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avOva arrested in their emotionally expansive downtempo electronica track, Indigo ft Nalarié

Let lush etherealism envelop your soul with the arcanely textured track, Indigo, from avOva, featuring Nalarié which transcends transcendence, reaching the epitome of tonal bliss and creating the perfect addition to your summer playlists.

Dream pop coalesces with trip-hopped downtempo beach house & sublime slices of pensively hued soul to orchestrate the ultimate soundscape for your bitter-sweet reflections; capturing the wistfully poignant side of nostalgia.

The single is a solace for anyone who has ever loved and lost…themselves in the process. It’s a stunning score, which will undoubtedly resonate with anyone looking for oceanic depths in electronica; Indigo couldn’t be more emotively expansive.

avOva, the electronic/downtempo outfit from Bristol, UK, set the bar high with their dreamily atmospheric debut soundscape. The haunting vocals perfectly complement avOva’s intricate production, adding scores of striking depth to the single that doesn’t just scratch at the surface of the human experience when capturing the essence of love, loss, and self-discovery.

Indigo will be available to stream on all major streaming platforms from June 21. If you can’t wait that long, head over to YouTube and stream the official music video for the full ethereal experience now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alvinos Zavlis delivered sensually dark catharsis with his moody pop meets dark trip-hop mash-up, I Shouldn’t

The Cyprian Bristol-based artist and producer, Alvinos Zavlis, is in his experimental element in his fourth alt-electronica LP, After Sex All Animals Are Sad. With an album title that compels you to sonically explore the contents through eccentrically offbeat name alone, the bar is already set high. But evidently, Zavlis knows exactly how to transcend expectation and temporal boundaries with his dark syntheses of trip-hop, alt-pop, and artfully manifested electronica.

Sitting on the leftfield of Pop, one of the standout singles, I Shouldn’t, featuring Sae, is an ethereally hypnotic extension of the contemporary moody pop trends fused with 90s trip-hop that glitches and oscillates in the same vein of Massive Attack and Portishead.

The alchemic blend carries just as much cultivation and evidence of evocative rhythmic control as the latest releases from Chelsea Wolfe, but the way Zavlis locked into the collaborative chemistry between him and Sae allowed the release to resound beyond compare. The sensually dark catharsis is superlative evidence of how honed his sound has become after he took a hiatus and returned with fresh fervour.

In his own words:

“The main idea of the album is how the chase for perfection in your artistic craft can hinder personal relationships, health, and financial stability.”

For the full Alvinos Zavlis experience, stream After Sex All Animals Are Sad in full by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Chandra’s Lighters to the Sky is a pop punk-hooked hit for the dreamers

Holding your lighters in the air at rock shows might be a slightly nostalgic way to signify how much a hit has touched your soul, but it’s a pretty fitting parable for the vintage rock aesthetics in Chandra’s latest single, Lighters to the Sky, which will throw you right back to the early 00s.

If you can imagine what Glen Hansard’s single, Falling Slowly, would sound like if it was boldly augmented with pop-punk hooks, you’ll get a great idea of the songwriting chops the Bristol, UK-based solo artist possesses.

Lyrically, Lighters to the Sky is an ode to the big dreamers whose visions are often met with cynicism from people with smaller ambitions. It is a stunning reminder that no one will ever be able to see the future you’re painting in your mind until you reach your respective top and exhibit it all for all to see.

Lighters to the Sky will officially release on April 28. Stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The End Of The World: Born Ideal urge us to gather around to witness the destruction on Inevitable

Reverberating in with a super catchy rhythm and tons of spark-filled energy to spare, Born Ideal tells us to wake up and smell the horrid fumes of disaster on their excellent new single Inevitable.

Born Ideal is a Bristol/Oxford-based indie alternative 3-piece rock band who are influenced greatly by Radiohead and Biffy Clyro.

