Late At Night: Mouth Rüber hears those disturbing teeth grinding on Devil On My Shoulder

Knowing that this devilish creature won’t win this time, Mouth Rüber inspires us all to ignore the noise and do what makes the smile widen despite nagging doubts that need to be extinguished on Devil On My Shoulder.

Mouth Rüber is a 26-year-old Liverpool, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter who was born in the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary.

Even though my songs can be easily labelled as mainstream they all have a bit of my personality in them which make them distinctive amongst the sea of commercial songs out there most of them sounding like one another.” ~ Mouth Rüber taking us deep into the vision inside her music

With a genuine message that shows us the strength required to walk away from a spirit who doesn’t have your best interests at heart, Mouth Rüber projects her voice so beautifully to the clear blue sky above that has been waiting for her to release music. Catchy beyond belief and bringing us a sensational song to embrace with love, Mouth Rüber shows us we are all in our own minds if we aren’t able to block out all the meaningless distractions.

Devil On My Shoulder from UK-based indie pop artist Mouth Rüber is a hauntingly truthful single about taking charge of your life when you have been dealing with forces who don’t want you to achieve anything, even if you are good enough. Sung with a pulsating intensity and vibrant vocals that might cause you to listen twice, this is a reminder that we are all in charge of our destiny.

When you’re ready to break free, the keys are right in front of you to reach for the stars.

Listen up loud on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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