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Demo in The Flesh has released their sonorously smooth RnB Trap hit ‘First Contact’

After making their 2019 debut, Demo in the Flesh made a 2020 return with their sensually soulful RnB Trap hit ‘First Contact’.With their sonorously smooth single, Demo in the Flesh delivers refreshing romanticism which only the lucky find outside of soundscapes. With the repetition of ‘I just wanna be direct’, the artist points out how simple love can be and sends a nuanced invitation to reject inaccessible and undependable love which appears through smoke and mirrors.

The slow tempo single is as perception-shifting as it is indulgent to listen to. Here’s to hoping we’ll hear plenty more from Demo in The Flesh in 2021 and beyond.

You can check out First Contact for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jaron Smalls – Vibes Only: Amorously Arrestive RnB Soul

Jaron Smalls’ standout release ‘Vibes Only’ may be a short, sweet and succinct hit, but the weight of emotion allows the modern mix of RnB, Trap, Pop and Soul to hit harder than any archetypal stylistically-uninspired RnB track ever could.

The boundlessly dynamic artist has proven himself to be the vibe alchemist that everyone needs on the airwaves and their playlists in 2021 and beyond. If Jaron Smalls isn’t already on your radar, with his ability to offer arrestive escapism as you fall into his soundscapes, your sanity may ultimately depend on their amorously accessible sound.

You can check out Vibes Only for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Cam Be – Right Now (Feat. Neak and Sam Trump)

If a trio of well-regarded collaborative albums (2007’s ‘Wake Up’, ‘Rebirth’ in 2010, and ‘Be Free’ in 2015), and a first solo album (2018’s ‘7 Steps To 7’) as an accompaniment to your own photographic exhibition isn’t achievement enough, how about being an Emmy Award-winning director? Well, it seems world domination isn’t enough for Nu-Soul artist Cam Be, now returning with his second solo album ‘Summer In September’, from which new single ‘Right Now’ is taken.

‘Jazzy soulful hip-hop funk’ isn’t really a genre in itself, but with Cam Be’s groove and the collaborative input of Neak and Sam Trump (including some absolutely salacious trumpet work liberally sprinkled across the beats), it really should be.

Trump’s horn adds some vibrant, jazzy colour to the piano and funk bass, while the collaboration of Neak (son of one-quarter of R&B/Soul/Gospel legends The Kelly Brothers’ Robert Kelly) adds some additional hip hop grind and flow to Cam Be’s already smooth and soulful rap.

‘Right Now’ really is top drawer soulful hip hop with some serious jazz-funk undertones, and a perfect introduction to the just-released ‘Summer In September’. Check out ‘Right Now’ on Soundcloud now, and follow Cam Be, and find ‘Summer In September’, on Facebook or here.

Review by Alex Holmes

Lea Keeley has released her mindfully meta RnB single ‘Who You Are’

Lea Keeley has released her self-produced soul-infused RnB Pop hit ‘Who You Are’, it’s an irrefutable invitation to find some perspective and get to know yourself while you get acquainted with an inspiringly meta singer-songwriter.

We’ve all had plenty more time for introspection lately, one major drawback is the increased amount of time to find doubts and fear. Lea Keeley’s succinctly mindful single is powerful enough to wrangle stray strings of sanity while it persuasively affirms that any trust you place within your own mind, desire and determination is well invested if you look for signs of synchronicity.

You can check out Who You Are for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jeremy Sullivan offers a flash of Frisco cool with their latest release ‘Holiday’

Take one part old-school crooner, one part gospel choir, and ten parts blazing hip hop anthem, mix liberally, sprinkle with some poetic lyrical magic, and add a dash of summery pop, and you end up – after liberally baking, of course – with Jeremy Sullivan’s ‘Holiday’.

San Francisco based, and definitively adding a flash of Frisco cool, with ‘Holiday’ Sullivan mixes rap and hip hop with some gospel choir soul and a little bit of old fashioned R&B to produce a track which – like his hometown – effortlessly crosses over boundaries, mixing and merging and enticing everyone in in true San Francisco inclusive style.

Hear ‘Holiday’ on Spotify, or simply hit up

Review by Alex Holmes

Get lost in the fierce flow of 2ODIAC’s Hip Hop drop ‘TUT’

Up and coming Hip Hop artist 2ODIAC dropped one of the hottest tracks of 2020 with TUT, if you missed it, it is our pleasure to introduce you to the fierce instrumental flow and Rap verses which may as well have been spat by a viper.

TUT runs through as a visceral offering of Old School Hip Hop and New Wave Trap, with plenty of theatrical touches to the mix, 2ODIAC brings the vitality which the airwaves have been crying out for.

If the future of Hip Hop was placed in his hands, it would be more than safe. His tracks evoke emotion and arrest rhythmic pulses simultaneously. What more could you possibly ask for?

You can check out the official video to TUT for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

JEF P – Pull Up: An Ardently Intoxicating Jazz Infusion

If you think that the artwork to JEF P’s single Pull Up is archaic, just wait until you hear the ardently intoxicating levels of old-school soul in the RnB track.

Pull Up resonates as more than music, you can tell that the Washington-based artist’s audiophilic tendencies heavily influenced the soundscape, but there’s sticky-sweet meta poetry breathing through the melodic verses which swing in perfect tempo with the Jazz-laden instrumentals.

I don’t bound the term ‘masterful’ around lightly, but with Pull Up, it’s impossible to find a more apt adjective for the dreamy, hazy, contemporary vibes.

Pull Up is available to stream via all major platforms through this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Kayshawn takes us to the Heartbreak Hotel in their hot new Pop single

After their 2018 debut, there’s been no stopping the trailblazing Pop artist Kayshawn. Their latest single “Heartbreak Hotel” alchemically finds the perfect balance of compassion and romanticism.

You just can’t help but be drawn into the almost Neo-noir imagery as you listen to the stylistically moody EDM beats carve lush, seductive and atmospheric melodies.

Abrupt endings in tracks are usually a sign on sloppy production, but the way Kayshawn chooses to close Heartbreak Hotel is ingeniously subversive. It is easy to feel that they’ll have plenty more surprises in store throughout their career. Watch this space.

You can check out Kayshawn’s single Heartbreak Hotel via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

RnB artist Aliza Li takes us right back to the Old School with “7th Grade Complex”

Aliza Li has breezed onto the airwaves with her fresh new NeoSoul drop 7th Grade Complex featuring Dessy. Some people may leave high school behind, but the mentality is too hard for some to shake. Aliza Li’s new track perfectly captures the frustration which manifests when dealing with a lack of maturity.

Aliza Li’s soulfully sumptuous stripped-back feat of NeoSoul offers warm glistering tones, blissfully resolving vocals and a compelling lyrical narrative which will keep you hooked from the first verse right up to the last. Dessy’s vocals perfectly round off the track, adding a little vocal bite to the smooth accordance which Aliza Li easily delivers with her notable talent.

You can check out 7th Grade Complex for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast