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Chill trap prodigy Young Monte teases his hypnotically soulful sound in his latest demo.

Chill trap newcomer, Young Monte, has been teasing the airwaves with his short and sweet demo releases; his latest chillwave demo efficaciously caught our attention; it is enough to change your definition of mellow.

Despite the minimalism in the instrumentals, there is nothing about the easy, wavy grooves that feels sparse. The clever use of rhythmic ambience and spatial effect allowed the demo to deliver catharsis with a serious side-serve of soul, which mostly comes as a side-effect of the artists hypnotically smooth vocal timbre. We can’t wait to hear a full chillwave trap track from Young Monte; he’s discernibly one to watch.

You can get a taste of Young Monte’s fresh sound by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jambon goes interstellar with his spacey new wave hip hop track, Beam Me Up.

Spacey hip hop pioneer, Jambon released his latest RnB-laced interstellar hit, Beam Me Up, on October 29th and created a brand-new trajectory in the evolution of rap in the process.

With new wave trap elements grinding alongside old school grooves and electronic textures that have never before found their place in hip hop beats, Beam Me Up is a refreshingly high vibe track that allows you to transcend with the psychy energy alone before you even take into account the meta poetry in the lyrics and Jambon’s cleverly distorted semi-harmonic pop-rap vocals.

Beam Me Up is available to stream on Spotify, or you can check out the official video via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sham Parker has made his bruisingly confessional debut with his alt-trap track, XIX.

“Someone told me I wouldn’t reach 19, I’m trying to guess who it was, I guess it was probably me” is potentially the hardest hitting opening lyric in hip hop history. Even more impressively, it features in the debut single, XIX, by London-based alternative artist Sham Parker.

Despite the confessional candour that runs through thoughts that most would be too afraid to proclaim, there’s a sense of warmth and nihilist playfulness that instantly leaves you endeared. Sham Parker deserves to blow up for the same reason Lil Peep did; XIX exposes you to the artist’s demons as much as his sweet, creative sound that we hope to hear plenty more of.

You can stream the alt trap track for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Quizzy GT is riding on the new wave of trap in his standout single, My Dawg.

The new wave of trap found a new crux to ride with Quizzy GT’s fiery 2021 release, My Dawg. With the hyper rap bars and even more enlivening bass-drenched trap beats, delving into My Dawg half-heartedly isn’t an option.

You can practically feel Quizzy GT’s expressive catharsis pouring through the single that proves that hell hath no fury like a trap artist scorned. Behind the sheer volition, you will find plenty of resonance as you are forced to reflect on the toxic people you’ve undoubtedly encountered in your life.

It feels like it’s almost a given that the traumatised will impart trauma on others through lies and deceit. If any track has what it takes to force accountability into people, it is My Dawg.

My Dawg is now available to stream and purchase via apple music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Kaiwin has released his latest genre-evading hit, ‘Bitter Taste’, ft. Jay Dior

For his latest release, ‘Bitter Taste’, Dallas-born alt-pop artist Kaiwin collaborated with Jay Dior to create a dynamic hit that crushes genre constraints with pensive looped indie guitars, RnB vibes, fiery trap beats and cloud rap vocals.

Bitter Taste vents the frustration of the relationship pitfalls the average 20-somethings falls into time again; with the up-vibe melodies and the collaborative chemistry that breathes between Kaiwin and Jay Dior, it’s anything but a self-apathy fest.

Along with his mission to climb the charts, Kaiwin seeks to crush the stigma associated with the Asian population and to build an anti-racist community to create awareness and spark movements, if necessary. Given that the major pop acts are apathetic at best when it comes to voicing their opinions, it’s a refreshing change to see an artist as passionate about positive social progression as they are about establishing themselves in the industry.

The official video premiered on June 12th; you can check it out for yourselves via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Burt Bankkz bares all in his hard-hitting trap single, ‘Last Scars’.

Up and coming Floridian hip hop artist Burt Bankkz brought his hardest bars to his standout single, Last Scars. If the 2020 release passed you by, slip into the fervently evocative release and remind yourself of your capacity to feel.

Bankkz brought an almost unparalleled amount of energy to his lyrically raw, instrumentally flawless track; right from the first verse, Bankkz comes in heavy with powerful metaphors, consoling compassion and gritty imagery.

Last Scars is so much more than your archetypal hustler hip hop anthem; rather than being a poster boy for consumerism, Bankkz allowed this deeply introspective track to show just how hard it is to reach the top. But rather than deter you and your vision of greatness; around bass-heavy beats, Burt Bankkz puts you in the right realistic mindset for it.

The official video for Last Scars is available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Saiint Pat goes viral with his latest trap track, ‘Come Thru’

The official music video for Saiint Pat’s latest hazy melodic trap single, Come Thru, is well on its way to racking up half a million streams on YouTube since its release on March 29th; the vibe-master’s track is the pinnacle of new wave trap. It’s clear that Saint Pat doesn’t just create hip hop, he lives and breathes it.

Saiint Pat’s journey started with a $30 mic and a love for Tupac, Chief Keef and 50 Cent but no matter how many accolades he has collected, you can count on his refusal to move away from the raw and intimate freestyle vibe to his tracks that flow with unbridled versatility and talent.

Check out Come Thru for yourselves via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Rising rap artist Vaun1k gives us ALLADAT in his latest release.

‘ALLADAT’ is the third release from breaking rap artist and vibe alchemist Vaun1k, his music flows in the tides of new wave trap, but even old school fans will want to test the waters in this smooth ride of a release.

Since their 2019 debut, the Atlanta, Georgia-hailing independent artist has amassed plenty of hype around his melodious canter and beats that bring the energy but allow Vaun1k’s RnB-inspired vocals to dominate the mix without ever being over-facing. With the flawless production, his enigmatic person and the playful wit in the lyrics, you can consider 1k a triple threat.

ALLADAT is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Feenyx – Atlantan rap with a brand new ‘Horizon’

Raised by The Church and honed by the streets, Atlanta-based hip-hop artist and producer Feenyx is far from the typical rapper; on new single ‘Horizon’ we get a fresh combination of thunderous bass mixed with sampled brass and horns underlying Feenyx’s unique flow and grind. There’s elements of Snoop in here, little flourishes kind of reminiscent of Snow and that bombastic, edge-of-reggae delivery, it’s brash, loud, and in your face, with a catchy hook and that big, bold three-note ostinato phrase that lodges in your head for hours after listening. ‘Horizon’ is already getting national radio play, and – as Feenyx’s first single of 2021 – promises to be dropping hot in the clubs this summer.

You can check out the video for ‘Horizon’ on YouTube; find Feenyx here.

Review by Alex Holmes


Tasty takes the sting out of growing pains with his latest single, ‘Grow Up’.

After racking up over half a million streams with his EP, ‘Therapy’, New Orleans-hailing alternative artist Tasty is here with his latest sonic evocative firestorm, ‘Grow Up’. His lyrical exploration of growing pains collides with instrumentals which exhibit his versatility throughout the progressive track that incorporates elements of alt-rock, synth pop, hip hop and plenty of other textures in-between.

Carrying the same angst as Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory, the same atmospheric grooves as The Midnight and plenty of the new wave hip hop sound, Grow Up is a stunning act of unintentional genre-defiance. There is a real sense that the authenticity flowed through unadulterated expression, which explains Tasty’s success since rebranding themselves from a hip hop artist to a pioneer of the new wave.

Grow Up is now available to stream via Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast