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Lies Through Your Head: Bristol’s Enter Red are quite first-class on ‘De Novo’

With a vibrantly terrific vibe that forms spectacularly through your thoughtful mind, Enter Red bust angrily through the creaky door and show us their world-class appeal with ‘De Novo‘.

Enter Red is a thrilling four-piece indie alt-rock act from Bristol in the UK. They skillfully make a distinctive blend of that desirable music for the soul to reside inside, that you just want to let your hair down to and jump up and down like it was 2019 all over again.

Goodness me. Enter Red are the type of UK band that leaves your whole ecstatic body sweating from their ferocious energy that seems to transform your spirit, to a whole new state of appreciation for such a talented outfit.

De Novo‘ from the exuberant Bristol-based indie alt-rock band Enter Red, is a rip-roaring effort from a terrific group that is certainly headed to a whole new level. You can feel the rooted passion flowing through their blood-thirsty veins on each second here, with a tasty edge that has you thinking that they might be your new favourite rock band. The class is easy to spot and the eloquently desirably vocals stand out from the rest, as the tight-knit crew certainly deliver in all facets with a truly brilliant new single.

Hear this top new effort on their Spotify and see more news via the band’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

It’s Gone: Bristol’s Laura Dia shows us into her emotional disorientation after a lost love with beautiful debut track ‘What Now’

As she slowly dries out her tears that have caused her once-happy mood to change from the ray of sunshine of before when she was deeply in love, newcomer Laura Dia is rather special and shows us that she needs to be heard on her outstanding debut single ‘What Now‘.

Laura Dia is a youthful Nigerian-born, Bristol, UK-based Alt-RnB/Soul artist and music producer who sings with a stunning air of exceptional calmness and inspiring grace.

Laura is a fairly new artist but displays so much authentic maturity on such a spellbinding track, which leaves your mouth open in awe and your heart sizzling with heartfelt emotions you can’t quite explain but just deeply feel. Her voice is pure and smooth – each lyric seems to fill your mind with a clear picture of what she is projecting to us – as she sings with such elegance and sadness, about her empty heart being shattered, like fragile glass all over the dusty floor.

What Now‘ from the the soulful Bristol Alt-RnB solo artist Laura Dia, is that special debut that sparks a wide range of feelings you either forgot you had, or didn’t know you possessed. This is all about that odd spell you feel under when you are suddenly alone after a ravishing relationship, that certainly burnt you as you sooth your scarred body in a calming cold bath. You know you will be okay but it stings so harshly, as you look sullenly into the broken mirror and shed a small tear again.

This is the time to heal, as you wonder where your next journey shall lead you.

Hear this compelling single on her Spotify and find out more about your new favorite UK RnB artist via her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Please Stay: Soulfully sweet Bristol singer-songwriter Chrissie Huntley holds on but knows she shouldn’t on the outstanding ‘Supposed To Be’

After a one year hiatus to replenish her sound and to make a few tweaks to what she wanted the world to hear, Chrissie Huntley eagerly returns with absolute aplomb, on her angelic new single that tells us how its ‘Supposed To Be’.

Chrissie Huntley is a wonderful honey-tipped Soul/pop singer-songwriter based in Bristol, England. She sings so beautifully with a calm edge of pureness that is so rare to find, on a heart-racing single that was recorded with upcoming songwriter/producer, Laurence Fazakerley Buglass.

“‘Supposed to Be’ is one of the first songs I ever wrote when I was a teenager and I just got dumped by the guy who I thought was supposed to be “the one”. I think we’ve all been in that position where you know that it’s over, but you just want to hold on and pretend just a little while longer. ” – Chrissie Huntley

After beating her previous anxiousness to leave the house a few years ago, she was inspired to help others with her incredible #LetsTalkAboutIt campaign. This much-needed cause helps tremendously with spreading the word to as many willing ears as possible — about how mental health needs to be spoken about much more to tear off the stigma — to help those who are feeling wrapped down with plastic inside their hearts and minds, and need a hand to breakout from within.

Her stunning vocals and romantic daydreaming memories about a past love on ‘Supposed To Be’, fills you up with so much reflective wonder — as you close your eyes gently — and let her carefully take you on an honest journey whilst holding your hand, through her feelings of knowing that this relationship has ended. You hold on tight as you love them dearly, you need their tender touch, and the way they romantically caress your hair makes you smile so much — however the time has come to part — as you deeply wish that this sweet moment could stay as innocent as it was before, forever and ever.

Supposed To Be’ from the superb Bristol Soul/pop singer-songwriter Chrissie Huntley, bursts through the door to open up a new light, to show us that music really does heal all scars no matter how deep they are. Her sole aim of making people who listen a little bit happier and peachier, has certainly been achieved.

