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valetical synthesised hyper trap pop with post-hardcore in the vulnerable rancour of her latest release, attached

valetical has stormed into the alt-rock sphere with the innovatively cultivated debut EP, solitary, which melds post-hardcore rancour with elements of trap and hyper pop, to delicious, disquiet, distinctive effect.

With vulnerable vocal lines bleeding into the tumultuously infectious production, you can’t help but lean into the volatility that courses through the standout single, attached. For quieter reflections with the release, the EP also features a stripped-down version of the single, which reveals the evocative ingenuity within the lyrical lines, which won’t fail to strike all the right evocative notes.

After starting her career in 2018 as a satirical meme rapper who never shied away from cringey territory, the 14-year-old transgender artist and self-taught producer is making serious waves with her honed and already matured signature Expop (experimental-pop) sound. Solitary is the perfect exhibition of her ability to explore darker themes; it holds no prisoners while narrating the raw emotions a break-up can leave you to contend with as you traverse a surreal aftermath of affection.

Stream attached on Spotify and follow valetical’s ascent from the underground via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lana Volkov shared her ‘Fast Lane Fever’ in her debut trap track, ft Ayobaro

By putting the melodies in her debut trap pop track, Fast Lane Fever, into first gear, the up-and-coming artist Lana Volkov only needed half the duration of your average pop hit to craft the ultimate driving anthem.

With the collaborating artist Ayobaro in the passenger seat, Volkov orchestrated a sultry testament to her ability to stay in her own lane when it comes to creativity. The hypnotic textures within Fast Lane Fever will pull you right into the alluringly immersive mix that seamlessly progresses from hyper-pop momentum to trippy wavey ambient interludes that allow sensuality to take the wheel.

If her sound is this polished in her debut release, we can’t wait to hear what is in the pipeline; she ticks all the right trap boxes with her intoxicating vocals, absorbing melodies and infectiously siren-esque energy.

Fast Lane Fever hit the airwaves on 11th August; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

THE VISION blurred sonic boundaries beyond definition in his latest rocksteady with vibes production, WANNA KNOW

Sonic boundaries blurred beyond definition in the latest single, WANNA KNOW, from the London-based fusionist artist, engineer, and producer, THE VISION. Instead of pandering to arbitrary stylistic parameters, the alternative artist let rhythm and soul take the wheel and drive with the top down while painting a contemporary love story with more twists than a Shakespearean tragedy.

With so many lyrical layers to unpeel in WANNA KNOW, the trap pop hit spills a narrative that keeps giving with every listen; lock into the lyricism or lose yourself in the steamy synthetics of the hit, that provides the ultimate soundtrack to hazy summer nights with the Afrobeat rhythms, pop hooks, trap beats and deeply reverberant RnB vocal melodies.

WANNA KNOW hit the airwaves on the 14th of July; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Azure Kai is intoxicating in their pseudo-trap hit, Fine Wine 

Azure Kai kicked off their latest single, Fine Wine, by riding the vaporwave trend and running through with pseudo-trap percussion before the RnB-spliced hit starts to lavish the single with soul.
Many experimental artists solely rely on genre fluidity to make a distinctive mark on the musical landscape, but that is only the start for Azure Kai; beyond their creative versatility is the core of Kai’s authenticity. Their infectiously playful approach to their witty wordplay works in parallel to their sense of humour, which would give most stand-up comedians a run for their money.
Fine Wine ripped up the rulebook of traditional love songs; the un-archetypal hit is infinitely more arrestive for it, all thanks to Kai’s uninhibited expressive style, which throws pretence to the wayside to expose the heart on their superlative sleeve.
Stream Fine Wine on YouTube.
Review by Amelia Vandergast

Get Caught on the Hooks of Im Ty’s Latest High-Vibe Trap Pop Hit, Baddie

The Washington-born, Maryland-raised independent trap artist Im Ty gave his steadily growing army of fans a new addictively rhythmic fix with his latest single, Baddie.

Since his debut, Im Ty has gone down as one of the most dynamic names in the trap scene with this captivatingly authentic music and heart-of-gold-in-spite-of-honest-bad-intentions persona. If there is any room for more marks on the Maryland map, there are few artists more deserving of going down in hip-hop history than Im Ty after dropping Baddie on the airwaves.

Staying true to form, Baddie was created through his relentless MO to deliver infectious beats and melodies that will tattoo themselves across your mind as fast as tear-drop tattoos manifest as soon as they’re earned in the hood.

With elements of hip-hop, RnB & pop worked into the vibe-steady and dance-worthy hit that paints a relatable portrait of a modern femme fatale and advocates confidence and self-expression, there are hooks and high-energy harmonic accordance by the smorgasbord.

Stream Baddie on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Azure Kai went hypersonic with her latest alt earworm, Gotta Get the Girl

Utilising her inherent passion for creativity, the artist and Monmouth University student Azure Kai went hypersonic with her latest alternative earworm, Gotta Get the Girl. With a beatboxing and record-scratching prelude, it was an easier-said-than-done feat to keep the energy just as high through the release, but the momentum never falters in the melting pot of genre and style.

From frantic EDM synthetics to funk-dripping basslines to Eastern rhythms and classical strings to syncopated pseudo-trap, this amalgamated tour de force is an all too welcome attack on the rhythmic pulses. Let the track take control and you will soon feel as exhilarant as this declaration of determined passion sounds.

The honeyed and harmonised vocal lines which wrap their soul around the reprise, “gotta get the girl” create a quintessential magnetic centre of gravity in the turbulently pioneering hit.

Stream Gotta Get the Girl on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

International Trap-Pop Queen Chantae Vetrice Reigned Supreme in her A&R Factory Interview

With melodies as infectious as her autonomy-embracing attitude, we caught up with the Trap-Pop queen, Chantae Vetrice following the release of her piercing and polished hit, Wave Check, which affirms that she’s so far ahead of the curve it is scarcely in her rear-view mirror.

Chantae Vetrice, we’re stoked you took time out from your hectic international TrapPop lifestyle to dissect your distinctive sound. Can you tell us about your latest single, Wave Check?

Wave Check is all about riding your own wave! Doing what you do in the way that only you can do it! And sometimes we have other people that may try to ride that wave because it’s just too damn good! It’s all about feeling confident in yourself.

Coming up with a unique sound in an oversaturated industry is a massive achievement. How would you define your sound, and how did you form such an authentic signature sound?

This has been years and years of self-discovery within the music and just experimenting with different approaches that have come naturally to me over time. I would describe my sound as a bit gritty, with a lot of sex appeal and attitude. I’ve loved rock music all my life so, I try to incorporate that into my music as well. Whether it be by using a guitar in the beat production or with how I deliver my lyrics.

As the adage goes, image is everything, and you’ve got your striking look down to a T. Have you always been so aesthetically confident?

Looking back on my life, I have! I’ve always been confident enough to wear what I want even if it’s not trending, and when it comes to my hair, I’ve always pushed the envelope! Honestly, I get bored very easily, so I love being versatile…I hate looking like everyone else.

You have worked with some impressive names since making your debut; which figure has had the biggest impact on your career?

Thank you. I haven’t worked with this person, but they have been a total inspiration for me…Madonna. I’ve always admired how she can easily transform and evolve herself so genuinely. To me, she is the epitome of a pop icon.

Based on your streaming stats, plenty of people are resonating with your music. What do you hope people get from your music?

Life live, and have fun! This journey is short, and we are here to make an impact! Do what you love and be yourself…don’t be afraid to stand out.

Do you write your songs with a particular audience in mind?

I make music, especially for women…I’m a girl’s girl! So, to all my ladies out in the world…stay strong, be bold, and let them know you’re here to stay!

What is it like living between NYC and Montreal as an artist?

I feel like I have the best of both worlds right now because I can live in another country and get inspired by the locals. Montreal has such a dope creative scene, and I’m slowly navigating my way through it. It’s exciting. As a New Yorker, I love a good adventure and can live pretty much anywhere lol.

What are your next moves going to be in the industry?

Outside of consistently dropping heat, performing, and growing my fanbase…I am getting focused on my debut EP for 2023. It’s something that I think the people are ready for, and I’m up for the challenge of creating a story people can resonate with.

Listen to Chantae Vetrice’s latest single, Wave Check, on Spotify.

Follow her on Instagram and check out her website.

Interview by Amelia Vandergast

Trap Pap rode on the highest vibes in his latest single, Counter That

Baltimore rapper Trap Pap is riding on the highest vibes in his latest single, Counter That, featuring SPL Haiti. If reality is perception, you will be looking through rose-tinted glasses with the motivational music icon on your playlists.

The butter wouldn’t melt bars that spit equal amounts of conviction and soul seamlessly fuse with the light, luxe and sunny instrumentals that throwback to the golden era of hip hop while simultaneously bringing in a new wave of melodic trap.

Even after witnessing trap life and the death of loved ones, Trap Pap strives to better the world he documents through his music by always giving his fans an alternative to apathy and pessimism. When it comes to motivational hip hop, he’s the GOAT.

Check out the official music video for Counter That, which premiered on September 30th on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jad Saad chases the relationship ‘High’ in his latest indie-pop single

Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Jad Saad penned the ultimate post-breakup single, ‘High’, which mournfully revels in the highs that affection can take us to.

The intimate indie pop track chases the highs that a now otherwise preoccupied paramour shared while the guitars bring a kaleidoscope of colour in their melodies. The production may be minimalist, but High finds full-bodied resonance in spite of the stripped-back instrumental arrangement; Jad Saad’s vulnerable vocals, which run under the perfect touch of autotune are more than enough to flood the sad boi summer anthem.

The demo of High is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Yoyo Sumz has released her addictively authentic pop-rap track, Red or Nah

Authenticity may be a rare commodity in the hip-hop scene in 2022. Yoyo Sumz still managed to bring it by the smorgasbord in her latest pop & trap-tinged single, Red or Nah, which has appeased critics as much as her international fanbase.

Between the strong melodies and equally as robust harmonic resonance from the soulfully unfuckwithable vocals, Red or Nah is a fierce urban earworm that demands repeat attention from the first hit. Any fans of XXX Tentacion, Lil Durk and Yung Bleu won’t want to let his artistically produced release slip them by.

Red or Nah is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast