Kayshawn takes us to the Heartbreak Hotel in their hot new Pop single

After their 2018 debut, there’s been no stopping the trailblazing Pop artist Kayshawn. Their latest single “Heartbreak Hotel” alchemically finds the perfect balance of compassion and romanticism.

You just can’t help but be drawn into the almost Neo-noir imagery as you listen to the stylistically moody EDM beats carve lush, seductive and atmospheric melodies.

Abrupt endings in tracks are usually a sign on sloppy production, but the way Kayshawn chooses to close Heartbreak Hotel is ingeniously subversive. It is easy to feel that they’ll have plenty more surprises in store throughout their career. Watch this space.

You can check out Kayshawn’s single Heartbreak Hotel via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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