Science of the Lamps Delve Deep With ‘Straws’

Liverpool band Science of the Lamps have shared their pop beat driven new single ‘Straws’. However despite being driven by it’s upbeat pop core, ‘Straws’ was written by leading musician Kaya Herstad – Carney following a long string of bad luck in her personal life.
The Norwegian born artist strives to produce music that uplifts listeners, which with ‘Straws’ she has managed perfectly. It has deeper lyrics than you would first expect from its funky, opening. This leads to a song about hope for the future that things will get better soon. It is also very clear to hear many genre influences in the track which features a majorly impressive drum solo.
Science of the Lamps once again blend together many styles and sounds from the from Pop, Folk and Rock worlds in order to create their unique, eccentric sound which is evident more than ever on ‘Straws’.
Overall this is a song that looks to crossover into the mainstream by standing out from the crowd. It has that quirky edge needed to make listeners tune in and features a rock vibe making it sound larger than life. It’s a huge standout from a band well and truly on the rise and will no doubt have a strong cult following thanks to its edgy genre bending sound.

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