KDX drops the follow up to ‘Red Moonlight’ with new single ‘Q Ceiline’

In a chilled out, genre-mixed confluence of ambient trip-hop, afrobeat, and out and out trappy hip hop comes ‘Q Ceiline, the latest single from Nigerian-born-but-Galway-based rapper KDX.

The first follow-up single to the EP ‘Red Moonlight’, Q Ceiline is a leader for a forthcoming album, ‘Villan Clan’, yet a classy, laid-back slice of ambient trap in its own right. Pulsing electronic bass, a trippy, catchy little sequenced lead line, and overlapping, pulled back vocals make the track groove. There’s a beautiful, mellow lyrical flow from KDX’s relaxed, rolling delivery, making ‘Q Ceiline’ a gentle, soulful and atmospheric track with nudges toward Tupac, XXTENTACION, and Kendrick amongst the little dropped influences. It’s a nice little twist on straight-out trap.

Check out Q Ceiline on Spotify; follow KDX on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

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