It feels like Chrissie Huntley is only starting to open her wings, with so much beauty and elegance still to come. Genuine souls can win too, if they can fly free.

Hear this awe-inspiring new single that will warm your heart on Spotify and see her IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I wanna be loud, I have a dream: Sasa Zola speaks for those who can’t on the beautiful ‘What If’

As she shows the world that the quiet and downtrodden need to have their turn to speak up away from the unnecessary noise of this often harsh world, Sasa Zola is simply exquisite on her absolutely outstanding new single ‘What If‘.

Sasa Zola is an incomparable Bristol, UK-based based Italo-Senegalese singer-songwriter, model and ex pro windsurfer. She makes that rare type of music that touches your heart where it was thought to be unreachable before.

Her caring vocals and self-aware lyrics has you feeling so dreamy, sad and reinvigorated, all somehow at the same time. This is a sublime creative who loves to feel that adrenaline boil in her blood — as she sheds off the doubts from before — to bring us a sensational song with so such care and love, wrapped carefully into a beautiful bow of belief.

She blinks briefly and looks away from the hate of the world, as she draws all of her new-found belief to help others get through the day that seems so dark and sad. She sings right into your inner consciousness to have you feeling you have just witnessed something so exceptional, that you feel compelled to listen again and again.

What If‘ from the beyond-remarkable Bristol-based multi-talented musician Sasa Zola, is an awe-inspiring track from a supremely talent woman who puts her heart and soul to everything that she does. Showing that true leaders speak up for those that can’t, this is a special song that needs to be heard by those who feel that they are helpless right now.

Hold onto that dream, you are not alone.

Immerse yourself into the striking visualizer on YouTube and see her vibrant IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Transformation From The Shore: ODHK soothes our battered hearts on ‘A Rip Current’

With a mellow energy transmitted from the beautiful waters that splashes gently to help us reach desirable results, ODHK swims calmly in our consciousness to give us a peaceful state of mind again on ‘A Rip Current‘.

Owen Kelly aka ODHK is a supremely creative Bristol-based, Devon-born musician, front-man of rock band Methods and producer, who makes that soul healing therapeutic music that soothes the mind and eases the pain of the world from your weighed-down shoulders.

This is the story of being happy again through the ocean’s magnificence, as that is where the goodness in the world really is. This chilled house beat has all the hallmarks of a mood-changer and his vocals add so much energy healing qualities.

Whilst listening to ODHK you somehow feel like you are actually drifting in a crystal clean ocean via the smartly designed rip current – away from the stormy seas of life’s issues – like someone in a different head-space than most of the world.

A Rip Current’ from the soulful Bristol lofi musician/producer ODHK, is a wave of tasty pureness in a dark and hostile world. He has the ability to send us a stunning effort that seems to cleanse your mind and eradicate all the undesirable toxins out of your body. Being at peace within, is the only way to be truly happy after all.

Stream this new single here on Spotify and see his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Breaking those bad habits: Charlotte Lansman speaks the truth on ‘The Cage’

Charlotte Lansman returns with her sensationally projected vocals on the reflective gem called ‘The Cage‘.

London-based, Bristol-born singer-songwriter, Charlotte Lansman, fuses poetry, jazz and soul together like an experienced welder, to burn a bright light for our hearts to feel comforted by, during the never-ending lock-down that has us all going a bit mad. She brings a full-blown torch full of jazzy magnificence for this latest single and you will instantly feel in a thoughtful mood.

This is the story how you you can get into strange habits when you are in a long relationship and this can cause problems later on, even if you both didn’t mean for it to happen. You have also learnt from watching how others go about things from a young age and this can either be good or bad. Being blinkered sometimes and letting things can really bring you both down, if you don’t communicate early. Nipping things in the bud early is key but this is easier said than done, as when you really fancy someone, you want things to be natural and fun.

Her stunning melodies has you turning the lights down low and you listen so intently as her smokey-glow voice illuminates your sensual speakers. The classy jazzy feel is so wonderfully caring and you feel like singing along, her graceful energy has you swaying along with her each word. She is such an elegant performer and hits each note with a stunning tone, that shows off her vast vocal ability throughout.

The Cage‘ from London’s jazzy wonder Charlotte Lansman, is that truthful song you nod your head to due its intrinsic music value and truthful subject matter.

Learning to break these habits that bring you down in relationships is a hard balance and skill to master, To be truly happy and feel valued, it has to done otherwise you are always cheating yourself.

Stream her excellent new creation on Spotify and see more adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Clara Day has made her hauntingly hypnotic debut with ‘The Ritual’

Bristol-based singer-songwriter, Clara Day, made her debut with the stunning Psych Folk single, ‘The Ritual’, on December 17th, without a hint of hyperbole, it may be the most enthralling single released in 2020.

By taking inspiration from 70s folk horror films, Clara Day was able to bring hypnotically hexing energy to the ambient semi-orchestral single which oozes sensuality, beguile and tender intimacy, all in equal measure.

Any fans of Mazzy Star, Angel Olsen and Big Thief will find Clara Day’s haunting vocal timbre just as enchanting. Yet, with the celestial psychedelia which the singer-songwriter brings to her transfixing sound, there’s an extra layer of alchemy to sink your teeth into.

You can check out The Ritual for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Looping in the garden: Welsh artist Munki amazes our brains with the live video ‘Sit By The Hillside’

Munki gives us a song to fully immerse our hearts in with his live looping single shot in his family garden in Wales called ‘Sit By The Hillside‘.

Theodore Burn aka Munki is an original multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from the deep forests of beautiful South West Wales. After recently moving to bustling Bristol in England (before lock down hit), he is on a mission to make us much authentic music as humanly possible.

Predominantly a drummer and percussionist, this is an artist who only uses natural instruments and this earthy atmosphere makes you gaze up above and dream of good vibes.

With a 4 track EP on the way, working on around 5 projects, a new studio getting set up and music videos on the horizon, it feels like the momentum is starting to happen with this artist and with his Papa on the video edit, its a family effort.

If he can get his music business plan in sync with the high standard of what we hear, this is an artist that can do what he loves all over the world. Being on YouTube and all the big streaming platforms is needed but this probably part of his master plan. You can tell that this is an extremely talented artist who has that extra quality deep inside his soul and he loves what he does.

The amount of music intricacies blows your mind as he is like a classical artist, each part of the song has been carefully planned with organic nature taking him on a journey that is so varied and wonderfully made. You will be tapping your feet to this for hours and trying to work out what is really going in is like piecing an exciting jigsaw together.

Munki is quite masterful on the almost 8 minute live looping lesson on ‘Sit By The Hillside‘. This is music to recharge with naturally, sit in the garden with and enjoy with friends and family with birds tweeting in the background. Life is okay again with music like this from the Welsh wizard.

See his live loop vibe via the Facebook video page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trying to find a way out: Charlotte Lansman is at her vulnerable best on 3rd single ‘Blind’

Sometimes, falling madly in love can make you walk around with blinkers on to how it effects others. London based Bristol born singer-songwriter Charlotte Lansman is back with her latest single and this one means a lot. It’s called ‘Blind’ and finds this vivacious artist letting us into her heart for a short while.

This is the Jazzy-Blues story of a relationship that shouldn’t be happening but does anyway, as you both can’t get enough of each other. You are the secret and this is starting to really affect you as you spend most of your time waiting around. The heart wants this to continue but your head knows that the time to end this is coming closer and things are starting to unravel, slowly but surely. He loves the rush of the double life but you have grown weary and need more. Those lonely baths aren’t doing it for you anymore but for it to carry on, you don’t mind closing your eyes to hide the truth for a little bit longer.

Her voice is so crisp and elegant, the years of experience and voice training showing her class and many hours of dedication. You get the feeling that she is holding back slightly as this is a very personal story that she perhaps wrestled with about releasing. The honesty is admirable and her lyrics show you inside the door as we see the empty wine glass that should be full, next to hers.

Blind’ by London’s Charlotte Lansman is a riveting story of love that should be simple but is highly complicated. The Jazzy songstress shows her vulnerability and sings with such grace. With her new music on the way and a fledgling recording career just getting going with some big goals in place, she is a quality performer who tells it how it is. Honesty, no matter if you agree with the person or not; is always an admirable quality that is often rare in the weird world of flashy fakes and human robots.

Hear Charlotte’s music on Soundcloud, YouTube and find out more about this fascinating artist on her IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bristol’s Einsam leads the way in 2020 with the highly enjoyable Indie-Pop ‘Pressing Matters’

Bristol’s Einsam leads the way in 2020 with the highly enjoyable Indie-Pop ‘Pressing Matters‘ as he impresses on this catchy new track.

Sam Jackson is Einsam and he wrote this new song during his stay in stunning Vienna when he was on holiday. This is a lovely effort, full of fantastic flows and a beat that will be in your head for hours. The deep vocals push out the speakers perfectly and this is a wonderland of enjoyment. This is the kind of music to take your shoes off to, take a swim and think about the future.

You wonder what is to come, you are over-thinking right now and just want things to be clearer. This is the time to work out what you want in life as you know that this is the time to make it happen.

Pressing Matters‘ from UK based Einsam is a song that is all about moving forward and working out what is important in life. This is an extremely valuable lesson, full of life and is quite enchanting. A promising track from the Bristol singer, this is a track that needs to be noticed.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen