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Late At Night: Mouth Rüber hears those disturbing teeth grinding on Devil On My Shoulder

Knowing that this devilish creature won’t win this time, Mouth Rüber inspires us all to ignore the noise and do what makes the smile widen despite nagging doubts that need to be extinguished on Devil On My Shoulder.

Mouth Rüber is a 26-year-old Liverpool, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter who was born in the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary.

Even though my songs can be easily labelled as mainstream they all have a bit of my personality in them which make them distinctive amongst the sea of commercial songs out there most of them sounding like one another.” ~ Mouth Rüber taking us deep into the vision inside her music

With a genuine message that shows us the strength required to walk away from a spirit who doesn’t have your best interests at heart, Mouth Rüber projects her voice so beautifully to the clear blue sky above that has been waiting for her to release music. Catchy beyond belief and bringing us a sensational song to embrace with love, Mouth Rüber shows us we are all in our own minds if we aren’t able to block out all the meaningless distractions.

Devil On My Shoulder from UK-based indie pop artist Mouth Rüber is a hauntingly truthful single about taking charge of your life when you have been dealing with forces who don’t want you to achieve anything, even if you are good enough. Sung with a pulsating intensity and vibrant vocals that might cause you to listen twice, this is a reminder that we are all in charge of our destiny.

When you’re ready to break free, the keys are right in front of you to reach for the stars.

Listen up loud on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Budapest-based GLORIA drops energetic electronic track to mystify the mind with, ‘THD’

With a game-changing single that might startle your previously numb speakers into vibrant action again, GLORIA is at her innovative best with a top release to wake up the dance floor with, ‘THD‘.

GLORIA is a Budapest, Hungary-based songwriter, electronic music producer, and vocalist who creates that overflowing music to send you into a hypnotised place.

I’m making art of my everyday life, about digital capitalism and capitalist realism. Almost everybody can connect to this music because we’re all living in the same system. Some enjoy the benefits, others suffer its downsides, but there are no borders or boundaries. It’s all the same.” ~ GLORIA

Getting us into a better frame of mind after so much destruction and recent sadness, GLORIA dazzles with a tremendously entertaining display that shall get you back into reality again.

In the track called “THD”, we hear a rather unsettling leftfield house base, encrusted with a hypnotizing melody reminiscent of early minimal techno works of Dusty Kid. However, you can also draw a parallel with the deconstructed music of artists like Arca or Holly Herndon.” ~ GLORIA

THD‘ from Budapest, Hungary-based music producer/artist GLORIA is a bone-rattling effort that takes your soul into an enchanted place of intrigue from such a different experience to truly appreciate. This is an original single with such much to like, that grabs your engagement and gets your head bouncing with joy that reminds you of those club days of yesteryear.

With much to relish and featuring an assortment of wonder to get you in the mood to party again, this is a superior single that will please all true electronic fans.

Listen up to this new track on Spotify and see more news via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hungarian pop artist ANIA is at her passionate best with latest single, ‘Cereal’

With her lovable 80s synth-pop vibe that is so upbeat and uplifting, ANIA returns to further cement her name as one of Europe’s rising gems with her new sizzler about wondering deeply if her ex-lover’s new girlfriend is actually worth it, ‘Cereal‘.

ANIA is a Hungary-based indie-pop singer-songwriter who was formally the vocalist in local rock/metal acts, Malibu Airlines and The Fleet Street.

In 2019’s November, I felt ready to express myself as a solo artist aka sold my apartment to finance my music career and do it full-time.” ~ ANIA

With an emotion-packed vocal experience that can only be sung by someone who has experienced this precise moment, ANIA is quite spectacular on this pulsating new single – that has your mind alive and your body moving to the groove – that is so electrified and filled with that world-class sound.

Cereal‘ from the dynamic Hungary-based indie-pop artist ANIA, is a terrific new single that features vocals so fascinatingly intense, that you will feel compelled to turn up the volume to full. She has a magnetic liveliness that shows you into this picture of intrigue – as this relevant story shows us a scorned woman wondering deeply if her ex has made the right call – shines through and features a catchy beat that fits this ambience so perfectly. This is the type of track that takes your breath away and makes you wonder why this poor decision was made, by foolishly choosing someone else.

Listen in to this superb new release on Spotify and see her moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Your Words Linger: Hungarian artist Peter Kaszas wonders what they will decide on ‘Yes and No’

As the dark and threatening clouds pass by as he looks for a safe space to hide inside, Peter Kaszas sings with such passion on a new track all about waiting for that all-important decision from that person you love on ‘Yes and No‘.

Peter Kaszas is an award-winning Hungarian drummer and indie-pop singer-songwriter who makes a classy type of music that shows his vast experience and always-evolving skillset.

As he looks profoundly into their blinking eyes and asks that they either keep him in or out – and not in-between – as the throbbing pain of waiting is so hard to tolerate, Peter Kaszas is at his effortless best with a vocally-charged performance that might leave you pondering your own heartbreak when faced with an indecisive human who you care for greatly.

Yes and No‘ from the well-respected Hungary-born indie-pop singer-songwriter and drummer Peter Kaszas, is a loving single that shows us the pain of a man who has experienced so much heartbreak before. He leads us into his eyes so that we can see what he is going through, as you stay up all night with his mind racing rather fast like a Formula 1 car. Sung with such conviction and care, this is a reflective track that you feel is rather timeless.

Hear this emotional single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Giving Up: ShiroNeko inspires hope with sparkling new single ‘LACRIMA’

As you feel her passionate voice shine through the darkness to bring in the sunrise that will embrace us all, ShiroNeko is so inspired by the Kimetsu no Yaiba anime series that she has brought out a memorable release that will have you feeling positive again on ‘LACRIMA(「鬼滅の刃」アニメに感銘を受けた).

ShiroNekoShiro (シロ) is a skillful Hungarian singer-songwriter, who sings J-POP and anime songs in Japanese. She delightfully brings her creations to life with her resplendent style that is such an incredible listen.

“”LACRIMA” is about the feelings when you feel lost, when you feel like you are in an endless dark maze and can’t find your way out. It is about overcoming hardships and trying to stay strong, that even though it can be very difficult and hard in life, you still should go against the current and don’t ever give up.” – ShiroNekoShiro (シロ)

You feel her breathtaking voice burst into your ears with a caring tone that leads you into the right lane, her vocals feel like they are carrying you away from all the sorrows of the current times, she is the guiding light and you feel so warm and happy with her right beside you.

‘LACRIMA’ (「鬼滅の刃」アニメに感銘を受けた) from the mega-talented indie singer-songwriter ShiroNeko Shiro (シロ), is that authentically created piece of pure music that has a clean message of hope, no matter what clouds and rainstorms are around us.  Finding a way out of the treacherous maze to seeing light again, is the only way to bringing that smile back to your dial after all.

Stream this lovely new Japanese language single on Spotify and see her story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Budapest band The Monoment fly high with debut ”Counting Airplanes”

With the recording split between the studio and home due to corona, this is an impressive result from the Hungarian band. With smooth vocals and a pop-rock sound, The Monoment are a fine young band with a massive future.

This song is all about missing the one that you love and having to look to the sky for inspiration. I like the vocals here and there is only room to grow here. The funky interludes and how the song develops is a wonder to behold. The talented Budepest act are in fine form here.

Taken off the brand new debut ”High Tech Bubble” album, ”Counting Airplanes” is a fantastic track for 2020. It’s well-made and has so many good textures to it that makes this a world class song. With Europe starting to open up, I’d love to see the band on some awesome gigs and festivals.

The Monoment fly high with ”Counting Airplanes” and impress with their pop-rock energy and classy lyrics. The sound is what you want out of a band and they are a memorable outfit set for big things.

Stream this awesome track right here via Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen