinson steams up the year with ‘Psychic‘, a quality R&B track that sizzles in your ears.

Taken off his latest album ‘Crowd Noise‘, ‘Psychic‘ is the freshly brewed track from the talented young singer-songwriter. The former track athlete who went to Rhode Island is skilled in many different areas, and it seems like now music is his major focus.

Currently a solo artist in his adopted home, he sings with a skill that was born inside his heart. When you learn 6 instruments, this is a human that has music in all of his veins. With an excellent vocal ability that is never too much, the lyrics are honest and this is a terrific listen.

AD Robinson is on top form on his love-torn, life happenings on the R&B track ‘Psychic‘. 2020. He is a new artist in the game but has a voice and mentality that will lead the way into becoming who he wants.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Get over It’ from Fendahlene is a relationship problem in a catchy song

Get over It‘ from Fendahlene is a relationship problem in a catchy song that has lots of awesome riffs to keep us wildly entertained.

Fendahlene were formed in Sydney back in late 1994 by Paul Whiteley (guitar and vocals) and Ashley Hurst (bass). After moving to Europe in 2006 from Australia, they decided to have a break to reboot. They soon returned to the studio in 2018 to record their new album, High and Low and Back Again at Urchin Studios in East London over a period of two years, the album featuring ‘Get Over It’ dropped in July 2020.

The bass line are tremendous here on Get over It and this is a top act. The vocals are smooth like a bald head, the catchy vibe has you pricking your ears up to hear more. This is the mark of a quality track.

This is the story about getting over a relationship that isn’t going well. Things were great and then life happened. You are tired or being in the firing line and have decided to move on as it isn’t worth it anymore. Or will you be able to chat about it and move on? Time will tell but things aren’t looking good so far.

Get over It‘ from Fendahlene is a fine indie-rock song and the catchy elements keep you hooked all the way through. This might be the new breakup anthem of 2020.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Oregon’s Dan Friese sends the world a gem with ‘Start Breathing In’

Dan Friese is a talented Oregon-based songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist. Dan is well-known for his thoughtful lyrics, engaging melodies and intimate live shows. In April of 2020, he released his debut EP, ‘Happiness‘, a collection of self-reflective psychedelic indie-folk tracks.

Taken off the new album, ‘Jane Songs‘, this is a bluesy waterfall of dripping water-droplets of music cleansers for the soul. The vocals are honest, the rhythm of the track is constant and you just let let go of all doubts. This is music straight for the heart, this is that take-breath and relax vibe. Everything is going to be okay.

With beautiful harmonica to start, you just know this is going to be a great song. This is correct as the start builds until we can hear the quality voice of Dan Friese, a man who must have so many stories of touring all over the USA. This soulful singer-songwriter impresses here with the inspirational song that tells us to breathe. Great advice in the fire of a year that is 2020. ‘Start Breathing In‘ is one of the gems of the year with it’s honest sound.

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‘Southern Outlaw’ is the ride to survive from Marcello Vieira

Southern Outlaw‘ is the ride to survive from Marcello Vieira as he skids in with a quality new single.

Marcello is a vastly experienced vocalist, singer-songwriter, real estate agent and session musician. He is skilled in various trades and pushes himself with his music to improve all the time.

This is a hustle soundtrack that is about how life is as an outlaw survivor. Things are tough out there and you need to have your wits about you. Getting caught is no option here, you must ride fast and be street smart. The world is a crazy place.

Marcello has a strong voice, you can sense his strength inside and this vocals reflect that. This is a true storyteller who wears his heart on his sleeve, you can feel his life experiences as you get lost in his voice. ‘Southern Outlaw‘ is that type of song you need to hear loud to fully experience this excellent artist who keeps it real.

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McQueen is terrific on instant classic ‘If I Didn’t Know Ya’

Taken off ‘Presenting McQueen‘, ‘If I Didn’t Know Ya‘ from McQueen is one of those songs that will be stuck splendidly in your head for days and days. This is a quality track of note.

You don’t know who they are but you are fascinated. You would like to get to know them but do they feel the same? You know that you two would get on well, there is no doubt about that. You feel that their style is so fine and fresh, you want to be with them so badly.

I love the fresh beat here from this song. This is so catchy and my head is bouncing. This is an indie-electro feast from the sky to us on earth to devour hungrily. I could imagine dancing to this for hours on end, sliding all over the floor. The vocals are crisp like a fresh packet of lettuce, the juicy beat is healthy and tasty for the heart.

McQueen’s ‘If I Didn’t Know Yais quality song and an instant classic. It has that sound that just feels so good. My soul is uplifted and I feel alive. This is making 2020 just a bit easier to handle thanks to this new artist that is going to make it big. Class is easy to spot and this is it.

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Sick, Tired & Done from Jazzmensoul is the story of suffering and the time is now for change

Sick, Tired & Done‘ from Jazzmensoul is the story of suffering and the time is now for change in the USA with all the terrific losses of life due to the police. This is a message that hits home.

The message here is: ”This song is born out of a consistency of brutal contempt for the lives of people of color by a nation that we have built and fought in numerous wars for, while under duress”.

Jazzmensoul and his team have sent through a deep song here that is so well-needed in this shocking time. Too many people of color have lots their lives and the lies have finally caught up to the small-minded authorities out there. Of course there are police that do a great job but for too long, deaths have occurred due to lack of care. Going overboard with petty arrests and hurting people that causes death, must end.

Sick, Tired & Done‘ from Jazzmensoul, PahPah Mike, Christopher Lowry, Gene Torres, Camille Gainer Jones, Gordon Jones and Kevin Blackler is such a vital song to spread this vital message. People are sick and tired and hopefully this cause is successful. The sooner the better.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


LA singer JiLLi takes us on a sad love story on ‘In Another Life’

Los Angeles, California is the home of supremely talented 22 year old singer-songwriter JiLLi who returns with her new stunner called ‘In Another Life‘.

She tells the story of loving someone in another life. You care for this person that are you are with but know that it can’t work. Perhaps in another life it would of worked, the timing was off this time but who knows in another time. This can be a tough feeling as you want it but know that it just won’t happen. There is no perfect journey and you know that this was written in the starts, you just know that you loved each other.

JiLLi is a fantastic talent that raises the bar in 2020 with ‘In Another Life. Her voice is tremendous and fills through the air like a good wine. She is a real talent.

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Finding your purpose with OneSixTwo’s Monster Ft. Tommy B

Monster” from OneSixTwo is one for the books from the Medocino County artist in sunny California.

OneSixTwo takes us inside his journey of being the underdog that has dealt with the undertones that all plague us at some point. The negative energy that can be all around us. I feel like a lot of artists are envious of his talent and this affected him. Not anymore. This is a fiery effort with passion.

This is a quality single from the rising talent from Medocino artist who sings his heart out while also featuring the excellent Tommy B. These two join forces like a perfectly cooked Sunday roast and it heats up during the ice cold beat to emanate the right temperature.

2020 has just landed the ultimate soundtrack. It has been a year stained by so many tragedies.

This fine song from the talented OneSixTwo as he slides into the place he belongs. After being the underdog due to egos and pettiness for too long, it feels like this is his best effort yet. He knows what his purpose is now and that’s to make more top shelf music for the weary souls out there.

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Orphic Decor’s ”Ida” is debut track from fine young artist

This song was written, produced and recorded by Jacob Tait aka Orphic Decor. Ida” is the name of this track and it is well-received here in 2020.

The New Zealand artist impresses on this new song. It starts off broodingly with a sinister undertone. Soon, the vocals are intact and we get a taste of the talent here. ”Ida” is about wanting someone to stay but you also know deep down that nothing lasts forever. You hear the pain and passion of Jacob’s lyrics and in his voice here, he gives it all he has.

Orphic Decor sings so well on ”Ida” and the production is quite magnificent. I love how the beat changes up and keeps you on your toes. This is perfect for a Sunday afternoon chilled when you need to re-calibrate after a long week. The New Zealand artist brings out one of the more mysterious songs of 2020 that needs to be listened to closely.

Stream the new song from this fine young artist on his growing Spotify music page.

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Super Digital impress on Hip Hop fire track ”Go For Broke”

US Hip Hop act Super Digital send through a message to the whole galaxy with their latest smash single ”Go For Broke”. This is rugged and real Hip Hop that is inspired by how crazy life is.

Taken off the album that was 6 years in the making-”From The Boardroom Back To The Block”, this is a fantastic song that I really vibe with. I think it’s because ”Go For Broke” is a true story. You have to be ready when the time comes otherwise you will miss out and always regret what could of been.

Go For Broke” is an important track for 2020 as we need to have this mentality to survive in this wild world. When it comes to the music scene, sitting back and waiting is not usually the best method. Taking charge of your destiny is the way and Super Digital get that just right here.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen