We Are Not The Same: K.I.R.B. tires of the fake competition who have limited skills on ‘Back Down’ (Prod. YUNGBRATZ)

With his fast-paced delivery that slams all doubters to the dusty curb, K.I.R.B. rips through the top floor and tells us exactly how he feels about those who do it wrong and need to retire on ‘Back Down (Prod. YUNGBRATZ).

K.I.R.B. is a young and emerging San Diego, California rapper who is nineteen years old. He solidifies each bar with an unmistakable edge that cuts through all doubts – as he shows his highly flying skills with real music – which shows us his determination, to not let any circumstance define him.

Growing up in a low-income neighborhood of Imperial County, Michael Kirby spent most of his time surviving. Surrounded by crime, drugs and violence, he turned inward to find his salvation. He started writing poetry while in middle school and started making music in high school. Now 19, he loves performing because it allows him to express himself. “My parents did a great job protecting me from that environment by keeping me inside the house during my childhood,” Kirby said. “But without music, I probably would be lost.” – K.I.R.B.

His raw raps are consistently rugged and with boundless energy, your heart is moved into your mouth as you marvel at his terrific style, that swarms over the beat like a hungry musician who knows where he is going. This is the mark of a future great – who feels like he is in tune to what he needs to produce – as his name is on the lips of all rap fans, who follow the underdogs making their claim for the throne.

Back Down(Prod. YUNGBRATZ) from the rising underground California rapper K.I.R.B., is a focused effort that shows his intent and he drops down like Batman, with a fiery effort which is of the highest quality. He is ready to take over and asks that the minor rappers leave their mics at home, as he is going to expose anyone who displays weak skills. He is not the same as the rest.

Stream this new single via Soundcloud and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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