They have been gigging around the south of the UK for several years, including performances at O2 Academies and other prestigious venues. After a couple of years off (due to Covid and member changes,) Born Ideal are back on the road.” ~ Born Ideal

Gliding through our emotions and taking us for a rather splendid ride, Born Ideal impresses with so much fire and vigour, pulsating a tremor through our eyes and waking us up within.

Inevitable from Bristol/Oxford-based alternative act Born Ideal is a mighty adventure which will cause many a shiver and electricity to bolt through our veins. Showing us the way from the jagged edges of our lost hearts, this is a stunner of a single that deserves all the love in the world.

When you know it’s over, everything changes forever.

Hear this fine single on Spotify. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Live In My Mind: Filmm yearns for those senses again on Make Believe Penitentiary

Trapped in his mind like a lost bird who needs to fly again, Filmm searches for the keys to break quickly from those self-made walls that can keep you trapped inside forever on Make Believe Penitentiary.

Filmm aka Fionn McGuinness-Maris is a Bristol, UK-based indie alternative solo artist who seems to make relatable classics to learn from.

Perfect for anyone living in an episode of Black Mirror who makes for a thoroughly miserable dinner party guest.” ~ Filmm

Guiding us into the clouds above and feeding our hearts with a story that might cause a tear or two, Filmm is one of the more original creatives around and backs up the underground whispers with a mightily well-received performance.

Make Believe Penitentiary from Bristol, UK-based indie alternative solo artist Filmm is a terrific track that will take you through the mindset of a lost soul who needs to get out from inside rather swiftly. Soaked in an honest glow and featuring a video that might have you so fascinated, this is a new release to ponder with as you gaze into the sky.

Finding your happy place has never been more important than now.

Listen up on SoundCloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Miss Kill sharpened their knives in their evocatively jagged alt-90s revival EP, Don’t Tell Me Twice

Few artists create a route back to the 90s as creatively as the Bristol sister duo, Miss Kill. Their debut EP, Don’t Tell Me Twice, hits the sonic Seattle mark just as well as it channels the emotional energy of the golden era of raw, sludgy anthems.

I’ve seen countless bios attesting to the influence of Hole, Pearl Jam and Placebo from artists too evocatively inadept to revive that clawingly consuming candour, not Miss Kill. Even the non-lexical vocals are a skeleton key to insecure soul. Each track on the 5-track release affirms the power of their tenaciously heart-breaking songwriting talent that feels so viscerally comforting in a time of such little relative comfort.

One of the lead singles from the EP, All You Gotta Do, kicks up a tumultuous storm of frustration around artful alt-rock instrumentals while the vocals unfalteringly stretch across the melancholic landscape that deserves to be firmly implanted on the playlists you turn to in protest to the exhausting unfulfillment of life and everything it has to throw at you.

Don’t Tell Me Twice was officially released on September 16th. Sink into it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Bristol alt-rock band Silver Halide wonder if time has run its course on ‘Ether’

As the smoke dissolves and the mirrors you thought existed shatter before your very haunted eyes, Silver Halide return with a moody new single to have you pondering everything you thought possible before on, ‘Ether‘.

Silver Halide is an underground Bristol, UK-based alt-rock band who are influenced by legendary bands and solo artists such as Television, The Cure, Wire, Sonic Youth, Pixies, Slint and Bob Dylan.

They recorded their self-recorded eponymously titled debut album in 2021 on all streaming platforms.” ~ Silver Halide

With a roaring sound that has you remembering those local bands who play their hearts out in those smokey clubs with that rare character you only feel when you are inside, Silver Halide seem like the kind of outfit that will have a pint with you after the gig. There is so much honesty laced inside this raspy release that might have the hairs on the back of your spine alive again, as they casually saunter in and blast something which will capture your attention instantly.

Ether‘ from Bristol, UK-based indie alt-rock band Silver Halide, is a raw single that has you in a reflective mood and features passionate vocals and a soundscape to splinter through anything that was hiding from you before. Seeking the truth is the mission and you will feel that this is a British single from another era altogether. This is a ruggedly-made effort – skillfully assembled with that extra bit of heart – that is currently lacking from so many souls in this bloodbath-packed world of indisputable misery for so many humans.

Hear this single on YouTube and see more news on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bristol’s Dolly Doo just wants that one tender kiss to go so slow and seductive on ‘Medusa’

As she tries not to stare and let her heart open too far wide again and get let down like last time, Dolly Doo is quite sensational on this kiss-filled new single all about wanting to be close to that sweet crush on ‘Medusa‘.

Dolly Doo is a Bristol, UK-based indie alternative artist who has the kind of vocal ability and lyrical awareness that sends your imagination into a whole new galaxy.

Drawing on metaphors lyrically, Dolly Doo connects stories of the past with the present that evoke feelings of nostalgia, loss and heartbreak in a contemporary light.” ~ Dolly Doo

Sending her potential new lover a heartfelt message that is heard loud and clear, Dolly Doo is unquestionably immaculate with a wonderfully electric display that will catch your attention and have your tender lips tingling with anticipation.

Medusa‘ from Bristol, UK-based indie alternative artist Dolly Doo, is a superb single that is one of the most sensual gems you might hear all year. This is the message of wanting that one sweet kiss that might open up so many doors, to that romantic night that could change everything and cause sparks to fly all evening. With a sizzling vocalist on fire who seems to only be getting better after each release as her self-awareness grows – this is an ear-shaker beyond comprehension – that will possibly have you blushing as you dream about that passionate moment you have desired forever.

Listen to her wonderful new creation on Spotify and check out her stunning IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bristol’s The Inside wishes to be lost in space with the transfixing release, ‘Misery’

As he feels so disconnected from the existing world that makes no sense to his smart mind, The Inside floats up above and takes his precious consciousness away from all the madness that seems to numb all over his body on ‘Misery‘.

The Inside is a Bristol, UK-based indie singer-songwriter, rapper and music producer who is inspired by legendary artists such as Frank Ocean and the late greats Mac Miller and David Bowie.

A music nerd devoted to studying melodies and lyrics, The Inside mood swinging music is a mix of alternative pop, art-rock and experimental hip hop in a cluster grenade of sound.” ~ The Inside

Ultimately, the compelling vocals and transformative class of The Inside is something to truly treasure. There is a mystique here that is rather remarkable, as he carefully takes us for a thought-provoking expedition that is such a mind-bending mission we can all enjoy no matter what our tastes in music are.

Misery‘ from Bristol, UK-based indie singer-songwriter, rapper and music producer The Inside, is the call for everything to be fine again as something is clearly not right. This is an experimental track of the very highest order – with an artist who sends us into another galaxy – as he dreams of something better than he currently sees while transmitting a track that is so rich in such distinct quality you just have to strap in and enjoy the ride.

Hear this deep experience on Spotify and see more of the story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lies Through Your Head: Bristol’s Enter Red are quite first-class on ‘De Novo’

With a vibrantly terrific vibe that forms spectacularly through your thoughtful mind, Enter Red bust angrily through the creaky door and show us their world-class appeal with ‘De Novo‘.

Enter Red is a thrilling four-piece indie alt-rock act from Bristol in the UK. They skillfully make a distinctive blend of that desirable music for the soul to reside inside, that you just want to let your hair down to and jump up and down like it was 2019 all over again.

Goodness me. Enter Red are the type of UK band that leaves your whole ecstatic body sweating from their ferocious energy that seems to transform your spirit, to a whole new state of appreciation for such a talented outfit.

De Novo‘ from the exuberant Bristol-based indie alt-rock band Enter Red, is a rip-roaring effort from a terrific group that is certainly headed to a whole new level. You can feel the rooted passion flowing through their blood-thirsty veins on each second here, with a tasty edge that has you thinking that they might be your new favourite rock band. The class is easy to spot and the eloquently desirably vocals stand out from the rest, as the tight-knit crew certainly deliver in all facets with a truly brilliant new single.

Hear this top new effort on their Spotify and see more news via the band’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen