Movie Monroe – Joy Ride: A Contemporary Hit of 90’s Hip Hop

Movie Monroe’s latest Melo Trap beat Joy Ride is already getting massive respect on the scene for the old school Lo Fi Hip Hop production, ingenious beats and Monroe’s smooth, rhythmic vocal sensibility. But before you’re greeted by any of that, a public information broadcast announcement brings in the track ominously, setting up the haunting vibe of Iconic Hip Hop.

Joy Ride is the first single to follow the success of Movie Monroe’s 2017 album Aura Ultra, yet throughout his career, his Hip Hop game just seems to be getting stronger and stronger. I was first introduced to Movie Monroe through his standout single from the 2017 album ‘Tie Die’. There’s simply no forgetting artists as enigmatic as Movie Monroe. Whilst the lyrics to Joy Ride may be a bit too gritty for my taste, there’s no disputing that Movie Monroe writes lyrics just as resounding as his beats. Joy Ride is perfect if you enjoy you’re a fan of 808’s and 420. Movie Monroe’s sound is perfect if you’re looking for a contemporary hit of gritty 90’s Hip Hop.

Check out Movie Monroe’s latest tack Joy Ride on SoundCloud or Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast.

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