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3NSTY haunted the trap genre with his latest single, rip/vip

Bringing an eerie baroque, and almost honkytonk, touch to the trap genre is the latest single, rip/vip, from artist and enigma 3NSTY, who has gained a cult following for the resonance in his lyricism that predominantly traverses themes of alienation and depression.

With the horror-esque sound effects atop the artfully dark piano keys beneath his mumbled with relatable malaise rap bars, the track drips visceral melancholy as it ingeniously explores the juxtaposition between the two anacronyms. Anyone with a proclivity towards ennui and dejection will know that the two statuses are equally desirable when you’re psychologically scraping the barrel for serotonin.

rip/vip is now available to stream on SoundCloud along with the LP from which it was taken, Insomnia. 

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

The UK’s most promising name in trap Ocean Stokes affirmed his viral potential in his bitter-sweet earworm, Reason

Here to put Southampton, UK on the trap map is the up-and-coming trailblazer Ocean Stokes on his collaborative track with LC, Reason.

The hooky effect of Reason, especially on the smoothly distorted trap and harmonised vocals, was no happy production accident. Stokes knew how to get the hooks razor-sharp in his charismatically confessional hit that proves that romance isn’t dead; it’s just taken a brand-new walls-up form in 2022.

At 19 years old, Ocean Stokes is already proving that he’s got viral potential with his guitar loops, intricate piano melodies, trappy 808s and vulnerably unfuckwithable high-vibe vocal style.

The official video for Reason premiered on February 25th; you can check it out by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Glitch Hop Meets Cloud Rap in Trukadi’s Latest Single, Pick and Choose

After his 2019 debut, the Californian alt-pop artist, Trukadi, hasn’t failed to make an impression with his antagonistic lyrics and experimental beats. His latest single, Pick and Choose, is a distortedly electrifying 1:43 minute hit of glitchy cloud rap with hints of Midwest Emo.

The explicit track carries the indie melodicism of a Post Malone single, but Trukadi made sure Pick and Choose hits like no other with instantly magnetic vocals and lo-fi guitars that bring plenty of warmth to the distinct production that marries glitch hop and emo. Love him or hate him, there will be no indifference when it comes to Trukadi’s sound, and there are few greater testaments of talent than that.

Pick and Choose is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

BQpid throws away disingenuous pretence in his latest emo trap track, ‘Ceilings’

If there’s one thing that sets Ohio-residing artist BQpid’s sound apart from the rest, it is the depth of his lyrics that throw away any sense of disingenuous pretence. In his latest self-produced single, Ceilings, the atmospherically sallow indie trap melodies carry reminiscence to the likes of Post Malone and Mac Miller but with the dark undertone to Ceilings, he well and truly put himself in a league of his own.

For maximum evocative impact, the 18-year-old artist and producer worked elements of pop and RnB into the vocals in the emo-rap track that brings a brand new level of meaning to the word ‘candid’.

Ceilings is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alt trap luminary Lil Big Boy has made his debut with his single, Bitch I Feel Good.

For his debut single, Bitch I Feel Good, Lil Big Boy created a high-vibe hip hop track like no other. The atmospherically gritty production and the inventive use of the spatial effect in the fresh grinding trap beat reels you in hook, line and sinker as the explicitly witty lyrics make it impossible not to warm to the artist.

After the short and sweet cloud rap taster Lil Big Boy gave us with Bitch I Feel Good, we are stoked to hear the rest of his upcoming concept album.

Check out Lil Big Boy’s debut single for yourselves on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jonny Darko has released his highly-anticipated debut album, Symbolica

After releasing his debut album aged 15, Jonny Darko entered the industry as a child prodigy. After a 4-year wait, his sophomore album, Symbolica, proves just how much he’s honed in on his sound that paradoxically resonates as soulfully sweet and mesmerisingly dark.

If you’re not previously acquainted with Darko’s lush synth melodies that add ambience to the energy the percussion brings, the title single is the perfect introduction to Darko’s merging of lo-fi trap with bedroom pop and alt-hip hop.

The Minneapolis-based artist and producer has a unique way of alluding to darkness within his music; nothing feels forced or prosaic. Instead, what you’ll find when you hit play is a truly genuine expression of multifaceted emotion told through meta poetic lyricism. His sound is constantly stunning. If he’s not already on your radar, make some room.

Check out the highly-anticipated sophomore album on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Kaiwin has released his latest genre-evading hit, ‘Bitter Taste’, ft. Jay Dior

For his latest release, ‘Bitter Taste’, Dallas-born alt-pop artist Kaiwin collaborated with Jay Dior to create a dynamic hit that crushes genre constraints with pensive looped indie guitars, RnB vibes, fiery trap beats and cloud rap vocals.

Bitter Taste vents the frustration of the relationship pitfalls the average 20-somethings falls into time again; with the up-vibe melodies and the collaborative chemistry that breathes between Kaiwin and Jay Dior, it’s anything but a self-apathy fest.

Along with his mission to climb the charts, Kaiwin seeks to crush the stigma associated with the Asian population and to build an anti-racist community to create awareness and spark movements, if necessary. Given that the major pop acts are apathetic at best when it comes to voicing their opinions, it’s a refreshing change to see an artist as passionate about positive social progression as they are about establishing themselves in the industry.

The official video premiered on June 12th; you can check it out for yourselves via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Neemkeez has dropped his debut big beat hip hop album, Sugar Brain.

San Francisco-hailing rapper, producer and multi-instrumentalist Neemzkeez is to hip hop what The Prodigy is to electronica. After releasing his ground-breaking debut album, Sugar Brain, it’s clear that his viscerally ensnaring music is anything but mainstream, but it carries all of the potential.

With his tendency to take inspiration from everything from the alt 90s, shoegaze and cloud rap, the album is a flawless feat of electronic innovation. The perfect introduction to Neemkeez sound is irrefutably ‘Overload’, which carries the progressive momentum of Infected Mushroom’s most euphoric mixes.

Hit play, and you won’t fail to be galvanised by the rapid-fire rap bars, melodic rap increments, caustic bass-riding beats, and Persian rhythms that represent Neemkeez’ cultural heritage.

Sugar Brain is an insanely promising debut. We can’t wait to hear what follows.

You can check out Neemkeez’ debut album that dropped on June 11th, 2021, via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

BabyEros hit us right ‘In My Feels’.

Opening up with some eerily creepy guitar work and a heavily vocoder-sounding autotuned vocal, ‘In My Feels’ finds itself a genre-defying niche somewhere between alternative edgy trap and alt-rock; sounding like the unholy lovechild of Linkin Park, Alice In Chains, and Skrillex, ‘In My Feels’ is taken from BabyEros’ self-titled debut EP, and flips effortlessly between straight-out rock delivery and rapid-fire hip hop flow, it’s dark, brooding, and unsettling in equal measure, and that’s a very good thing. It’s a quality cross-over piece that deserves a proper listen.

You can check out BabyEros on YouTube and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

MiGoFromMD has released his raw confessional Lo-Fi trap single, ‘Mental’ (Prod. Nono x Ele x Lufye)

US trap artist MiGoFromMD has been a prolific artist since making his debut earlier in 2021. With his standout single, Mental, he created a relatable manic track that reflects the insecurities that can stem from the self-awareness of our mental flaws.

His refreshingly honest lyrics cut right down to the bone while you listen to the lo-fi trap mix, prod. Nono x Ele x Lufye, run through. With a chorus of “I’m fucked and I’m mental, don’t know if I trust you” flowing with the indie trap beats that will be a hit with Tyler, the Creator, Mac Miller and Juice WRLD, there’s plenty of potential in MiGoFromMD’s raw and confessionally unique sound.

You can check out Mental for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast