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Feel Nothing: KDX refuses to shiver as his energy grows within the pain on H.O.S

Taken off the much-awaited 7-track Amor Fati album, KDX shows us what it feels like when those dark demons storm in like a vicious hurricane that refuses to relent no matter the cruelty involved on H.O.S.

KDX is a Galway, Republic of Ireland-based indie hip-hop artist who is an underground poet who creates emotional experiences to be genuinely mesmerized inside like a dark vortex.

Influenced by XXXTENTACION, Kendrick Lamar, and Tupac, KDX drops a superb experience to excite even the sleepiest cats roaming the streets. Deep in the mountains of West Ireland, we find a stunning single to light up many candles with.

Amor Fati has one main goal, this is to be an instrument in the healing process of anyone who can relate. We all hurt but moving forward is key, I think Rusty Chainz does well to set this atmosphere.” KDX explains.

H.O.S from Galway, Republic of Ireland-based indie hip-hop artist KDX is a decision-making demon-slaying knockout kinda song which deserves a few listens to truly appreciate the haunting brilliance on offer. This a soaring sizzler to warm up with when the world feels so cold. There is hope.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

KDX drops the follow up to ‘Red Moonlight’ with new single ‘Q Ceiline’

In a chilled out, genre-mixed confluence of ambient trip-hop, afrobeat, and out and out trappy hip hop comes ‘Q Ceiline, the latest single from Nigerian-born-but-Galway-based rapper KDX.

The first follow-up single to the EP ‘Red Moonlight’, Q Ceiline is a leader for a forthcoming album, ‘Villan Clan’, yet a classy, laid-back slice of ambient trap in its own right. Pulsing electronic bass, a trippy, catchy little sequenced lead line, and overlapping, pulled back vocals make the track groove. There’s a beautiful, mellow lyrical flow from KDX’s relaxed, rolling delivery, making ‘Q Ceiline’ a gentle, soulful and atmospheric track with nudges toward Tupac, XXTENTACION, and Kendrick amongst the little dropped influences. It’s a nice little twist on straight-out trap.

Check out Q Ceiline on Spotify; follow KDX on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes