Live In My Mind: Filmm yearns for those senses again on Make Believe Penitentiary

Trapped in his mind like a lost bird who needs to fly again, Filmm searches for the keys to break quickly from those self-made walls that can keep you trapped inside forever on Make Believe Penitentiary.

Filmm aka Fionn McGuinness-Maris is a Bristol, UK-based indie alternative solo artist who seems to make relatable classics to learn from.

Perfect for anyone living in an episode of Black Mirror who makes for a thoroughly miserable dinner party guest.” ~ Filmm

Guiding us into the clouds above and feeding our hearts with a story that might cause a tear or two, Filmm is one of the more original creatives around and backs up the underground whispers with a mightily well-received performance.

Make Believe Penitentiary from Bristol, UK-based indie alternative solo artist Filmm is a terrific track that will take you through the mindset of a lost soul who needs to get out from inside rather swiftly. Soaked in an honest glow and featuring a video that might have you so fascinated, this is a new release to ponder with as you gaze into the sky.

Finding your happy place has never been more important than now.

Listen up on SoundCloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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